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Vaccines . Should they be mandatory for children in public schools? By Alan W obeser. The controversy . Is making vaccines mandatory for students a good thing? . What is a vaccine?. A vaccine is a preparation that improves immunity to a specific disease

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Should they be mandatory for children in public schools?

By Alan Wobeser

the controversy
The controversy
  • Is making vaccines mandatory for students a good thing?
what is a vaccine
What is a vaccine?
  • A vaccine is a preparation that improves immunity to a specific disease
  • A vaccine is usually made from a killed or weakened form of the disease, but can also be made from one of the toxins or surface proteins
  • The vaccine allows the body to recognize the disease as foreign and destroy it. While also allowing the immune system to recognize and destroy those diseases in the future
pros and cons of vaccines
Pros and cons of vaccines
  • Pros
    • They can make you immune to the disease
    • They protect people through “Herd Immunity”1
    • Saves millions from dying from preventable diseases
  • Cons
    • Soreness at injection site
    • Headache
    • Chills
    • Low Fever
    • Crankiness
    • Vomiting
    • Extremely rarely death

1 “herd immunity general immunity to a pathogen in a population based on the acquired

immunity to it by a high proportion of members over time.”

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some common reasons people don t get vaccines
Some common reasons people don’t get vaccines
  • Religion
  • Misinformation
  • Nervous about needles
  • Allergies
common misconceptions about vaccines
Common misconceptions about vaccines

“There are many serious side effects from vaccines.”

  • Public Health Agency of Canada (2012-04-19 )Immunization Fact and Fiction
    • Serious side effects affect so few people that the risks of the diseases dwarf the risk of getting a vaccine.

“Some vaccines can cause autism”

Public Health Agency of Canada (2012-04-19) Immunization Fact and Fiction

    • This seems to be a common one for some reason however, there is no, I repeat no, connection between vaccines and autism and there have been a huge number of studies to demonstrate this.
why vaccinate
Why vaccinate?
  • What's the big deal some people might say?
    • The big deal is this, before the invention and general distribution of vaccines, all people had to rely on was genes to protect them from devastating pandemics. If they were given the chance to be immune to a disease they would have jumped on it, but today thanks in part to vaccines, there aren't so many pandemics. So people have lost sight of this and have started to refuse vaccines for a variety of really dumb reasons. So next time you get a vaccine, if you’re scared of needles suck it up, it could save your life!
how ontario handled making vaccines mandatory
How Ontario handled making vaccines mandatory
  • There are consequences for parents that have not gotten their children the vaccine required and have not filed a statement to explain their reasoning, such as a religious or conscience statement or a medical exemption.
  • The parent is committing a offence and can be fined 1000 dollars. If the student still does not get the vaccines, the medical officer can suspend the student for twenty days.
how i think saskatchewan should make vaccines mandatory
How I think Saskatchewan should make vaccines mandatory
  • After reviewing the information I collected for this presentation, I think Saskatchewan should adopt a policy like Ontario. But, with harsher repercussions for those that do not vaccinate like community service and harsher fines. I like the idea of people being able to be exempted, but I think exemptions should be fairly hard to come by and should be for a very good reason.
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