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Olympics A-Z PowerPoint Presentation
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Olympics A-Z

Olympics A-Z

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Olympics A-Z

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  1. Olympics A-Z By Bailey and Mason

  2. A is for Assistant Captain In hockey the assistantcaptain that is able to talk to the referee. The assistant captain also helps the captain.

  3. B is for Bobsleigh A sled that fits four people and is on skiis. You go down hill while trying to beat times.

  4. C is for Curling A sport that uses a rock and a broom. You make the rock slide faster by brushing.

  5. D is for Downhill Skiing A sport that you use skiisto go downhill. They try to beat people times.

  6. E is for Evgeni Malkin He plays hockey for the Russian Federation. He is a 6 foot 3 guy and is 23 years old.

  7. F is for Finland A team that competes in the Olympics. They try to get the gold. They are a hard competitive working team.

  8. G is for Gold Medal A medal you receive for being the top team. You get it for coming in first.

  9. H is for Hockey A sport that both men and women compete in with sticks and pucks, They play in different leagues.

  10. I is for Inucshuk A symbol thatrepresents the games. It is also the logo of the games.

  11. J is for Jasey Jay Anderson A athlete who is a snowboarder. He is on the Canadian snowboarder for Canada.

  12. K is for Kotomi Ishizaki A women from the other side of the earth in Japan. She plays curling for team Japan.

  13. L is for luge A sport that is a two man sled. You go down a hill to try to beat peoples time.

  14. M is for Miga A mascot that represents the Olympics. Miga is black ,white and lives in the water.

  15. N is for Norway A team that competes in the Olympics. They competed in many sports like hockey.

  16. O is for Olympics Games when all the countries come together. They compete against all different countries.

  17. P is for Poland A team that competes in the winter Olympics. Poland is a very hard competitive team.

  18. Q is for Quatchi A mascot that represents the Olympics. He is on lots of the Olympic pins.

  19. R is for Rings The rings bring all the countries together. The rings represent a color from each flag.

  20. S is for Sumi An Olympic mascot that is on lots of pins. Sumi is a small flying bird.

  21. T is for Timo Antila A person who plays biathlon for Finland. He is a 29 year old and is 5 foot 9.

  22. U is for United States A country that competes in many Olympic events. They are a very competitive team in the Olympics.

  23. V is for Venues The Olympic venues are held in whistler, Banff. Canada hockey place is were the hockey is taken place.

  24. W is for Whistler Sliding Center A center where all the sliding events take place. There are lots of different events there like bobsled.

  25. X is for extreme A sport that seams crazy and fun. A sport that is difficult or hard like freestyle skiing.

  26. Y is for Yuka Fujimori A snowboarder that is from Japan. She is a 23 year old women.

  27. Z is for Zdeno Chara Zdeno Chara is a hockey player. He is a 32 year old and is 6 foot 8.

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