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LSS Detectors PowerPoint Presentation
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LSS Detectors

LSS Detectors

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LSS Detectors

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    1. LSS Detectors Qian Song NAOC

    2. Optical design of the LSS Specifications Wavelength coverage FUV 102 ~ 170 nm NUV 165 ~ 320 nm Spectral resolving power 1500 ~ 2500 Slit width 1'' Slit length 75'' Spatial resolution ~1'' Maximum throughput and reliability (minimum number of reflecting surfaces, no movable elements) Optical layout for FUV is based on Rowland circle, only one optical element between the entrance slit and the detector. The grating serves as both the light dispersing and imaging element.

    3. WSO detector workshop, Leicester Requirements of detectors Pixel size: 0.04mm in spectrum direction 0.04mm in imaging direction Format: FUV: 2390150 pixels Area: 96mm6mm NUV: 2650150 pixels Area: 106mm6mm Image is curved when no rectifier mirror is applied (only a grating)

    4. WSO detector workshop, Leicester Detector: MCP + Anode photon counter Photocathode: CsI, KI, CsBr, Kbr (FUV) CsTe, Cs2Te, RbTe2 (NUV) New AlGaN: DQE = 50% (100 360nm) Anode: WSA, vernier

    5. WSO detector workshop, Leicester Dates of delivery of scientific instruments models required by Lavochkin assuming a 2010 launch date Full-size mass model 05.2008 Thermal equivalent 01.2009 Engineering model 01.2009 Flight model 05.2009

    6. WSO detector workshop, Leicester Schedule Proposed to CNSA Phase A/B1 (technical feasibility and baseline) 2007.11 Now targeting at 2008.03 Validation model 2007.11-2009.06 Flight model 2009.07-2010.10 Launch Target at early 2012. A 2012 date has been formally requested by CNSA to Roscomos in June 2007. Roscosmos is evaluating.

    7. WSO detector workshop, Leicester LSS Detector Deliverables Schedule requirements Detector dimension, mass, thermal properties, structural and thermal design should provided before 2008.11 To allow 2 months to meet thermal model delivery date of LSS to Lavochkin (2009.01) Detector functionality and performance validated no later than 2009.06 So that LSS design can be validated before Flight Model Phase Detector flight model no later than 2010.04 To give 6 months of AIV time to LSS, and 12 months of AIV time to WSO All dates are TBC

    8. WSO detector workshop, Leicester A Development Outline Plan by SRC Typical Detector and Electronics resource requirements Dimensions (mm): length x width x height Assume typical intermediate active detector size: 115 x 15 Detector stack = active dimensions + 15mm 130 x 30 x 25 Vacuum enclosure = detector + 30, 30, 15mm (l,w,h) 160 x 60 x 40 Vacuum door footprint 160 x 60 (requires accommodation after opening) Ion pump (below detector?) TBD Mass: grams Electronics 300-400 Electronics box 400-500 Detector 200-300 Vacuum enclosure (s/s) inc. door and mechanism 600-800 Ion pump 400-500 Total 1900-2500 g Power: mW Front end electronics 400-600 Digital electronics 600-900 Data communications 1200-1800 High voltage PSU 300-500 Housekeeping 300-500 DC-DC converters (@80%) 560-860 Total 3360-5160 mW

    9. WSO detector workshop, Leicester A Development Outline Plan by SRC

    10. WSO detector workshop, Leicester Model policy usual in China Proto model (functional model): has all the functions, mass, size, mechanical, thermal almost settled, the whole design is almost the final Qualification model: all the qualification tests and evaluations done. Flight model: rebuild from qualification model into space use. Adequate tests.

    11. WSO detector workshop, Leicester A good news The first batch of funding is expected to be arriving in 1 or 2 months. The funding is to support the LSS proto model development. The required schedule is far behind WSO required schedule.

    12. WSO detector workshop, Leicester New comer: XIOPM The Xian Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanism has jointed the LSS team and they may provide some design and manufacture support in the LSS detector development, especially the manpower. This may help to speed up the going.

    13. WSO detector workshop, Leicester A WSA photon counter by XIOPM

    14. WSO detector workshop, Leicester Thanks