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Today’s schedule

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Today’s schedule - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Today’s schedule. Take quiz over section 1 Read section 2 p128-130 and take notes using the handout with the outline/flag Go over notes and discuss Turn in Notes Monday for a grade!. #5 Notes on Sect 2 Arabian Peninsula. Essential Question

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Today’s schedule

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    1. Today’s schedule • Take quiz over section 1 • Read section 2 p128-130 and take notes using the handout with the outline/flag • Go over notes and discuss • Turn in Notes Monday for a grade!

    2. #5 Notes on Sect 2 Arabian Peninsula Essential Question How has Saudi Arabia’s culture and history been influenced by Islam?

    3. Saudi Arabia Islam • The Arabian Peninsula has been influenced by Islam • People were ruled by a caliph • Two branches of Islam are Sunni and Shia • The Holy book of Islam is the Qur’an

    4. Gov’t and Economy The royal family has ruled since 1920’s There is no constitution or legislature The US and Saudi Arabia are on good terms Saudi Arabia exports oil and is part of OPEC

    5. Prince Abdullah

    6. Gov’t and Economy cont. Crops include Dates, Fruits vegetables and some people herd animals Desalination is used to change salt water to fresh water

    7. People and Customs • Almost all Saudis are Arabs with a few who are Bedouins or traditional nomads • Over 65% of Saudi workers are from other countries • Saudi laws limit the rights of women • Islamic law governs the dress and customs of its people • Ramadan is an important religious event

    8. Riyadh the capital

    9. Kuwait • Kuwait is rich from oil and has been a country since the 1700’s. It was invaded by Iraq in 1990 • A royal family rules, less than 15% of the people have the right to vote

    10. Bahrain & Qatar • Bahrain is a group of islands that are connected to Saudi Arabia by a bridge • Oil, banking and tourism are important industries • Qatar is on a peninsula that is ruled by a monarchy • At one time pearl fishing was an industry, today it has oil and natural gas

    11. QATAR

    12. UAE • it has 7 tiny kingdoms that are ruled by emirs. • Like Saudi Arabia it has oil and natural gas uses foreign workers

    13. Dubai Tower

    14. Oman • Located outside the Persian Gulf • Once was a major trade center, but now depends on oil for its economy • Slightly smaller than Kansas

    15. Old fort built by Portuguese

    16. The Sultan’s Palace

    17. Traditional crafts

    18. Yemen • formed by combining North and South Yemen in 1990 • It is the poorest country in the region and traditionally grew coffee. Some oil has just recently been discovered

    19. People of Yemen

    20. Women and dress

    21. Rugged country