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Garden Folklore

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Garden Folklore. Vegetables have played significant roles in the culture of many societies Ideological and spiritual uses Pseudo-scientific explanations. Ideological & Spiritual Uses. Beliefs and superstitions used to explain natural phenomena

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garden folklore
Garden Folklore
  • Vegetables have played significant roles in the culture of many societies
    • Ideological and spiritual uses
    • Pseudo-scientific explanations
ideological spiritual uses
Ideological & Spiritual Uses
  • Beliefs and superstitions used to explain natural phenomena
    • Alliums’ general ability to ward off demons and disease like Plague and Scarlet Fever
      • Have genuine ______________________ and _________________ properties
  • Sources of cosmological explanation
    • Native American stories using ____________ to explain the creation of the world
ideological spiritual uses3
Ideological & Spiritual Uses
  • Idols and spiritual characters in ceremony
    • ______________________ used in harvest ceremonies of New Guinea
ideological spiritual uses4
Ideological & Spiritual Uses
  • Jack O’ Lanterns
    • Irish myth of a drunkard named “Stingy Jack” who played tricks on the devil in life
    • When Jack died, he wasn’t allowed into heaven or hell, but the devil gave him a piece of coal to light his way through limbo, which Jack carried in a hollowed-out turnip
ideological spiritual uses5
Ideological & Spiritual Uses
  • Jack O’ Lanterns
    • People in Britain, Scotland, and Ireland carved faces into turnips, potatoes, and other vegetables to scare away wandering spirits like Stingy Jack
    • Immigrants brought the legend to the U.S., but pumpkins were found to be much easier to carve

We are carved to scare away spirits…not a soul around us!Ha ha ha…Happy Halloween!!

pseudo science folk remedies
Pseudo-science & folk remedies
  • Doctrine of ________________
    • 16th Century ‘Herbal’ used as a holistic medical text
    • Plant characteristics provided guidance to what disease they could cure
doctrine of signatures
Doctrine of Signatures
  • “Old man’s beard” hanging lichen moss containing usnic acid thought to prevent hair loss
gardening and folk traditions
Gardening and Folk Traditions
  • Lore passed down as knowledge of ways to sow and cultivate plants
    • Correlations of spiritual or religious events with gardening practices have been passed down
      • Planting potatoes on Good Friday
    • Which plants grow well together
      • The 3 Sisters - Corn, Beans, and _____________
nightshades darker side
Nightshades’ Darker Side
  • Mandrake
    • Contains __________________ alkaloids which cause euphoric sleep
    • Used by ancient Egyptians as anesthetic
    • Thought to resemble a human and let out a deadly scream when pulled from the ground
nightshades darker side11
Nightshades’ Darker Side
  • Jimsonweed (Datura stramonium)
    • Contains scopolamine; very hallucinogenic
    • Name derived from event in Jamestown, VA in 1676 when British soldiers ate leaves in a salad and went mad for 11 days
nightshades darker side12
Nightshades’ Darker Side
  • Belladonna (Deadly Nightshade)
    • Extremely ________________
    • Applied dermally or on genital membranes by witches to produce a feeling of flying