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Fowler Vision Statement

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Fowler Vision Statement - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fowler Vision Statement. To make participating in athletics at Fowler Middle School one of the greatest experiences of a young person’s life And to prepare our student-athletes for the next level of play. Falcon Athletics. Program Philosophy Procedures Parent Reminders/Help.

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Fowler Vision Statement

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    1. Fowler Vision Statement To make participating in athletics at Fowler Middle School one of the greatest experiences of a young person’s life And to prepare our student-athletes for the next level of play

    2. Falcon Athletics • Program • Philosophy • Procedures • Parent Reminders/Help

    3. Athletic Program • Program Goals • The Role of Middle School Athletics • Coaching Staff Home

    4. Program Goals • Academics – This is always first in our program. It is the reason we are here, to educate young minds • Excellence – This is different to every team. It is doing the best we can possibly do with each team. Always making constant improvement in our program. You are either getting better or getting worse, there is no in between. There is no substitute for hard work in this regard. • Team First – To be the best we can, our players and coaches must have an attitude whereby they care more about the team than they do about their own individual success. This is the key to success in any walk of life. • Fun – We are here to work, but athletics were invented to be fun. We can never lose sight of this as coaches. We must find creative ways to have fun while we work hard. Athletic Program

    5. The Role of Middle School Athletics • Start to learn the terminology that is in place at the high school. • Start to learn our parent school’s schemes, moves or plays. • Start to learn Liberty’s off-season program. • Be invited to have a role in what goes on at the high school level. • It should not be a boot camp. Athletic Program

    6. Coaching Staff • Brett Phipps – Boys Coordinator – Head Football Coach • Bret Willis – 7th Grade Offense • John Singleton – 8th Grade Special Teams • James Maples – 8th Grade Defense • Travis Hooker – 7th Grade Defense • Josh Stevens – 7th Grade Special Teams Athletic Program

    7. Parent Reminders/Help • Athletic Forms • Practice • Cleanliness • Injuries • Equipment • Game Day • 24 Hour Rule and Participation • Travel • 41 Player of the Week • Grooming • Player Development • Parental Role • Contact Information

    8. Athletic Forms • Forms (Online – Frisco ISD – Fowler Middle School – Athletics – Athletic Forms • Preparticipation Physical (7th Grade only) • UIL Acknowledgement of Rules (new) • Illegal Steroid Use • Student Athlete Travel Form • Fowler Policies and Procedures Contract (in Champions Manual) • Forms are due TODAY – if not turned in by the first week of school may be removed • Athlete may not participate until all forms are turned in Parent Reminders

    9. Practice • Practice Starts at 7:00 am sharp! • Doors open at 6:45 am – no earlier • If an athlete is late they will be required to watch practice in “street clothes” • Unexcused Tardiness can result in loss of playing time • Excessive tardiness may result in removal from program • If a player is in class he will be expected to be at practice – no exceptions • If a player is not going to be at practice – he must call in (not parents) prior to practice time • If absent from practice more than one day, he must have a doctor’s note • Make doctor’s appointments for after school (tutorials are an exception) • First unexcused absence will result in a quarter not played • Four unexcused absences will result in an expulsion or possible dismissal from the team • If you are injured you still have a role on our team – you are expected to come to practice • Excused absence will result in a conditioning make up for conditioning sake Parent Reminders

    10. Cleanliness • Everyone should shower after workout • MRSA (staff) • Personal beliefs • Soap • Towels • Clothes Washed • Shower Shoes Parent Reminders

    11. Injuries • All injuries must be reported to supervising coach do not go to the nurse first • If an individual has any special medical problems make sure the coaches are informed • Should an injury be discovered after a participant has returned home, call your coach immediately • Know the difference between a little pain and an injury • If you are ill or injured, and go to school, you are expected to be at practice watching, if it is serious, call us at school • If the athlete has not been evaluated by the doctor, he will be expected to workout • After one day, the athlete must have a doctor’s note in order to not workout Parent Reminders

    12. Football Equipment Issued • Helmet • Shoulder Pads • 5 Pocket Girdle • Workout clothes w/ laundry Clip • Hip/Thigh/Butt pads • Practice Jersey and Pants Parent Reminders

    13. Game Day • Pants, button-down shirt with a tie and dress shoes • Special Equipment • Visors • Wristbands • Ankle bands • Gloves • Spats • Undergarments • Game Day Attendance Parent Reminders

    14. 24 Hour Rule and Partcipation • If an athlete quits athletics, he will be given an initial 24-hour grace period to return. If he quits again, they will not be allowed to participate until the following season • We want to encourage our student athletes to participate in as many sports and activities as they would like. Parent Reminders

    15. Travel • All Athletes are required to ride the bus to and from the athletic event • Sign outs will not be permitted • Emergency situations Parent Reminders

    16. 41 Player of the Week • Based on hustle • Based on classroom performance • Based on teamwork • Based on performance • Will go to high school game as an honorary member of the team on the sidelines Parent Reminders

    17. Grooming • Hairstyles and clothing should not be disruptive • Make up is disruptive • No facial hair • No hair in their eyes (or if it may possibly fall in their eyes) • No hair below their collar (helmet and safety) Parent Reminders

    18. Player Development • We are competitive • Major goal for us is for us to prepare student/athletes to be at the Liberty High School • We are running the High School’s System • We are all coming from different systems • We are professional coaches • More than one style of football Parent Reminders

    19. Parental Role • Supporter • Ask Questions • Stand Behavior • Yelling at Coaches • Yelling at Kids • Team Game • Be involved • Kids time Parent Reminders

    20. Football Philosophy • Those Who Commit Will Be Champions • Coaching Philosophy Home

    21. 41. This is our theme for the year. The idea that we should all go one step further than anyone else to make the team the best we can be Be committed to excellence. Work hard at closing the potential-performance gap in each area in yourself and your teammates. Be committed to becoming a champion in all avenues of your life. The game is you vs. you. How good can you be as a team and as an individual? No matter who the opponent is or what the situation is, how good can you be? Set clear goals and strive to reach them. Always reevaluate and stretch your limits. Remember that we never move past our own self-imposed boundaries. (Circus Elephant) Enjoy the preparation for the competitive event, pay and enjoy the price of practices and team get-togethers. The journey is greater than the Inn – Love the Process. It isn’t the physical advantage (size, strength, and speed) that makes the plays – it’s your focus and fundamentals that gives you the edge. Build a strong fundamental skill and system base. It isn’t always the Porsche that wins the race, often it is the Ford. Love the Competition. Love to play the game for the pleasure of playing the game. You may be in a support role rather than on the field. Enjoy your particular role on this team and the competition you have daily. Make each day your masterpiece. You only have one day to accomplish what you have set out to do, make it count. Create in yourself strong character. Immerse yourself in it. Know that adversity is a part of life. Keep your head up and respond positively. The greatest freedom that man possesses is to choose his attitude in any situation. How you react is the reason you crash. What you put into your body is what you’re going to get out of it. What you put into your mind is what you will get out of it. Input = Output. Learn to play in the now! It’s this play, this down, this specific situation that is happening. Realize that your mind has a tendency to wander. Keep strong focus on the now. The tougher the challenge the more you should enjoy it. When you believe and feel this way the classic one liner happens. When the going gets tough, you get going. Bring it on! Know that teams and individuals succeed by taking calculated risks along the way. Be alert and poised for any opportunity and then act quickly to take advantage of any situation. There are times you can make things happen that can keep or change the momentum of the game. Keep big moon our side. Those who commit will be champions Football Philosophy

    22. Motivate Care about our players. Constant Improvement Expect to succeed Teach our players Consistency Coach every down of every practice Coaching Philosophy Football Philosophy

    23. Football Procedures • Player Rules • Characteristics of a Football Player • Practice Procedures • Game and Sideline Conduct • Equipment and Dress Rules Home

    24. Player Rules • Do right • Be first Class • Be on time • Do not embarrass the program or the school Football Procedures

    25. Characteristics of a football player • We treat the members of our football family with the same kind of respect in which we want to be treated. • We are men of integrity; we do not lie, cheat, or steal. • We do not use drugs. • We do not use profanity. • We obey the law. • We put academics first. • We go to class. • We treat everyone on campus with honor and respect. • We celebrate together. • We do right. • We are first class. Football Procedures

    26. Practice Procedures • Concentrate and pay attention during all drills. If you are waiting in line, learn by listening, watching, and coaching others. • Be mentally and physically tough. Know the difference between injured and hurting. • Drink plenty of water. • Do all drills full speed and condition hard. Most games are won or lost in the fourth quarter when conditioning is essential. • Disrespectful or vulgar language will not be tolerated. • Full equipment and strapped helmets are to be worn at all times unless your coach tells you otherwise. • Look like a champion. Keep your equipment and uniform clean. Every Monday will be a clean uniform day. • Never sit or lay down on the field. Practice is always full speed. • We run everywhere on the practice field. Always hustle. • Get into condition and stay there. Remember, “Fatigue makes cowards of us all.” • Only school equipment is to be worn. Have pride in your school • If it is cold you may wear something under your uniform. School colors only. • Any problems… Talk to your coach after practice. • Treat your helmet with pride. • Work hard on blocking and tackling! They are the two most important skills in football. Football Procedures

    27. Game and Sideline Conduct • Do not talk to spectators or opponents during a game. • Be polite to officials. “Yes sir” and “no sir” are the only words you are ever allowed to speak to an official. • Encourage your teammates. Congratulate the “Big Play.” • If you’re not on the field physically, at least be on the field mentally at all times. • Keep your helmet on at all times during the game • Disrespectful or vulgar language will not be tolerated. Football Procedures

    28. Equipment Rules • The school will loan each young man the equipment necessary to participate in football with the exception of shoes. • The original equipment issued to you as a participant must be returned at the close of the season. If equipment needs repair or if you need a change in size, tell your coach immediately. • You will be held responsible for any lost or misplaced equipment. • Inspect your equipment every Wednesday before practice to make sure everything is ok and fits properly. • Never wear someone else’s equipment. • All pads must be worn for each practice and game unless your coach tells you otherwise. • All players must wear athletic supporters, and T-shirts under their pads. This is for every practice and game. • No jewelry of any kind is to be worn on the field. Football Procedures

    29. Contact Information • Brett Phipps • • Office Phone Number • Website • End