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Magic Voice – State of art product offering by TechZone PowerPoint Presentation
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Magic Voice – State of art product offering by TechZone

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Magic Voice – State of art product offering by TechZone
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Magic Voice – State of art product offering by TechZone

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  1. Magic Voice – State of art product offering by TechZone DeepikaSolanki FT13217 GajendraSisodia FT13125

  2. Overview

  3. Company Company Background • blackNgreen, is the international division of Techzone. • Provides several telecom technologies and VAS products • 700 million users globally • State-of-the-art telecom and mobile services Vision - To empower all major telecom operators across the globe by end of 2014. Mission - Innovate continuously and create new telecom and mobile services for carriers which ultimately results in customer delight. Product Offerings Magic Voice Celebrity Voice Twitter Latest Offerings IVR Product Network Related Products

  4. Magic Voice Product Features • Most advanced patented voice changing product. User can change their original voice into multiple other voices while talking on the phone • High end technology developed over the past 3 years ensures seamless change of voice, over a call • Currently, offers nine different type of voices

  5. Current User Base User Base Key Points • Ease of use • Attracting consumers outside the target age group i.e. 38+ • 30% of users have no education • 72% of Magic Voice App users are the ones with high end while 28% are the low ARPU • Children are one of the biggest users of the services. • Increasing demand coming from the big MNC’s/Enterprises

  6. Amazing Response - Adopted by 6% of entire subscriber base within 3 months Promotions Response Done via SMS 15% response rate 18% response rate OBD Call SUCCESS STORY Viral Marketing Promotion was targeted to only 1% of the subscriber base . However, spread to 6% • 4 Million calls are clocked in first week of launch.

  7. Segmentation

  8. Need for Segmentation • We assume that the 4-25 yrs. age group should be further divided into 3 segments • 4-10 yrs. • 11-20 yrs. • 21-25 yrs. • This is keeping in mind that each of these above segment has different needs/requirements from such a product • We have also identified, Rural Markets and enterprises as potential targets

  9. Age Based Segmentation Segments Profile Current offerings Small Children, biggest users of the Toys industry, Can compel their parents to buy such novel products Parrot Feature; Possible attractants - Kid, Cartoon, King, Gangster and Monster 4- 10 yrs. Teenagers,Friendships are very important, Hang out with friends, play pranks, etc. Possible attractants - Female, Arnold, and Gangster; Reconnect 11- 20 yrs. Youths, Early adopters for new technologies/gadgets, high mobile and internet usage Possible attractants - Female, Arnold, 21- 25 yrs. Salaried, young parents, willingness to spend money Possible attractants - Boss 25- 38 yrs. Matured individuals, make intelligent purchases Possible attractants – All 38 + yrs.

  10. Potential Segments Segments Profile Current offerings Profile Share Rural Markets – Youth of rural markets are aspirers; not very tech savy but enjoy newer and modern applications; might also be illetrate Semi Urban Markets – Ready to adopt newer breakthroughs; aspirers; greatly influenced by TV/Readio Youth – Rural and Semi Urban Entertainment proposition of MagicVoice fits in perfectly in this segment. • Telemarketing firms – Small and medium scale enterprises • HR departments of companies • Organizations providing education software to children • Telemarketing firms – Small and medium scale enterprises • HR departments of companies • Organizations providing education software to children Enterprise based Segment

  11. Target and Positioning

  12. Specific strategies for each segment Given the potential multiple usage of Magic Voice, we recommend different strategies for different targets 4-10 yrs. segment 11-20 yrs. segment

  13. Specific strategies for each segment 25-30 yrs Segment

  14. Specific strategies for each segment Enterprise segment

  15. Specific strategies for each segment Rural market Segment

  16. Marketing Campaign

  17. Integrated Marketing Campaign Magic Voice being in the early stages of the product life cycle needs to focus on building “Awareness” amongst its various segments. We recommend an Integrated Marketing Communication campaign using various media for Magic Voice • TV Commercials/Radio • Showing the multiple usage of Magic Voice rather than specifically focussing on a single segment • Social Media • Facebook Fan Page and Twitter Handle • People can share their conversations on the page • Facebook application with limited access for voice conversion to generate interest • Outdoor Promotions • Banners/Posters to feature in the mobile stores • Kiosks in malls/mobile stores/corporate buildings, etc. IMC • Messages/Calls • Should continue with the Bulk SMS/OBD calls • However, given the government regulations this could be moved to other media • Online Advertising • Advertise about the app on blogs/forums, etc. • Start Mobile Voice Blog featuring FAQs • Events • Sponsor youth and children events

  18. Below the Line Promotion Campaigns Suggested • Corporate Tie-ups • Collaborating with specific play school chains, where it can be introduced to parents as well as adopted by the schools • Providing specific options/demos to employees to use Magic Voice • Online Activities • Social Media Presence • Ads/Promotions on mobile application blogs and other websites frequented by the target segment • Events • Sponsorship of enterprise events • Partner with some rural activity of empowerment where in Magic Voice can be shown • Outdoor Activities • Activities in malls showcasing feature of Magic Voice • Kiosks , etc. can be put up in villages fete to demonstrate Magic Voice. • Fliers to be distributed outside the playschools/corporate houses, etc. • Radio • On local FM channels, RJs should be encouraged to use MagicVoice and make prank callsto the target segment using this feature Build Awareness Call backs

  19. Taglines!! A few taglinesthat can be adopted by Magic Voice going forward!!! Sound the way you like Create Magic with Voices Let your VOICE do wonders MagicVoice – Our Innovation, your Delight

  20. TV Commercials • Analysis of the current Ads • The current TV commercial of Magic Voice (Bengali Ad) features several youngsters being grounded by the adults on excessive uses of Mobile phones, etc. • The ad later shows youngsters using phone services to gather people for a tragedy and finally being praised by the adults • Suggestions for future Ads • Awareness Building Phase : In the initial phase, ads should focus on communicating about the various usage amongst the different segments. Several short ads could also be shown on national/regional TV depending upon the message • The revolutionary impact on educational methodology possible with MagicVoiceshould be conveyed appropriately through advertisement campaigns. • Later Stage : Brand building ads could be launched that effectively portray the spirit of youth with use of Magic Voice.

  21. Strategic Tie Ups

  22. Tie ups will help Magic Voice to penetrate its identified target segments • Call centre’s • Provide Magic Voice to make human resource sound better and according to the specific needs of the customer • Playschools • Usage of Magic Voice as a medium for education and story telling • Can work as an USP for the preschool Strategic Tie Ups • Education System • Nation wide usage of Magic Voice can communicated for education systems • Such interactive applications can then be adopted by these systems • Toy Makers • Make unique toys with Magic Voice technology • HR Departments • HR departments of organizations can adopt this Magic Voice for feedbacks

  23. Recommendations

  24. Recommendations • Children and rural market will be the major revenue drivers for Magic Voice. There is a potential market of 5.3 million Magic Voice Apps download among 4-10 yrs. age group. These estimate are based on the provisional population totals from Census 2011. • Marketing Campaign should focus on creating awareness through an integrated campaign employing Online, TV commercials, Outdoors, social media, Radio, Bulk SMS’s. • In the next phase it can build effective TV Commercials to build the brand • Proper tie-up with BPO/Play School/ Toys Makers/Corporations, etc. should be made. • In the next 2 years, Magic Voice should be able to create a launch pad for its upcoming revolutionary features - Celebrity voice and language translation

  25. Thank You!!!