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Agenda for Change

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Agenda for Change
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Agenda for Change

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    1. Agenda for Change Overview August 2004 Mike Jackson UNISON

    2. In this presentation Headlines and Overview of AfC Pay, Terms & Conditions Job Evaluation and KSF The Early Implementation Review Arrangements for the second ballot How to keep yourself updated AFC representative roles

    3. Headlines Negotiations took over 3 years Some unions agreed (RCN, RCM, CSP) Others second ballots (UNISON, AMICUS) All agreed to 12 Early Implementers National EI Review underway If agreed, roll-out from 1st Dec. 04 (effective date of 1st October 04) Shadow Staff Council now meeting

    4. Overview Modernisation of pay in NHS Will cover over 1 million staff (except doctors and very senior managers) Common Pay Spine Based on Job Evaluation Harmonised Terms & Conditions Linked to better services to patients Implemented on a partnership basis

    5. Pay Nine Pay Bands (grades) Pay points within bands Progression through bands normal but not automatic Gateways within bands - linked to a Knowledge & Skills Framework (KSF) Pay Protection for anyone who loses overall

    6. Terms & Conditions Replaces Whitley Councils Harmonised Terms & Conditions Standard Working Week of 37.5 hrs Overtime at time & half (Bank Hol X2) Unsocial Hours was a % addition On-Call also a % addition to pay Annual Leave = 27 days rising to 33 days + 8 bank holidays

    7. Premia High Cost Area (HCA) premia, replaces London Weighting Inner London = 20% of basic Pay with a minimum of 3,197, maximum of 5,328 Outer London = 15% of basic pay with a minimum of 2,664, maximum of 3,729 COLS incorporated into these figures Recruitment & retention premia, long term or short term, up to +30%

    8. Job Evaluation Covers all Staff Groups Equality proofed Sixteen Factors Knowledge & Skills, Responsibilities, Effort & Environment Scores for each Factor; total score determines the band (grade) Jobs matched against national job profiles Evaluated locally if no match Joint management/staff side panels Panel members trained to JEWP standard Appeals to different joint panel

    9. Knowledge & Skills Framework Common descriptions of Knowledge & skills across the NHS KSF for all posts Development Review meetings Personal Development Plans for all staff Achievement of required knowledge & skills allows progression through Gateways to top of pay band

    10. Assimilation Following matching or evaluation all jobs will enter new band at nearest point above current salary If pay not within the band there will be transitional pay points If total earnings lower, protection applies Hours if less than 37.5, will increase over 3 or 4 years to harmonised hours

    11. Early Implementer Review Most job Matching complete Assimilation & Evaluation continuing Scottish paper exercise mostly complete Results analysed - JE outcomes, processes, protection, costs (Sunderland requires fuller analysis)

    12. EI Review Lessons Difficulties in release/backfilling JE Tested and equality proofed Concern re JE Clinical bias KSF - slow progress USH Scheme cost/doesnt work On-call untried HCA - boundary issue/protection Partnership working delivers

    13. EI Review Outcomes Revised JE Handbook Further job profiles - esp A&C New KSF Handbook AFC Draft agreement New Terms & Conditions Handbook AFC Facilities agreement

    14. EI Outcomes (cont.) On-Call - status quo or AfC HCAs -accelerated pay points to remove protection/PCT boundaries, local harmonisation New Minimum Wage = 5.69 p/hr Weekend only = national RRP USH - use Whitley until April 06 Protections - now projected -8%

    15. Estimated Gainers & Protection Levels

    16. Timetable Should now be well into preparation Effective implementation 1st Oct. 04 Operational date 1st December 2004 UNISON Ballot 15th Oct/5th Nov. 04 Matching completed by March 2005 Assimilation completed Sept. 2005 KSF in place by April 2005 KSF appraisals start 2006

    17. Preparation Mapping workforce, T&C, unsocial hours Review and updating of Job Descriptions Training Trainers Job Evaluation & KSF Identifying AFC Reps & Panel members Training panel members & analysts Identifying sub group membership & leads Auditing appraisal and PDPs for KSF Practice Matching Communications, raising awareness

    18. Implementation Formal Matching & Evaluation of Jobs Assimilation (staged) to new pay bands Transfer staff to new terms & conditions Personal contracts staff given choice Issue new Contracts of Employment Roll out KSF to all groups Personal Development Plans in place

    19. Keeping yourself updated Department of Health NHS Modernisation Agency UNISON

    20. Nows the time to join UNISON You have a voice UNISON ballot. You get information on how AFC works You get advice what AFC means to you You get support in preparing for matching You get representation if you appeal You can play a role become an AFC Rep. Unionised workplaces will get the best outcomes Ring UNISONdirect 0845 355 0845 or join via our web site

    21. Become an AFC Representative Must be a union member You can undertake one or more roles Time off & backfilling guaranteed A personal development opportunity Advocacy role advice and representation Panel member Matching/Evaluation Job Analyst Workplace Contact Q&A, cascade information