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Jessica Valenti

Jessica Valenti

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Jessica Valenti

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  1. Jessica Valenti

  2. Representative Works Full Frontal Feminism: A Young Woman’s Guide to Why Feminism Matters He’s a Stud, She’s a Slut…and 49 Other Double Standards Every Woman Should Know The Purity Myth: How America’s Obsession is Hurting Young Women Why Have Kids? A New Mom Explores the Truth About Parenting and Happiness

  3. The Cult of Virginity No working medical definition for virginity The state of having not had partnered sex What counts as sex? Too subjective to define Virgin is almost always synonymous with woman

  4. What is Virginity? Virginity is a lie told to women Those with social and political influence determine what virginity means Notion of virginity is deeply entrenched in patriarchy and male ownership

  5. Virginity in US Today Virginity Movement Targeted and well funded backlash Nothing else matters (what women accomplish, think, care about, work for) Women are determined to be good/not good based solely on sexual activity Virginity equated with morality

  6. Robyn Ochs

  7. Representative Works Getting Bi: Voices of Bisexuals Around the World Bisexual Resource Guide “Biphobia” “What’s in a Name? Why Women Embrace or Resist Bisexual Identity” “From the Closet to the Stage”

  8. “Bisexuality, Feminism, Men, and Me” Compulsory Heterosexuality: a system that posits heterosexuality as the only way to be Dichotomy between adopting feminist label and being influenced by female socialization Women are taught that their value lies in their bodies, and their bodies are never good enough Having a boyfriend is how she had measured her worth

  9. “Bisexuality, Feminism, Men, and Me” We are taught to perform our designated gender roles Many things we accept as natural truths are social constructions It took falling out of her “script” to realize there WAS a script Men and women should be held to the same standards in relationships