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Science Nature Trail (LSS ACE) PowerPoint Presentation
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Science Nature Trail (LSS ACE)

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Science Nature Trail (LSS ACE) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Science Nature Trail (LSS ACE). Done by: Low Kai Sheng , Bryan 2A3(14) Tang Kwan Hou 2A3 (23) Xiao Songyuan 2A3 (27) Chua Tsao Harn 2A3 (4). Contents. Flowers Ferns Non-Flowering Plant Reflections. Flower 1. Scientific Name: Bougainvillea Glabra Pollinators: Insects.

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Presentation Transcript
science nature trail lss ace

Science Nature Trail (LSS ACE)

Done by: Low Kai Sheng, Bryan 2A3(14)

Tang Kwan Hou 2A3 (23)

Xiao Songyuan 2A3 (27)

Chua TsaoHarn 2A3 (4)

  • Flowers
  • Ferns
  • Non-Flowering Plant
  • Reflections
flower 1
Flower 1
  • Scientific Name: Bougainvillea Glabra
  • Pollinators: Insects
features of flower 1
Features of flower 1
  • No scent
  • Some flowers only has male or female flowers only
  • Male parts do not protrude out of flower
  • Bisexual flowers’ anthers is positioned below the stigmas
  • Petals are brightly-coloured
  • Petals large, conspicuous
  • Nectar guides are present
  • Cross-Pollinated
flower 2
Flower 2
  • Scientific Name: Ixorachinensis
  • Pollinators: Insects
features of flower 2
Features of flower 2
  • No scent
  • Stigmas and anthers not clearly visible; hence not protruding out of flower
  • Ants and Butterflies seen around the flowers
  • Petals are brightly coloured
  • Petals are large and conspicuous
  • Cross-pollinated
flower 3
Flower 3
  • Scientific Name:
  • Pollinators: Insect
flower 4
Flower 4
  • Scientific Name:
  • Pollinators: Wind
features of flower 4
Features of flower 4
  • No scent
  • Extremely small
  • Petals are white and not conspicuous or large
  • Male and female parts extremely small
  • Pollen grains significantly small
  • Stigma is positioned above the anthers
  • Cross-pollinated
flower 5
Flower 5
  • Scientific Name: HymenocallisLatifolia
  • Pollinators: Wind
features of flower 5
Features of flower 5
  • White-coloured petals
  • No scent
  • Large but not conspicuous petals
  • Bisexual flowers
  • Male and female parts protruding out of flower; they are pendulous
  • Nectar guides are absent
  • Pollen grains are extremely small
  • Cross-pollinated
fern 1
Fern 1
  • Scientific Name: Pyrrosiapiloselloides
  • Reproduce by spores
features of fern 1
Features of fern 1
  • Creeper
  • Climbing up a tree
  • Oval-shaped leaves
  • No petals
fern 2
Fern 2
  • Scientific Name: Asplenium nidus
  • Reproduce by spores
features of fern 2
Features of fern 2
  • Common Fern
  • Spore bags can be observed under the leaves of the plant
  • No petals
  • Leaves were spread out wide
non flowering plant
Non-Flowering Plant
  • Scientific Name: CyrtostachysRenda
  • Reproduces by propagation (Stem)
kwan hou s reflections
Kwan Hou’s Reflections

This Science Trail has definitely given me quite an exciting and thrilling experience because it allows me to personally experience myself and explore the plants and their parts hands-on myself. It is definitely a novelty to get to do these hands-on experience and I hope that I can get to participate in more of these Science Trails. It has indeed enlightened me a lot as it allowed me to get to know about the variety of plants and their names which enriched my knowledge and curiosity towards nature. This also allows me to know the wide variety of plants our school has. This is surely an excellent opportunity for learning for everyone.

tsao harn s reflection
TsaoHarn’s Reflection

I think that this ACE project is meaningful to me as I have known more about other flowers and plant species that I rarely see in my daily life. Through these close observations of these flowers and plants, my interest in these beautiful living things has became stronger too. In the future, if I have the chance, I would like to work on such ACE projects too, since I would have more opportunities to be in close contact with these plants and flowers that we normally do not look closely on. Lastly, this ACE project let me known much more things about these plant species, and also their anatomy.

bryan s reflection
Bryan’s Reflection

Overall, I feel that this project is beneficial for me because it gives me a hands-on chance to handle real flowers instead of just learning about them. Our lessons would have been too boring if we were to just read notes and do worksheets all day. If I have a chance, I would do another Science Project like this again even if I do not choose Science as a subject for ACE