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  1. QCC Qolweni Community Conservancy

  2. Conservancy An organization dedicated to the preservation and protection of a resource. Planned management of a resource to prevent exploitation, destruction, or neglect.

  3. Meet Qolweni Qolweni, an informal settlement located on the outskirts of Plettenberg Bay, has a population of approximately 12,000 people. The living conditions in Qolweni are less than favourable; many residents lack residential plumbing, electricity, and basic sanitation facilities. Despite the poverty suffered by the residents of Qolweni, many residents feel a sense of community in the township and have made efforts to improve the area.

  4. The “Umbrella” The conservancy umbrella covers a variety of projects and initiatives being undertaken within Qolweni. Most these projects can be sorted into, though are not limited to, three fixed categories: environmental management, security, and local projects.

  5. Build-a-bin waste managementErosion managementTree plantingOrganic gardeningAlien species removal Environment Qolweni security forceFire managementWomen and children’s shelterCommunity health Community Welfare Soup kitchenArts, crafts and bead workingTourismAfter school careSewing and laundryBrick making Local Projects

  6. The Community Many individuals in Qolweni have undertaken individual initiatives to better themselves and their community. The conservancy aims to bring these initiatives together to create a supportive network and maximize opportunities for funding and success.

  7. Your Contribution With your help, the Qolweni Community Conservancy will be able to maximize its potential and create more opportunities for the residents of Qolweni. Through grants, donations and support, the conservancy will be able to grow and ensure sustainable operation for years to come.