ict board surrey schools broadband implementation status 25th may 2011 n.
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ICT Board Surrey Schools Broadband Implementation Status 25th May 2011 PowerPoint Presentation
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ICT Board Surrey Schools Broadband Implementation Status 25th May 2011

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ICT Board Surrey Schools Broadband Implementation Status 25th May 2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ICT Board Surrey Schools Broadband Implementation Status 25th May 2011. Purpose of this presentation. To provide an overview of the status of the broadband transition project to schools: Where are we What is going to be implemented Timings Reasons for timings Support To answer questions

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Presentation Transcript
purpose of this presentation

Purpose of this presentation

  • To provide an overview of the status of the broadband transition project to schools:
    • Where are we
    • What is going to be implemented
    • Timings
    • Reasons for timings
    • Support
  • To answer questions
    • Site/School specific
project progress status
Project Progress Status
  • 29 of 29 exchange surveys completed.
    • Upper Warlingham, BT on target for handover by end June.
    • 3 exchanges rejected by Surrey are Epsom, Horley and Sunbury.
  • 12 of 29 exchanges handed over from BT, RM will begin to connect schools to the network approximately 4 weeks later
  • 80 of 120 fibre surveys completed, site surveys continuing
  • Pilot site installs commence 27th May
  • Core Services completed and built
    • SMTP feed (inbound and outbound) from RM now available to all schools
    • >70 school domain name hosting transferred from RM to Easynet
  • Workshop Phases 1 & 2 held on 17/5
    • Very good attendance and positive feedback
    • Next workshops 13th June and 20th June
  • Smartcache 2 Standard dispatches commenced – list “frozen” 209 ordered
  • Service Desk & Delivery tour at RM on 19/5 (G Walker)
  • First schools commence transition 13th June

Exchanges - latest plan

Planned link to Telehouse London from WOT and Leatherhead

Distribution Network

3 x BT exchanges with power problems


Exchange Phasing

BT delivery handover dates

We will begin to connect schools to the network approximately 4 weeks later

pilot site status
Pilot Site Status
  • Sites:
    • County Council
    • FourS
    • Therfield (Phil Wessel)
    • Leatherhead Trinity (4S) x2 sites (TBC)
    • Fetcham Infants (TBC)
  • Awaiting BT circuit install dates for Leatherhead Trinity (x2)
  • Fetcham Infant School copper order in complex planning at risk of delay
  • Friday 27th May am County Council followed by Babcock 4S
  • Friday 27th May pm Therfield
  • 4S/RM will shadow install and commissioning process
  • 6th June washup analysis on pilot process

Implementation Phasing

  • Revised plan (with ADSL Max / ADSL 2 to 72 sites then upgrade bandwidth phase Oct to Dec 11)

Subject to BT delivery dates and schools access

Planned 6 Pilot sites from 27th May



  • Core Services acceptance
  • Pilot acceptance
  • Site acceptance
  • Strategic backhauls & distribution ring resilience acceptance
  • Final acceptance

Testing & Acceptance

See Timeline Plan (later in presentation) for more information

key communications
Key Communications
  • Smartcache2 confirmations from schools by 9/4/11 – Completed and list frozen
  • Confirm schools have completed environmentals 1st week May
    • Status Ongoing and Needs to be chased again!
  • Communication of Sharedband alternative solution to 79 Learning Stream Schools and twilight Q&A session 1st completed 1st week May
  • Updated list www.SurreyTechs.info w/c 23rd May
    • Lewis Burgess
    • Surrey Techs Forum
  • School Responsibilities paper sent to all schools 9th May.
    • Deadline on letter to confirm Technical Support by 15th May
key communications1
Key Communications
  • Updated Bulletins
    • w/c 3/5/11 => Advertise workshop sessions, message Smartcache freeze, Domain name transfers, advertise pilot process and support documentation etc
    • w/c 9/5/11 confirm school workshops, confirm school responsibilities document and cover letter
    • w/c 16/5/11 confirm timings for pilots and workshop feedback (17th May session), Espresso, Environmentals
  • School technical data to go out in advance of transition day
    • Filter access
    • IP addresses
  • Update SurreyTechs website with phasing information and Schools Bulletin Update 6/4/11 - Completed
  • Send out invites to phase Q&A sessions and post to SurreyTechs => ongoing
    • 17th May – Completed 75 schools represented
    • 13rd June
    • 20th June
  • Setup additional FAQ document on surreytechs with input from Workshops
easynet transition status
Easynet Transition Status
  • 292 cease requests raised on school broadband primary and backup circuits
  • Domain name transfer requests completed successfully to switch school domain names from Easynet to RM
  • SMTP Feeds now setup and ready to use
    • Therfield transitioned.

Transfer from Easynet to RM

  • All schools with Easynet Optional services (Web Hosting, Web based email) will be discontinued from 30th June
    • RM offer a service, schools have choice,
    • Only a small number of schools affected, but need to make decision
    • Bulletin and email will be going out in next week as reminder with options and contact
  • Existing PSTN line to be novated by RM to be used for ADSL backup service
    • School backup connection will not be available for 5-10 days prior to migration to RM
  • Easynet – Resilience and reduced SLA
    • All sites ceased on outer ring and associated hubs followed by inner rings
    • resilience will be reduced once first inner ring is ceased
    • For all sites and hubs there is a 90 day cease notice period with Easynet
  • Espresso Solution
    • Schools using Espresso need to migrate from “cachepilot” hosting prior to transition
      • Local Espresso Linux box

Site EnvironmentRequirements

  • Asbestos Register
  • Environmentals:

† MPF/Sharedband equipment can be wall mounted or installed on a desk/table if rack space is not available (must meet council/local school health and safety requirements)

    • Space is required in addition to existing Easynet hardware
    • Minimum 2 interfaces available on the site LAN switch


compressing the implementation period

Compressing the implementation period

  • From April we entered a period where we pay both RM on a ramping up basis, and Easynet
    • We are on a very tight schedule to complete all the transitions from Easynet so that we can switch off the Easynet service by 30th Sept - otherwise have to pay extra £250,000 per month!!!
  • Vital to minimise the length of this period
  • Complex contractual issues
  • Project Board asked open question: what could be done to compress the implementation period?
    • Reviewing a range of “what if?” options with RM
actions to compress timescales
Actions to Compress Timescales
  • 72 Sharedband sites moved to Interim ADSL service followed by Fibre/Copper main circuit
    • 10Mb symmetric
    • October to December
  • 7 Sharedband sites moved to Fibre
    • Interim ADSL bandwidth not adequate
  • Reviewing options to address BT delays in providing Copper circuits into sites
potential bt delays
Potential BT Delays
  • Expect 20% of fibre circuits to be affected by “excess costs”/ “complex planning”
    • Mitigation process in place authorised by project board (see below)
  • Expect 10% of copper circuits to be affected by “excess costs” / “complex planning”
    • Additional copper required to school to deliver bandwidth capacity required
    • For Copper circuits offset delays to timescales of project by delivery of interim ADSL services where appropriate and authorised by project board
estimated dig costs

BT will only give a firm price when a site is surveyed.

  • Difficult to do contingency / “what-if” planning and authorisation process, especially as the placing of surveys / orders is phased
    • Decisions needed on early phases before the costs of the final phases are known
  • RM/KCOM undertook “desktop surveys” to give indicative prices to help to devise strategy to minimise charges
  • Initial Indicative summary
    • 10% MPF sites (£90K i.e. about £3K average)
    • £320K Fibre sites (approx 25 sites)
    • Total £410K

Estimated dig costs

mitigation plan for fibre circuits

If Fibre dig cost <£5K, proceed (5 schools)

  • IF EAD100 (i.e. not unbundled) no easy alternative, so go ahead (6 schools)
  • If EAD100LA (unbundled exchange), replace with MPF with additional pairs to give minimum 20Mb (estimated max 15 schools)
  • New indicative costs:
    • MPF £90K
    • Fibre £110K
    • Total £200K approx
  • Put money saved towards providing schools with some additional technical support in order to keep to compressed timeline and avoid excess charges to the whole project

Mitigation Plan for Fibre Circuits

proposal technical support

Proposal - Technical Support

  • Approx 200 days of technician time has been allocated within the project at no additional charge to schools.
  • Two aims
    • To provide support to sort problems which could delay overall project timelines
    • To give individualised sign-off, and schools to know that there has been successful transition
  • Not a substitute for steps which a school itself should have taken
  • Additional paid-for technician time can be provided to help a school resolve its own difficulties
  • Mail surrey.broadband@babcock.co.uk to accept.
technical support status
Technical Support Status
  • Letter sent to all schools => Feedback strong with most responses being Yes to 4S support
    • Collating responses
    • Will send out confirmation to schools w/c 23rd May
    • Includes help desk access number
  • Detailed draft School Responsibilities document completed and sent out 9th May.
    • Also posted to www.SurreyTechs.info
  • Re-emphasised at the Workshop 17th May Send
  • 4S engineering
  • Help desk contact for transition:
    • 0800 073 4444 (option 1 and 1 again)
  • Scheduling transition dates
  • Pre/Post follow up
filtering and caching
Filtering and Caching
  • Default Position
    • All Schools Central Filtering Solution
    • All secondaries and large primaries (>400 pupils) will be provided with additional Smartcache2 devices local user/group level filtering/caching
  • All schools can request an additional Smartcache2 device for local filtering/caching based upon their need for local user/group level filtering
  • All schools can request a Smartcache2 device up to the end of November 2011
  • Smartcache2 devices will be shipped to schools approximately 1 weeks before transition.
pre transition process
Pre Transition Process
  • BT to visit site to install new circuit
    • May be multiple visits depending upon site location and circuit type
  • Early works can be started
    • SMTP feed setup
  • ADSL line ownership for site is transferred from Easynet to RM
  • New IP addresses for schools will be supplied to school technical representative (or 4S engineering team) in advance of transition day along with filter service userid and password
transition day
Transition Day
  • RM/KCOM visit site to install new equipment as appropriate
    • Router(s)
    • ADSL
  • Testing of new circuit and internet interface to school on “PC”
  • Handover to school/4S engineer to complete transition works for school and commissioning tests (witnessed by school representative)
  • School representative to sign acceptance certificate (Pass/Fail)

All processes are fully documented in “Transition Responsibilities Document” on www.surreytechs.info

  • Easynet will collect their router from schools
  • Looking at options to dispose of cachepilots
support and documentation
Support and Documentation
  • www.surreytechs.info
    • Broadband Transition Responsibilities document
    • Smartcache2 sites
    • Smartcache2 and installation, filtering configuration and background documentation
    • School List with phasing schedule/timings and circuit types
    • Exchange details
    • Important addresses for schools
      • Proxy, DNS Forwarders, SMTP feed
    • Site Acceptance Form
    • School transition works form (Who will do work for school)
    • School phasing list
  • Pilot site feedback => will be flagged via surreytechs and feedback into next workshops
  • Bulletins
  • Very important to work with schools; 
    • Individual schools can talk with 4S reps re their own situation
    • Q&A