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Budget Workshop

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Budget Workshop. Executive Treasurer Elisa Passarella. What is a Budget?. Your SGA Budget is the money you will receive from SGA that will fund all of your club or organization’s activities, events, and other needs for the 2011-2012 year.

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budget workshop

Budget Workshop

Executive Treasurer

Elisa Passarella

what is a budget
What is a Budget?
  • Your SGA Budget is the money you will receive from SGA that will fund all of your club or organization’s activities, events, and other needs for the 2011-2012 year.
  • This includes your basic funding for supplies and an interest meeting ($210.00 per semester) as well as any events that your club will be putting on.
how do i request funds
How Do I Request Funds?
  • You need to complete a Budget Request Form.
  • Need to request funds based on individual events.
  • Break down your entire Budget based on specific events.
  • Each event must be explained explicitly in a typed attachment.

If needed, you can schedule an appointment to meet with the Executive Treasurer and CSI to explain your reasoning behind your budget request.

  • If explained correctly, this would not be necessary.
  • Co-sponsoring with other clubs is encouraged, but only one club has to request funds for the event.
  • It is very IMPORTANT that every detail of the event is explained with thorough reasoning.
what can i not request money for
What Can I NOT Request Money For?
  • DJ’s can only cost up to $400.00
  • Sit-down/Buffet Dinners (2).
  • Centerpieces/Ballons/Invitations.
  • Food at weekly meetings.
  • Donations must be fundraised for.
  • Prizes are capped for all events.
  • Trips or events.
  • Membership dues.

T-shirts/clothing purchases.

  • Events that occur after the last day of classes of each semester.
  • Conferences: (Case by case basis)
    • Bring something back to Adelphi Community.
    • Up to $50.00 per day for food (depending on the food available at Conference).
    • Transportation (most reasonable method).
  • No giveaways.
    • Unless in association with a sit-down dinner (that attendees are charged for).
what should my budget request look like
What Should My Budget Request Look Like?
  • Should begin with the Budget Request Cover Sheet.
  • All of the club’s information is filled out.
  • List of each event for the 2011-2012 year and the amount REQUESTED.
  • Attached should be explanations and reasoning behind each event in which money is requested.
  • All information must be TYPED!


Third Annual Fun Day: This event is a tradition for our club and is required according to our Constitution. It is always very well attended and is a great benefit to the Adelphi community. The DJ will cost $400.00. The food, provided by Lackmann, will cost $1,000.00. We are receiving the Wings & Things package for 400 people. Etc etc….

how do i find out information about this year s spending
How Do I Find Out Information About This Year’s Spending?
  • Each club is responsible for keeping track of their own spending.
  • OrgSync has a Checkbook feature that allows for easy managing of your club’s Budget.
  • If you are unsure contact Jen Hunker in CSI (UC 110) for a print out of your club’s spending this year.
  • Next year this will NOT be an option. So start keeping track!
when are 2011 2012 budgets due
When Are 2011-2012 Budgets Due?
  • All Budgets are due Thursday March 3rd by 4:30pm.
  • A hardcopy must be handed in to Tara Wagner in CSI (UC110).
    • This will be time-stamped!
  • A copy must also be emailed to Executive Treasurer Elisa Passarella at elisapassarella@mail.adelphi.edu.
who do i contact if i have questions
Who Do I Contact If I Have Questions?
  • Executive Treasurer Elisa Passarella
    • elisapassarella@mail.adelphi.edu
    • Wednesdays 2-4pm in CSI (UC 110)
  • Jen Hunker (CSI)
    • mccabe@adelphi.edu
  • Tara Wagner (CSI)
    • twagner@adelphi.edu