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Matthew Chua 1A1 16. LSS ACE. Food Additives. What Are Food Additives?. Food additives are substances added to food to preserve flavour or enhance its taste and appearance . There are about 3000 different food additives!

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lss ace

Matthew Chua

1A1 16


Food Additives

what are food additives
What Are Food Additives?
  • Food additives are substances added to food to preserve flavour or enhance its taste and appearance.
  • There are about 3000 different food additives!
  • Additives are important! Without them, hot dogs would look grey, ice cream would form crystals, the oil and vinegar in mayonnaise would separate, and bread would get mouldy sooner.
  • There are 2 main types of additives :
  • Natural
  • Artificial
what are the most common food additives
What Are The Most Common Food Additives?
  • Salt (natural)
  • Sugar (natural)
  • Corn Syrup (natural)
  • Sodium benzoate (artificial, used to preserve food longer by killing micro-organisms that spoil food)
  • Caffeine (there is both natural and artificial caffeine!)
why do food contain so many additives
Why Do Food Contain So Many Additives?
  • To improve flavour!

Not all foods are naturally tasty, so people add additives to satisfy your taste buds!

  • To preserve the food!

Some food can only be kept for a short time. Hence, we add additives to help preserve the food for a longer time.

should we be worried of the health risks of additives
Should We Be Worried Of The Health Risks Of Additives?
  • The answer is NO.
  • All of the additives have already been tested by the authorities
  • However, some additives may not be found to be harmful until much later in the future, so just remember that too much of something is never good for you.
  • If you don’t want your food to contain additives, try organic food.
comparing 2 t ypes o f ice cream
Comparing 2 Types Of Ice-cream

Three Twins Classic Vanilla Ice Cream

Magnolia Smoo Ice Cream

  • Organic
  • Contains no artificial colourings, flavours, stabilizers, corn syrup, seaweed derivatives, fractional milk products
  • Contains emulsifier, stabilizers, food conditioners, flavourings.
  • Food additives from both plant and synthetic origin.

Three Twins Classic Vanilla Ice Cream

Magnolia Smoo Ice Cream

  • Around S$57 for 4 pints.
  • Rich Vanilla taste, delicious!
  • S$4.95 for 6 sticks.
  • Powdery texture, not very nice.

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