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    1. INTRODUCTION TO MARKETING - FRESHMEN Objectives: students will be involved in activity-centered lessons that explore the relationship and impact of marketing in business. The course introduces students to career exploration utilizing technology and developing beginning skills. Students will develop a knowledge base of marketing and be able to make an informed decision regarding their future electives.

    2. Selling Advertising International marketing Travel & tourism Sports Marketing & entertainment Entrepreneurs Business ethics & leadership Resumes, job interviewing and careers WHAT IS MARKETING?

    3. Selling and AdvertisingMedias used • Brainstorm to come up with the different medias used in advertising • Everyone create a folder under your number named “marketing” you will be importing several worksheets etc. for this unit • Import the advertising medias worksheet.xls • Give examples of each on worksheet

    4. The Four P’s of Marketing

    5. Feature – Benefit SellingHow does the feature help the product’s performance?How does the performance information give the customer a personal reason to buy the product?..\Marketing freshmen assignments\product features benefits.xls

    6. ADVERTISING/COMMERCIALS • To explore advertising you will be looking at some of your favorite and least favorite ads. • ..\Marketing freshmen assignments\ADVERTISING ASSIGNMENT.doc

    7. INTERNATIONAL MARKETING • Find at least 10 U.S. businesses that have gone multinational (businesses that have operations in several countries). • Copy and paste the name, the countries and how many there are, to a word document (save as international in your marketing folder) • Follow instructions for spreadsheet and answer questions when complete. • ..\Marketing freshmen assignments\THE GLOBAL MARKETPLACE.doc • ..\Marketing freshmen assignments\international spreadsheet.xls

    8. TRAVEL AND TOURISM • The hospitality industry is a big business and for some countries and towns it is the main source of income. (Hawaii, Grand Canyon, Mexico etc.) • You will be looking at the Marriott Company and researching information about their company. • Have you ever stayed at a Marriott, or Marriott owned business? • ..\Marketing freshmen assignments\Questions about Marriott.doc Open and save to your folder – follow directions and answer the questions. • 2 word searches – Bahamas Bound and Mystery State.

    9. SPORTS MARKETING • For the sports part of this there are two brain teasers: • ..\Marketing freshmen assignments\NFL teams clues.doc • ..\Marketing freshmen assignments\There are 30 NBA teams and 29 are described below.doc • Word search – NFL MVP’s

    10. ENTERTAINMENT MARKETING • You will be using your Desktop publishing skills to design a poster or you can use Power Point. • You many choose to design a poster that promotes your favorite band or movie (must be high school appropriate) • ..\Marketing freshmen assignments\criteria and peer evaluation of poster.doc

    11. ENTREPRENUERSHIP • Entrepreneur is defined as a person who organizes, operates, and assumes the risk for a business venture. • Link to list of famous entrepreneurs • Some Famous Entrepreneurs.doc • Research an amusement park (3 different parks – 1 by each member)

    12. AMUSEMENT PARK • Open the amusement park partner assignments to split up the project • ..\Marketing freshmen assignments\Amusement Park-partner responsiblities.doc • Meet with your partners and fill out sheet – print and turn in. • Open amusement park creation file – save to your folder – copy and paste only the sections you are responsible for and save again. • ..\Marketing freshmen assignments\Amusement Park Creation Project.doc

    13. BUSINESS ETHICS AND LEADERSHIP • You will decide the fate of some heart transplant patients. • Access Ethics heart assignment and save to your folder. • ..\Marketing freshmen assignments\Ethics you have to have a heart.doc • Make your decisions – fill in and print. • Teacher will assign groups • Groups will come to a consensus - share

    14. RESUMES, JOB INTERVIEWING, CAREERS • Students will navigate through the Career Voyages web site and fill in an assignment as they go. • • Spend time familiarizing yourself with the web site prior to starting on the assignment • ..\Marketing freshmen assignments\RESEARCHING A CAREER AND EDUCATION.doc

    15. Miscellaneous assignments • Making change • ..\Marketing freshmen assignments\LEARNING TO MAKE CHANGE.doc

    16. Competencies and Rubrics • competences for freshmen curriculum.doc • Rubric for research and project assignments • research project rubric.doc • Rubric for all other assignments • Rubric FRESHMEN MKTG.doc