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DRAFT. DRAFT. CIRCULATORY SUPPORT DEVICES PANEL Thursday, June 23, 2005. Abiomed, Inc. Abiocor® Implantable Replacement Heart HDE H040006. FDA Review Summary. Abiomed, Inc. Abiocor® Implantable Replacement Heart Eric Chen M.S. FDA/CDRH/ODE/DCD. Overview of Presentation. What is an HDE?

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Abiomed, H040006

Circulatory support devices panel thursday june 23 2005 l.jpg



Abiomed, Inc.

Abiocor® Implantable Replacement Heart

HDE H040006

Fda review summary l.jpg
FDA Review Summary

Abiomed, Inc.

Abiocor® Implantable Replacement Heart

Eric Chen M.S.


Abiomed, H040006

Overview of presentation l.jpg
Overview of Presentation

  • What is an HDE?

  • History of Feasibility Study

  • Pre-clinical Evaluation

  • Clinical Evaluation

  • Panel Questions

Abiomed, H040006

Fda review team l.jpg

M. Berman, Ph.D.

E. Chen, M.S.

V. Covington

D. Fleischer

K. Foy, M.S.

E. Harvey, Ph.D.

D. Headlee

M. Mendelson

I. Piña, M.D.

J. Rinaldi, M.S.

W. Scott, Ph.D.

J. Swain, M.D.

FDA Review Team

Abiomed, H040006

What is an humanitarian device exemption l.jpg
What is an Humanitarian Device Exemption?

An HDE application is similar in both form and content to a premarket approval (PMA) application, but exempt from the effectiveness requirements of a PMA. An approved HDE authorizes marketing of a Humanitarian Use Device (HUD).

(Humanitarian Device Exemption Regulation:

Questions and Answers Final Guidance for Industry


Abiomed, H040006

What is an humanitarian use device l.jpg
What is an Humanitarian Use Device?

A device that is intended to benefit patients in the treatment and diagnosis of diseases or conditions that affect or is manifested in fewer than 4,000 individuals in the United States per year.

(Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, http://www.access.gpo.gov/uscode/title21/chapter9_.html)

Abiomed, H040006

Proposed indication for use l.jpg
Proposed Indication for Use

The AbioCor is indicated for use in severe end stage heart disease patients who:

  • are less than 75 years old,

  • are not transplant candidates at the time of assessment,

  • require multiple inotropic support,

  • are in biventricular failure not treatable by LVAD destination therapy, and

  • are not weanable from biventricular support if on such support and not awaiting transplantation.

Abiomed, H040006

U s feasibility study l.jpg
U.S. Feasibility Study

  • IDE G000329

    • Single arm prospective feasibility trial to determine safety of the AbioCor

    • Sample size of 14 patients

    • 6 investigational sites

    • No prospective statistical plan or control group

    • Incremental gate for study continuation

      • If none of first 5 patients survived 30 days - stoppage

      • At least 1 out of 5 patients – survived 60 days

    • Slow enrollment

Abiomed, H040006

Candidate selection process l.jpg
Candidate Selection Process

  • Two stage process

    • Screening

      • Determine severity of heart failure (AbioScore)

      • Potential fit of the AbioCor (AbioFit)

    • Implant consent

Abiomed, H040006

Hde regulation 21 cfr 814 subpart h l.jpg
HDE Regulation(21 CFR 814 Subpart H)

  • REASONABLE assurance of safety and probablebenefit

  • Factors considered (21 CFR 814.104b)

    • Patient population

    • Noothercomparabledeviceavailable (other than another HDE device or device approved under IDE)

    • Probable benefit vs. probable injury

  • Clinical experience (21 CFR 814.104b)

Abiomed, H040006

Preclinical evaluation determined to be satisfactory l.jpg
Preclinical EvaluationDetermined To Be Satisfactory

  • Alarms

  • Battery Performance

  • Biocompatibility

  • Electrical Safety and EMC

  • Manufacturing

  • Software

  • Sterilization, packaging, shelf life, shipping

Abiomed, H040006

Preclinical evaluation concerns remain l.jpg
Preclinical EvaluationConcerns Remain

  • Reliability

    • Internal components

      • Membrane wearout

      • Bearing failure

    • Device end of life indicator

Abiomed, H040006

Reliability bench testing l.jpg
ReliabilityBench Testing

  • 25 units on test

  • Mock circulation loop

    • Implanted components in 37ºC buffered saline

    • Failure times between 8.2 to 40.5 months

    • Average runtime – 18.8 months

    • Reliability greater than 80% at 80% confidence level for one-year operation

  • 3 failure modes

    • Hydraulic membrane wearout

    • Bearing failure

    • Fluid ingress

Abiomed, H040006

Clinical failures l.jpg
Clinical Failures

  • Patient #2

    • Membrane wearout at 17 months (expected)

    • Patient refused to have AbioCor replaced

    • Propose to tighten tolerance on energy converter

    • Continue to monitor membrane wearout

  • Patient #13

    • Bearing failure at 5 months (unexpected)

    • Position of AbioCor different than pre-placement CT scans

    • Corrective actions have been accepted by FDA

Abiomed, H040006

Engineering summary l.jpg
Engineering Summary

  • Replacement requires major surgery

  • Device end of life behavior seen during bench testing

  • 2 device malfunctions

    • 1 membrane wearout

    • 1 bearing wearout

Abiomed, H040006

Summary l.jpg

Results of the pre-clinical testing in conjunction with the outcome of the reliability results from the clinical trial suggest that the device performs according to specifications.

Abiomed, H040006