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  2. Premiere Conferencing Premiere Conferencing is a leading provider of automated, operator-assisted and Web conferencing solutions for the Global 1000 and enterprise marketplace.

  3. Premiere Conferencing Vision To be the highest quality global provider of innovative group communications solutions. Mission We are dedicated to being an integral and indispensable partner to our clients by consistently exceeding expectations.

  4. 1984 – 18 years in conferencing 875 Founded Atlanta Employees 20% Annual Revenue Growth for 2002 Headquarters Global sales, service and operations Growth More than 7,500 corporate customers Locations Customers Premiere Conferencing Business Unit of Atlanta-based Ptek Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: PTEK)

  5. Ptek Holdings • A leading provider of enhanced business communications services to the global enterprise market. • A public company: Traded on NASDAQ: PTEK, since 1996 Audio & Web Conferencing Services Multimedia Messaging Services

  6. Ptek: Steady, Solid Revenue Growth Consolidated Revenue (from continuing operations, $ in millions) “Ptek generates the vast majority of its revenue in sectors where the company is among the leaders in quality. It also has a very solid record of improving profitability and increasing revenue in excess of market growth in these sectors. It has an excellent customer base.” – SunTrust Robinson Humphrey, June 2002 Source: Company Estimates

  7. Excellent Fundamentals • Ptek Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: PTEK) • Substantial, growing cash flow • $400 million enterprise value • Solid Balance Sheet (March 31, 2003) • $58.5 million in cash and marketable securities • $69.2 million in net working capital • Current Ratio of 1.8:1

  8. Ptek Financial Analyst Coverage* *As of May, 2003

  9. Consistent Growth at Premiere Conferencing Revenue in Millions Compound Annual Growth Rate = 36%

  10. Premiere Conferencing in the News • Premiere Conferencing experiences significant global growth – revenue increases in Europe and Asia by 105% in 2002. • Asia Pac sets record of 4.6 million minutes for ReadyConference in Oct 2002. • Overall conferencing minutes increase by 40% in 2002 vs. 2001. • Premiere launches economical operator-assisted service, Auditorium, with Web collaboration, VisionCast.

  11. Premiere Conferencing in the News • “Premiere appears to be firing on all cylinders with progress being made in new service introductions and with significant efforts being made to expand outside North America. The company appears to be very in tune with its customers and their future needs and is investing the resources to be a long-term leader in this market.” • -Wainhouse Research, December 2002 • “Premiere Conferencing has been considered the highest quality operator-assisted conference provider in the industry. Premiere was one of the first companies to focus on automated conferencing…and has one of the lowest priced automated conference prices in the industry due to its competitive advantage in the large business market.” • - CIBC World Markets, August 2002 • “Premiere has designed and built its own hardware and software platform for unattended conferences – which gives them the ability to control and optimize the bridges for client needs.” • -Wainhouse Research, December 2002

  12. Notable Customer Base Serves nearly 50% of the Fortune 500

  13. Accelerating Customer Growth Premiere Conferencing Total Corporate Customers • More than 72,000 moderators/users • Handled three million calls in 2002 • Processed more than one billion minutes

  14. History of Strong Customer Relationships Top 15 accounts — relationships average more than 9 years

  15. Global Presence • Offices in 11 countries • Plans to expand in 2003 to Switzerland and Italy. • Ability to handle 48,000 concurrent conference users. • Redundant U.S. operations centers in Kansas City and Colorado Springs. • Global Sales team with more than 230 professionals. United Kingdom Canada Ireland Germany Kansas City France Japan Colorado Springs Atlanta Hong Kong Singapore Australia New Zealand = Current Operations

  16. The Leader in Global Conferencing • Global bridging and transport facilities • Consistent bridging technologies and platforms • Dependable services around the globe. • Global account and support teams • Local number access options across the globe • Multiple, aggregated billing and reporting options • Single invoice with Audio AND Web Collaboration • Local language support worldwide • Translation services available

  17. Superior Client Service • Global support organization of 450 service professionals • Customer-centric culture • Dedicated event and account managers • Quarterly client satisfaction surveys reveal consistent service excellence • Dedicated Quality Assurance team drives 99.7% error-free performance • Client Services management team have more than 135+ years conferencing experience • Average Client Services associate length of service: 3.6 years

  18. Unsurpassed Customer Satisfaction • Received “Excellence in Customer Service” and “Commitment to Excellence” Awards, based on Malcolm Baldrige principles – 1999 and 2002. • Noted for our exceptional service quality in Success, Fortune, Investor's Business Daily, and WebWeek, Inc., and others.

  19. Continued Growth and Customer Success • Hosted more than 1 million calls in Q1 2003 • Overall number of Calls increased 58% in 2002 vs. 2001 • Total calls increased every quarter, while maintaining a 99.7% error free rating.

  20. Reservations 16 month progressive training 10 specialized courses Customer service classes for all associates Event Managers must have six months experience with Premiere Conferencing Class time, mentoring, assessments, and testing Operations 16 month progressive training 25 specialized courses Customer service classes for all associates High level voice classes for announcers and lead operators Class time, mentoring, assessments, and testing Expert Conferencing FacilitatorsIntensive Associate Training

  21. Unmatched Reliability • Active bridges on standby for immediate increased capacity • Redundant processors and controls in the switches • Battery & diesel generator power backups • Operational center redundancy • Rapid development of product enhancements. • Independent network connections Carriers include MCI Worldcom, AT&T, ICG, Qwest, Xspedius and IBASIS.

  22. Security is Paramount Operational • Employees -- detailed employee screening (by Former FBI Director Corp) • Physical locations -- advanced building security for operations • Multiple operations centers (former NORAD headquarters in Colorado) • Infrastructure security – carrier, network and bridging

  23. ReadyConference Automated Conferencing Entry / Exit Tones Conference lock Client ID validation Music on hold until moderator joins Voice capture feature to announce participants name New dial-in # and passcodes when required for scheduled ReadyConference PremiereCall Operator-Assisted Conferencing Confirmation codes required to enter conference Participant list provided to screen for approved participants CommLine behind the scenes to approve or turn away participants Sub conferencing to pull key participants to discuss confidential issues Web Collaboration Firewall friendly not affecting a company’s overall security model SSL encryption to protect meetings Meeting password to restrict access Attendee list verification to track conference participants Comprehensive Service Security

  24. Products Premiere Conferencing offers a complete suite of versatile conferencing services including automated, operator-assisted, and Web collaboration solutions.

  25. ReadyConference® Automated Conferencing When convenience really matters. Features • On-demand - 24/7 • Up to 75 participants • International toll access • Permanent dial-in number and passcode Benefits • Convenient • Personalized • Cost effective • Easy to use • Flexible Applications • Project updates • Sales team meetings • Executive updates • Crisis management calls • Instant meetings Automated conferencing service that gives you a dedicated dial-in number to conference anytime.

  26. The easy-to-use, Web-enabled application that allows you to initiate and direct conference calls right from your desktop! Features Instantly initiate automated conferences Identify and monitor every participant on the call Mute lines, adjust volume, identify noisy lines Disconnect and dial-out to participants Conduct participant surveys, print results Drag-and-drop any number of participants into a sub conference to conduct private conversations Initiate a ReadyCast Web conference Instantly e-mail documents and notes for conference collaboration Can “Print screen”– after entering names for participant list ReadyClick & ConferenceSM When managing your call really matters.

  27. PremiereCall AuditoriumSMOperator-assisted Conferencing When support really matters. Features • Instant passcode access • Dedicated operator • Pre-registration via Web • Electronic Q&A/surveys • Accommodates up to 1,000 participants • Private pre- and post-conferences • Listen-only participation Benefits • Cost efficient • On time call start • Ability to restrict access • Organized, controlled Q&A • Advance notice of who and how many will attend • Verification of who attended Applications • Seminars and briefings • Corporate training • News conferences • New product introductions and rollouts • Employee communications • Distance Education Combines the speed of automated access with fulltime operator assistance.

  28. PremiereCall EventOperator-assisted Conferencing When support really counts. Features • Operator-assisted high-profile events • Up to 3,000 participants • Dedicated conference support specialists & announcer • Electronic Q&A Benefits • Professional event management support • Participant information available via surveys and post-event reports • Extends reach and impact of critical communications Applications • Press conferences • Focus groups • Investor relations events • Medical & professional education seminars • Town Hall employee meetings • Product rollouts Provides a suite of event management and operator-assisted services for large scale and high-profile events.

  29. Enhanced ServicesOperator-assisted Conferencing Creative Services & Fulfillment Copywriting and creative services for designing invitations and collateral. Includes printing, mailhouse services and fulfillment. Reminders/RSVPs Boost attendance with reminder calls, e-mails and faxes. Track participants who will attend your conference to better plan your agenda. Broadcast Messaging Blast e-mail, fax, voice messaging and reminder services. Consulting Our team of consultants help sharpen your presentation skills and make your program more effective. SoundByte® Conference calls can be recorded and made available for replay to those participants who were unable to attend the conference. Recording & Transcription Operator-assisted conference calls can be recorded and transcribed.

  30. VisionCast® MeetingWeb Conferencing When collaboration really matters. Features • Presentation and spreadsheet sharing • Application viewing and sharing • Snapshots for screen captures • Capacity up to 75 participants • White boarding • Web tours • Chat and messaging Benefits • On demand availability • Global collaboration • One interface for all audio conferencing services • Dedicated support team for both audio and Web • Single invoice for both audio and Web • Cost effective Applications • Team meetings • Sales demos • Small work sessions • Sales training • Project updates Ideal with ReadyConference for smaller, interactive audio conferences requiring collaboration.

  31. VisionCast® Auditorium and EventWeb Conferencing When collaboration really matters. Features • PowerPoint presentations • White boarding • Web tours • Application sharing • Co-presenter capabilities • Record and playback • Customer training Benefits • Interactive presentations • Shortened sales cycle • Real-time results • Reduced travel and increased productivity • VisionCast -- one interface for all level of audio conferencing • Dedicated support team for both audio and Web • Single invoice for both audio and Web Applications • Marketing seminars • Web casts • Training programs • Sales demos • Promotional seminars • Employee communications Ideal with Premiere Call Auditorium or Event audio conferences allowing you to add visuals and collaborate.

  32. SoundCast®Web Conferencing Features • Live audio streaming • Log in and hear the replay • Participant list tracked • Customizable Web page Benefits • Increase participation • Extend the life and reach of message • Cost-effective • SEC compliance Applications • Financial and investor communications • Product releases • Employee communications • Global communications • Ideal for providing equal access to your message around the globe by streaming your audio conference call over the Internet.

  33. ReadyCastSMWeb Conferencing Features • Document sharing • Powerpoint and spreadsheet sharing • Application sharing • Web tours • Desktop sharing • White boarding • Chat and messaging Benefits • On-demand availability • Global collaboration • Cost-effective • Secure • Reduced travel and increased productivity Applications • Team meetings • Sales demos • Project updates • Small work sessions • Help Desk support • Ideal for small interactive audio conferences requiring Web collaboration.

  34. How to get started… How to get started… • Create implementation timeline • Design internal communications plan • Establish billing requirements • Determine conferencing user base

  35. Customer rollout plan • Distribute personalized Welcome package to new users • Conduct training with key users • Develop communications and user education materials

  36. Why Premiere Conferencing? • Pure focus on conferencing. • Full suite of global conferencing services. • Innovative technology. • Security that is unmatched in the industry. • Financial stability. • Award winning quality and commitment to customer service. • Dedicated local and global 24/7 support.

  37. Thank you! To obtain more information contact your authorized agent: Business Solutions & Services, LLC 703-758-9501