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Promoting Your QIO

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Promoting Your QIO. Vigilance and Success With Earned Media 216-447-9604. A significant portion of Ohio KePRO’s documented earned media coverage is generated from published letters to editors of local, state and national publications, including:

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promoting your qio

Promoting Your QIO

Vigilance and Success

With Earned Media 216-447-9604

letters to editors
A significant portion of Ohio KePRO’s documented earned media coverage is generated from published letters to editors of local, state and national publications, including:

All major market newspapers

Weekly/community newspapers

Trade and professional publications

- For the Record

- Ophthalmology Times

- Crain’s Cleveland Business

Letters to Editors
a letter to the editor demonstrates
Awareness of, and interest in, the media outlet and its value as a news messenger (e.g. you know and regularly read the publication)

Sensitivity to media needs with relevant and immediate response to news

Common interest in educating, influencing and challenging a publication’s readership

Common interest in the welfare of a publication’s readership through the offer of free materials and services available

A Letter to the Editor Demonstrates:
tuesday july 17 2001 initial opportunity
Tuesday, July 17, 2001: Initial Opportunity

QIO Receives release from Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality:

“AHRQ Releases New Evidence on Proven Patient Safety Practices”

initial qio response
Compose a letter for mass distribution that cites the release and segues to information about the patient safety project, encouraging QIO contact for safety information.Initial QIO Response
saturday july 21 2001
This same week,

The Plain Dealer in Cleveland

publishes a health news item:

“The facts about falls”

which is Ohio KePRO’s topic

of focus for

the patient safety project.

Saturday, July 21, 2001
monday july 23 2001
QIO Media Specialist prepares a tailored response that:

Cites The Plain Dealer article

Cites the AHRQ release

Describes Ohio KePRO’s patient

safety project and its


Encourages QIO contact for free

information regarding patient safety

and safety in the home

Monday, July 23, 2001
delivery of letter to editor
The letter is then sent immediately on Monday, July 23, 2001 by e-mail to the contact in the QIO database, which is always verified prior to sending with the Burrelle’s Media Directory and the media outlet Opinion page and web site. A printed and signed copy is also faxed to the appropriate number.

In many cases, the appropriate

contact is the Editorial Page Editor

or the Op-Ed Page Editor.

Delivery of Letter to Editor
wednesday july 23 2001
Ohio KePRO is contacted byThe Plain Dealer to verify authorship and permission/interest in potential publication of the letter to the editor. Wednesday, July 23, 2001
sunday july 29 2001
Sunday, July 29, 2001

Published letter leads two pages of opinion in Ohio’s largest newspaper and is accompanied by an editorial graphic, supplied by the media outlet, to increase potential readership on a text-rich page.

and the beneficiary response
And the Beneficiary Response?

The Ohio KePRO Medicare Beneficiary Helpline logged over


citing the published letter and requesting the offered safety information booklets. Calls were still being logged in response to the letter nearly three weeks after its publication.

share the success of letters
Share the Success of Letters!
  • Be vigilant. Monitor local and state news sources daily, including their web sites, to identify opportunities.
  • Be prepared. Letters are more likely to be considered if they cite recent articles and are submitted in a timely fashion.
  • Be proactive. Prepare and submit letters regularly even when a supporting article has not been published.
  • Be mindful. Parameters for letters vary by publication. Many specify a word limit, and some letters will not be considered if they include a specific call to action.
share the success of letters14
Share the Success of Letters!
  • Be current. Maintain and regularly update the media database, and cross-reference contact and submission information with information provided in publications and web site.
  • Be precise. Maintain a separate mailing database for letters vs. news item contacts, and address specific individuals whenever possible.
  • Be consistent. Submit letters on all QIO activities regularly to demonstrate versatility, longevity and relevance.
  • Be visible. Keep In Touch is the KIT in Media Kit and contributes to earned media coverage.