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truth lies murder the hangman vol 1 open the case n.
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  1. Truth, Lies & MURDER: THE HANGMAN, Vol. 1 OPEN THE CASE

  2. I walk in. The scene is a NIGHTMARE come to life. An APOCOLYPTIC vision of an ostensible humanity. A BATTERED BODY.BLOOD. A SWINGING SHADOW. NEXT

  3. A young girl. Blonde, at one time, I imagine, beautiful. She’s now HANGING in front of my eyes. The bedsit she calls home is an apparition of loneliness. CRACK PIPES served as her only source of company. Her only source of comfort Now their smashed remains decorate the BLODDIED floor. BACK NEXT

  4. She was BEATEN first, then RAPED. Her wrists SLASHED. Her throat CUT. She was HUNG from the ceiling, for all to see. Her name was Kate. NEXT BACK

  5. Forensics were left to collect any EVIDENCEthat they could find. Though there is little hope they will find any. This was PREMEDITATED, CALCULATED, PURPOSEFUL. I headed back to the station. A man was ARRESTED at the scene. BLOOD ON HIS HANDS, trying to flee. The killer left a CHILLING message. Written on the wall, in blood: BACK NEXT



  8. NOTES FROM THE CRIME SCENE ________________________________________ ________________________________________ • The victim was undoubtedly murdered. Preliminary reports suggest that the cause of death was asphyxiation from the hanging • She was initially beaten and subsequently raped. • Her wrists and THROAT were cut after she was hung. Otherwise this would have been the cause of death. The killer clearly wanted to make a spectacle • CRACK COCAINE AND drug paraphernalia were scattered across the crime scene • There is evidence of a struggle, but no SIGN OF forced entry. The killer was let in. • The killer left a message on the wall: “yours faithfully, the hangman” • Who, or what, is the hangman?! This is the first instance of something like this. • THERE WERE NO WITNESSES AND forensics failed to find any TRACEABLE EVIDENCE BACK

  9. Staff Portal > Persons of Interest Database > New Cases > Case Ref: 14122012 141220121115 Edwards, Richard 141220121114 Eyre, Kate Back

  10. Staff Portal > Persons of Interest Database > New Cases > Case Ref: 14122012 > 141220121114 • Name: Richard EdwardsAge: 29 • Nationality: BritishRace: Caucasian • Hair: BrownEyes: Blue • Height: 6ft 1Occupation: Plumber • Address: 103 Acton Road, Acton, London, W12 7RJ • Prior Convictions: None • Biography • Not much is known about Richard Edwards. He is married to his school-sweetheart, Natalie Edwards, and the couple have a young child. Edwards works as a self-employed plumber and has lived in or around London his entire life. He has lived what appears to have been a quiet and average life. Nothing about Edwards draws unnecessary attention to him or his actions. • Edwards was arrested as he was seen trying to flee from the scene of the crime with blood on his hands. • He was shockingly calm when brought in to the station. Upon surrendering, he repeatedly uttered, with chilling confidence, “there’s no evidence. Everything you have is circumstantial. Everything is circumstantial.” He has refused the right to a lawyer, claiming that he has not committed a crime and does not require one. • He is currently awaiting interrogation. Back

  11. Staff Portal > Persons of Interest Database > New Cases > Case Ref: 14122012 > 141220121115 Name: Kate EyreAge: 23 Nationality: BritishRace: Caucasian Hair: BlondeEyes: Blue Height: 5ft5Occupation: Unemployed Address: 67 Springbourne Gardens, Acton, W14 4DJ Prior Convictions: 03/06/2011 – A caution and £1,000 for possession of a Class A substance Biography Kate was originally from Edinburgh, having moved to London, by herself, at 18 to pursue her dreams of performing on the West End. Unfortunately, Kate struggled to make any progress in musical theatre. In order to support herself, Kate journeyed down a harrowing path. She began to strip and eventually started to use and depend on illegal drugs, notably crack cocaine. As a result, Kate was unable to hold down steady employment, consequently falling into prostitution. Kate had a strained relationship with her family due to her decisions in life. When we notified them of her murder, her mother stated that they had not spoken in two years. Kate’s family project seemingly perfect image, with happily married parents and two younger siblings, both currently attending grammar school. Kate lived alone, and her neighbours claimed she had become increasingly reclusive over the past year. It was her next-door neighbour, an elderly woman named Helen Stephens, who dialed 999 after hearing screaming. However, Stephens noted such occurrences were not uncommon with Kateor in the Springbourne Gardens tower block. At this stage of the investigation, it appears that Kate allowed her killer into her room, with the killer paying for her services. Back

  12. You are about to begin the INTERROGATION of Mr. Richard Edwards. Once you begin, you will NOT BE ABLE to come back to the desk BACK BEGIN INTERROGATION

  13. Questioning: PHASE 1 Choose your line of questioning WHY WERE YOU AT SPRINGBOURNE GARDENS, MR. EDWARDS? OR DID YOU KNOW MISS EYRE?

  14. NEXT

  15. NEXT

  16. Questioning: PHASE 2 Choose your line of questioning WHY DID YOU HAVE MISS EYRE’S BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS? OR TELL ME ABOUT THE HANGMAN

  17. NEXT


  19. Questioning: PHASE 4 Choose your line of questioning WHY SHOULD I BELIEVE YOU? OR TELL THE TRUTH!

  20. With the evidence we have, I need to make a decision. Do I DETAINMr. Edwards for further questioning, or do I LET HIM GO?



  23. Richard was INNOCENT. THE HANGMAN is still out there, and he is toying with us. Toying with me. He is still KILLING and will continue to KILL until I find him. NEXT

  24. The hunt continues... BACK NEXT

  25. Truth, Lies & MURDER: THE HANGMAN, Vol. 2 COMING SOON