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Expression. steam engine. 蒸汽机 提出理论 得出结论 分析结果 暴露 …… 对 … . 产生兴趣. put forward a theory. draw a conclusion. analyse results. expose ….to. get interested in …. Expression. in addition ( to ). 7. 另外 8. 把 … .. 与 … .. 连接 9. 吸收 …… . 阻止 … .. 发生 11. 处理 … .. 12. 与 … .. 相似.

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  1. Expression steam engine • 蒸汽机 • 提出理论 • 得出结论 • 分析结果 • 暴露…… • 对….产生兴趣 put forward a theory draw a conclusion analyse results expose ….to get interested in ….

  2. Expression in addition ( to ) 7. 另外 8. 把…..与…..连接 9. 吸收……. • 阻止…..发生 11. 处理….. 12. 与…..相似 link……to prevent ….from happening absorb ….into deal with be similar to

  3. Put forward:推荐(提名); 提出…… Eg. He put forward a new plan. May I put your name forward as chairman? put off put up put up with put down put on put back 耽误 建立 忍受 写下来 穿上 放回

  4. Your can’t take anything from the shelf and read, but please the books when you have (2004) finished with them. A. put on B. put down C. put off D. put back

  5. attend v. • 1. 出席 ,到场 • attend a wedding / meeting / lecture • 2. 照看,料理 (take care of ) • The doctor attended the sick. • attendant:服务员 • 3. 关注 (pay attention to) : • We will attend to that problem later.

  6. ease: vt 减轻( 痛苦, 负担) The doctor gave him some medicine to ease the pain. ease: vi. 缓和( 常与 off , up 连用) The relationship between the two classes has easen. It’s time for your father to ease up on his work.

  7. severe = serious 严厉的 严重的 • I think you are too severe on the boy. • be severe with = be strict with • He is very severe with himself.

  8. So many thousands of terrified people died every time there was an outbreak. every time 为连词,引导时间状语从句. . Eg. Every time I catch a cold, I have a bad cough. 同类: the moment, the first time, each time, immediately Eg. I began to like him the first time I met him.

  9. It seemed the water was to blame. be to blame 为固定短语“ ….应受谴责” 1.孩子们不应受到谴责.. The children were not to blame. I am to blame. 2.是我不好 blame n. 过失, 埋怨, 责备 The driver took the blame for the accident. blame: v. blame sb for sth / blame sth on sb eg.she was blamed for the mistake.

  10. When he thought about helping ordinary people exposed to cholera,… (who are) 过去分词做定语 eg. The book ( which is ) written by Luxun is very popular. The disc, in the studio, sounded fantastic at the party that night. A.recorded B.recording C.to be recorded D.having recorded

  11. expose vt.暴露; 揭发 (expose…..to…..) He exposed his skin to the sun. The crime of the officials must be exposed. absorb…..( into) 吸收,吞并; 承担 The big company absorbed many companies into its organization. We can’t absorb these charges.

  12. The first suggested that the cholera • multiplied in the air without reason. • suggest :提议,建议; 暗示,表明 • suggest doing sth • suggest(提议,建议) + 从句时, 其后要用虚拧语气. (should + 动词原型) • Eg. I suggested that we (should) travel by train.

  13. ----How do you suppose Jim Beijing for our holidays? ---- I think he ‘d better fly there. It’s much more comfortable. (2004) • will go to B. goes to C. Shall go to D. go to

  14. In addition, he found two other deaths in another parts of London that were linked to broad Street outbreak. in addition ( to ): 另外 as well as….. Eg. In addition, the course also provided practical experience. We saw a Mickey Mouse cartoon in addition to the movie. link……to……把……与……连接, 联系 Fingerprints linked the man to the crime.

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