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COM621 Interactive Web Development

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COM621 Interactive Web Development - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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COM621 Interactive Web Development. Dr. Jose Santos MG121E. What is Covered on the Module. Designing Websites that meet the standards in XHTML Styling Websites using CSS Include Interactivity with JavaScript

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com621 interactive web development

COM621 Interactive Web Development

Dr. Jose Santos


what is covered on the module
What is Covered on the Module...
  • Designing Websites that meet the standards in XHTML
  • Styling Websites using CSS
  • Include Interactivity with JavaScript
  • Include Advanced Features of Web Development: AJAX, PHP and MySQL

The Timetable

  • Fridays, 11.15am – 5.05pm
  • Computer Lab: MG122

Module Details

  • 100% Coursework based
  • Module Details, Practicals, & Assignments are all available from:

coursework rationale
Coursework Rationale
  • Gathering information about people is a BIG business
  • One of the driving factors of the web’s growth is the opportunity that it presents to do this kind of data gathering along with data mining in order to improve the marketing of goods and services
coursework requirement
Coursework Requirement
  • The CW requirement is for you to build an INTERACTIVE website which provides a short quiz/survey for a user and which provides him or her with some kind of information at the end, based on the answers
  • The Website should use ALL the tools that we will cover in the semester to provide interactivity, data storage and some other tools available in the web’s developer toolbox.

Assignment 1 – Open Book Class Tests (30%)

    • Class Tests will take place on weeks 2,4,6,8 and 10 (at the end of the practical)
    • They will last for about 1-2 hour (specific test time will be provided on the day).
    • Each test will ask the student to consolidate relevant practical exercises for each of the practicals covered to that point and create a new element based on the practical being assessed.
    • Each of the Class Tests are worth 6%
    • Submission will be in the form of a PEN/DRIVE supplied by the student were all the required source code should be included in the form of a web development.
    • (Pen Drive will be retained at the end of the semester as the external examiner might want to check student’s work)
about the practicals
About the Practicals
  • Note: Each practical takes in average 8-10 hours to complete, so you should start working on presentation and completion from early in the semester
  • Only a selection of the exercises will be assessed in each test, but in order to not miss marks, all your exercises should be complete by the time the test starts.

Assignment 2: Interactive Web Development(35%)

    • Build an interactive – Database Driven/Supported website which provides some form of data gathering (quiz/survey, etc) for a user and which provides him or her with some kind of information at the end. The overall theme of the site will support the information being gathered and the feedback been delivered.

Watch out for content – Plagiarized content will be dealt with according with the University Regulations regarding plagiarism.

  • The Information recorded as part of the quiz/survey needs to be added to a database and global statistics need to be calculated and displayed on demand from the website. This statistics should provide some sort of insight into people’s views generally about the particular topic of the website.

Submission takes the form of a Pen-Drive/CD that should be submitted alongside assessment 3 to the school office no later than Friday Week 12 at 2pm.

  • A text file (readmen.txt) should be written and included with the submission; it should contain information regarding the file structure of your web development, location of the appropriate SQL files, appropriate login and password credentials, etc. This document should not be larger than 500 words.

Assessment Criteria

  • 0-39% - No presentation of the site is available, most of the necessary elements (database support, use of interactive technologies) are not implemented. The presentation of the functionality and other necessary aspects of the site offered are not complete or convincing.
  • 40% - 49% - The presentation of the site is poor, some of the necessary elements are poorly implemented or not implemented at all. There is very little evidence of interactivity on the site and there is very little or no database support on the submission.
  • 50-59% - A working presentation must be available on the Web for users to view and interact with. No technical errors or errors of layout, etc. A representative range of programming techniques must be displayed appropriately. The presentation of the functionality and other necessary aspects of the site offered must be complete, and convincing.
  • 60-69% - A complete solution; imaginative, novel, and integrated in its conception. The user is left in no doubt at any stage of what to do next. Striking use of interactive techniques would need to be in evidence.
  • 70+% - A striking departure from the norm which produces a winner application. The presentation must be self-explanatory, requiring no instruction other than the interface. The basis of a commercial product. A talking point.

Assessment 3 - Website Report (35%) – Deadline Friday Week 12 @ 2pm (school office)

    • Write a 3000 words (±10%) report detailing the following points relating to the web development:
      • Background Research (similar site analysis)
      • Rationale for the Development
      • Critical Analysis of the Implemented Features
      • Design Discussion (All the features including the database data storage and usage; also statistics display and calculation)
      • Summary of Collected Data
      • Conclusions Obtained from the Collected Data
      • References

A Printed copy of the report should be submitted to the school office on Friday week 12 no later than 2pm (alongside with the web-development) – A single CW submission cover sheet for both submissions should suffice.

  • An electronic copy of the report should be submitted alongside the files that make up your site.
  • Format of the Report:
    • Single Column
    • Tables/Figure numbered and labeled (and called in the text.
    • References should use the Harvard style (look for document in the library resources on the portal)
    • The Electronic and Printed Version should have the declaration of plagiarism (see module handout) in a page alone after the title page)

Assessment Criteria

    • Level 6 Assessment Criteria for Qualitative Work will be used to assess the report.
  • NOTE: In order to collect data for your website to use in the relevant sections of the report, you should ask for your quiz/questionnaire to be completed by at least 5 members of the class. Equally, you will be expected to complete a few quizzes/questionnaires yourself.