creating clear concise case notes l.
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Creating Clear & Concise CASE NOTES PowerPoint Presentation
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Creating Clear & Concise CASE NOTES

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Creating Clear & Concise CASE NOTES - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Creating Clear & Concise CASE NOTES . For TANF/Welfare Transition. Presented by Anita McLendon Region 3. The Importance of Case Notes. Provide record of customer contact Track the customer’s progress Enable review of state/local policy process Provide documentation for action

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Presentation Transcript
creating clear concise case notes

Creating Clear & ConciseCASE NOTES

For TANF/Welfare Transition

Presented by Anita McLendon

Region 3

the importance of case notes
The Importance of Case Notes
  • Provide record of customer contact
  • Track the customer’s progress
  • Enable review of state/local policy process
  • Provide documentation for action
  • Useful in various settings (i.e. counseling, assessment, Fair Hearing, etc.
acceptable case notes
Acceptable Case Notes
  • Timely
  • Accurate
  • Concise but thorough
  • Relative to engagement in work activities and employability
  • Non-specific regarding medical or personal situations
descriptions in case notes
Descriptions in Case Notes
  • Situation or Problem
  • Meeting Content and Process
  • Telephone Contact
  • Objective Information
  • Focus on Facts
entering case notes
Entering Case Notes
  • Correct customer?
  • Proof read
  • Correct dates/times?
  • Be respectful
  • Avoid abbreviations, acronyms and jargon.
case notes
Case Notes

Should include the following:

  • Current activity
  • Next Appointment
  • Documentation Due Dates
  • Assessment of what may be or is happening with customer
  • Record of Career Counselor’s action or suggestions.
  • Note that Plan was updated and signed
  • Any over site or corrections by the Career Counselor
essential case notes
Essential Case Notes
  • Work Registration Process
  • Assessment Activities
  • Individual Employment Plan or Alternative Plan (Initial and Updates)
  • Assigned Activities
  • Participation or Non-participation in Assigned Work
  • Failure to Participate
  • Attempt to Contact
  • Second Failure Within 30 Days
  • Good Cause
  • Relocation Data
  • Fair Hearing Information
  • Hardship Exemption
poor example
Poor Example

NOTES for: Tracey TANF

12/07/2010 10:45:29 PM

Created by: Robert Resource Room Staff

Tracey didn’t stay in the resource room much today. I think she did complete one or two of the work readiness components but was nervous and probably doesn’t know much when it comes to computers. I think she needed a smoke because she smelled like cigarettes. She said she would come back another day so I wished her a “Merry Christmas” when she left.

good example
Good Example

NOTES for: Wendy Welfare

10/25/2010 12:45:29 PM

Created by: Cindy Career Counselor

Client attended appointment with career counselor on Monday, 10/25/10. Vocational training time limits as well as Core Activities were reviewed with client. Since Ms. Welfare has obtained 25 hours unsubsidized employment per week she was assigned to 15 hours per week in job skills training which will allow her to complete her electrical wiring training class the end of December. The day care referral was updated and issued to ELC. The IRP was updated with client and signed. The Transitional Services Reminder Letter was given and explained. Time sheets were given to client to be returned at the next appointment on 11/5/10 at 9 AM.

last but not least
Last But Not Least
  • Any local policies or processes that affect the case should be documented in case notes!
final thought
Final thought -

Remember case notes could cause rewards or penalties for your TANF/WT participants and program.

Good Luck Writing &

Entering Case Notes!