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Online Budget Workshop

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Online Budget Workshop. How Student Organizations Can Request Funding to the Student Activities Budget Committee (SABC). Who can apply for SABC funding?. Officially recognized student organizations by the University through the Dean of Students Office.

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Online Budget Workshop

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online budget workshop

Online Budget Workshop

How Student Organizations Can Request Funding to the Student Activities Budget Committee (SABC)

who can apply for sabc funding
Who can apply for SABC funding?
  • Officially recognized student organizations by the University through the Dean of Students Office.
    • If your group was recognized last year, the President needs to complete the 2009-2010 recognition form (starting Sept. 2009).
    • If your group has never been recognized, then you need to go through the New Student Organization recognition process.
    • Information for both can be found here:

what is the money for
What is the Money For?
  • On campus programs (1st priority)
    • Must meet all three conditions: 1) activity/program is free, 2) open to the public, and 3) on campus.
    • Must primarily benefit the WSU student body because funding is generated from the omnibus fee paid by students and given to the Student Activities Budget Committee (SABC).
  • Organizational travel (2nd priority)
prohibited expenditures
Off campus events

Fundraising/charging admission events (including charitable events)

Events that are for political advocacy, to advance religion, or for operations/events for activities in which members are selected (i.e. fraternity or sorority recruitment/ intake)

Food for meetings or serving meals for an organizational/departmental event

Banquets (even those free and on campus)

Honoraria for WSU students, faculty, staff, or alumnus within the past five (5) years

Events that have the appearance of being limited to only the student organization

Video recording of an event


Clothing for club/organization members

Donations/Prize Money/Scholarships

Expenditures in support of or against a political party and/or a candidate seeking an elected office

Office supplies or equipment

Purchase of supplies/equipment that are not of an organization’s special interest


Field Trips/Festivals/Rallies/ Competitions/Conferences or Seminars for Academic Credit


Membership Dues/Club Membership

Telephone expenses

Prohibited Expenditures
the budget process two types of budgets a group can request
The Budget Process: Two Types of Budgets A Group Can Request
  • Event Budget Request (EBR)
    • For all free, open to the public and on-campus events
    • Single events or a week-long series of events (e.g. awareness week, celebration week, national chapter week, etc.) over $4,000 must meet additional requirements
      • Organization must have been recognized with DOSO for at least one year;
      • Must meet with a DOSO Professional before submitting budget to ensure request is as accurate as possible;
      • Must have at least 4 members that can serve as event coordinators; and
      • Must have advisor knowledge and support for the organization to sponsor the event.
  • Organizational Conference Budget Request (OCBR)
    • When student organization representatives travel away from campus to attend a conference.
the budget process
The Budget Process
  • Complete a budget request (EBR or OCBR)
    • Only those persons who complete the Online Budget Workshop, pass the online quiz, and submit their results to the Dean of Students Office are allowed to submit budget requests on behalf of their organization.
  • Email budget request to Student Activities Budget Committee (SABC) at
    • Need to do cover letter in body of email which contains:
      • Brief description of your organization and its goals
      • Brief list of noteworthy activities in past year
      • Comprehensive description of each funding request
      • Budget requests will not be accepted as complete submission if missing a cover letter
  • Student Activities Budget Committee (SABC) then reviews all budget requests
    • Must be submitted by deadline date in order for SABC to be able to review in timely manner
budget submission deadlines
Budget Submission Deadlines
  • If a single event or week-long series is $10,000 and above:
  • All budget requests at this level will be reviewed by the SABC within one week after the deadline date.
  • All budgets submitted will then be compared against each other for accuracy of budget, professionalism of budget request, and benefit of event or week-long series to WSU campus life.
  • One budget will be approved for each event date grouping (three per year).
budget submission deadlines8
Budget Submission Deadlines
  • If a single event or week-long series is $4,000-$9,999:
  • All budget requests at this level will be reviewed by the SABC within one week after the deadline date.
  • All budgets submitted will then be compared against each other under same criteria for requests over $10,000.
  • Please note: Not all budgets submitted at this level will be approved.
budget submission deadlines9
Budget Submission Deadlines
  • For Event Budget Requests (EBRs) $3,999 and below:
  • If your event date is in the first week of a month, it is recommended that you submit your budget at the earlier deadline to ensure enough time to process financial paperwork for your program. For example it takes 4-6 weeks to process contracts or any off-campus vendor.
budget submission deadlines10
Budget Submission Deadlines
  • For all Organizational Conference Budget Requests (OCBRs) for student travel
the budget process11
The Budget Process
  • DOSO determines final approval of budget
    • Group will be notified within seven (7) business days of budget submission via email to person(s) who submitted budget request.
    • Note: Budget is not officially approved until DOSO approves and the group is notified.
  • Important things to remember for submitting budget requests:
    • Deadline dates are non-negotiable.
    • Incomplete budgets or poorly constructed budgets will greatly diminish your budget request being approved.
    • Budgets will not be considered if there is no accompanying cover letter.
    • For single event and week-long series of events above $4,000:
      • Group must meet with DOSO Professional every time they wish to submit this level of budget request to SABC (even within the same year).
      • Group must meet with DOSO Professional within one week of receiving notification of approval or else budget approval may be rescinded by DOSO and another event chosen.
budget development workshops
Budget Development Workshops
  • Once a month, in the middle of each month, the SABC will hold Budget Development Workshops.
  • Student organizations that wish to have their budget request reviewed before submission or to get further assistance as to how to complete their budget request can sign up online for a 15-minute appointment.
  • If a budget request has been denied by the SABC, an organization representative can attend a Budget Development Workshop to receive advice on how to improve future budget requests.
    • Please note: This is not an appeal to get an organization’s original request approved, rather a learning opportunity for the organization to improve their budget requests.
    • The group may then submit an improved and/or revised budget request after attending a Budget Development Workshop at the next budget deadline date.
    • Organizations that resubmit the same original budget or request the same date for their event to the SABC for a second time will not be considered.
completing the budget request
Completing the Budget Request
  • Download the EBR or OCBR form from the DOSO website:

  • Don’t forget when you save the file, to rename it with your organization’s name as the filename (e.g. “AlphaBetaGamma.xls”) before you email to the SABC.
  • Complete first page information (e.g. date, contact information, etc.)
  • Ignore “Budget Request Itemized Totals” on the “Contact Info” page or any cell that is highlighted inred because those will be filled in automatically as you complete your budget request.
event budget requests ebrs
Event Budget Requests (EBRs)
  • Complete separate activity sheet for each event you are requesting funding (i.e. “Activity 1”, “Activity 2”, “Activity 3”). Click on a tab to bring up the activity sheet you wish to complete.

Do not type any numbers in cells highlighted in red. They will calculate automatically when you fill in the other costs.

event budget request ebr
Event Budget Request (EBR)
  • Honoraria/Contracted Services
    • Honoraria
      • Gratuity paid to a speaker that requires no negotiated or standard fee.
      • Maximum honoraria payment is $250
      • Cannot be given to WSU faculty, staff, students, staff or alumni who have graduated within past 5 years.
    • Contracted Services
      • Speakers and entertainers with a negotiated or standard fee.
      • Required whenever a person says, “In order to perform (___) services, I require ($___) money.”
      • DOSO contract will be required for payments under $250 if person requires payment for services rendered.
      • Organization members can inquire about availability of artist, performance costs, additional expenses (airfare, hotel, etc.), and technical requirements (sound, lights, staging, etc.)
      • Organization members cannot enter into either a verbal or written contract with an artist or agency.
        • Therefore do not say, “We want to book you” or “Send me a contract”.
      • If funding approved for contracted services, a DOSO Professional will take care of the contract with the artist or agency.
event budget request ebr16
Event Budget Request (EBR)
  • Honoraria/Contracted Services Cont’d
    • Formal biography of artist required via website link typed in where indicated.
      • For artists or performers - Official artist website, MySpace page, or Agency website that represents artist.
      • Academic speakers need to provide a link to their university’s department’s website or the professor’s website that contains their academic credentials and/or curriculum vitae.
      • If lower-cost performers (e.g. DJ, small local band, etc.) do not have one of these, then website information is not required (unless specifically requested by BC or DOSO).
event budget request ebr17
Event Budget Request (EBR)
  • Speaker/Entertainer Travel
    • Transportation – usually up to $350, but won’t pay if speaker/performer traveling within a 60-mile radius of Detroit.
    • Hotel – Will pay for room and room tax only. All other incidentals (e.g., room service, parking, phone, etc.) must be covered by artist or organization needs to make separate arrangement with hotel for payment.
      • Bed and Breakfast – The Inn on Ferry
      • Hotel – Omni Detroit at River Place or Hotel St. Regis
    • Car Service/Taxi – For transportation to and from airport and hotel to event venue
      • Will either be rolled into performer’s contracted fee (taxi or car rental) or DOSO Professional will book MetroCars for performer (car service)
      • Estimate $75 per trip for car service (e.g. airport to hotel, hotel to venue, etc.)
event budget request ebr18
Event Budget Request (EBR)
  • Publicity and Promotion
    • Can only fund on-campus publicity and promotion (e.g., cannot get funding for Facebook ads, ads in off-campus newspapers, radio ads, etc.).
    • Cannot include advertising for other non-SABC funded events on publicity (e.g., off-campus parties, dances that charge admission, fundraising opportunities, etc.).
    • List of resources and costs can be found on the EBR Activity Sheets or the DOSO Form and Reference Center webpage:

event budget request ebr19
Event Budget Request (EBR)
  • Miscellaneous Expenses
    • Film Rental Copyright and Licensing Fees
      • Must be paid because all on-campus events that show movies are considered public viewing (even if free) and subject under federal law.
      • Cannot avoid these fees by using a movie a member owns, renting one from Blockbuster, or checking one out from the WSU library because those were only licensed to those persons/organizations for private viewing.
      • See a DOSO Professional for distributors and costs if interested.
    • Audio/Visual
      • List costs of rental of technical equipment such as microphones, CD player, lecture hall/auditorium equipment, and other sound and lighting needs.
      • List of the Technology Resource Center’s (TRC) equipment and costs can be found on the DOSO Form and Reference Center webpage:

      • Contact a DOSO Professional for vendors if the TRC cannot provide the A/V needs for your event.
    • Room Rental and Technician Fees
      • Typically needed for McGregor or your auditoriums (e.g. Bernath in UGL, General Lectures, Community Arts, etc.).
      • Contact a DOSO Professional for assistance in estimating costs for these.
event budget request ebr20
Event Budget Request (EBR)
  • Miscellaneous Expenses Cont’d
    • Security
      • Required for indoor activities in auditoriums or Student Center Ballroom (e.g. dances, step shows, fashion shows, cultural shows) and all outdoor events.
      • Provided by the WSU Police.
      • Consult with a DOSO Professional to request cost estimates.
    • Other – For any requests that don’t fit the above categories.
  • Food – Performer/Crew Meals
      • Funding for food for events (e.g. receptions, pizza for open houses, continental breakfast, etc) will no longer be accepted by the SABC.
      • Can request food for performers or a crew only if meals are contractually required by the performer or if the organization is bringing in an outside tech crew that will be setting-up or running show for more than 4 hours.
      • Food must be purchased through AVI, Subway, Pizzeria Venti, Jimmy Johns, LaPita Fresh, Einstein’s, or Starbucks.
      • Can get food waiver from AVI
        • Has to be requested a minimum of two weeks prior to event
        • Typically only approved if they are doing too many events that day or if they cannot meet specific dietary/religious restrictions (e.g. Kosher pizza, etc.)
        • If AVI says no, then have to use them or above on-campus food vendor.
event budget request ebr21
Event Budget Request (EBR)
  • If single event or a week-long series is over $4,000, then must also click on “Add’tl Info” tab and complete the sheet.
organizational conference budget request ocbr
Organizational Conference Budget Request(OCBR)
  • Guidelines
    • Each organization can request to travel to one organized, documented conference per University fiscal year (Oct. 1 – Sept. 30). No field trips, festivals, rallies, competitions, seminars for academic credit, etc. will be funded.
    • Organizations may request funding for a maximum of two (2) student representatives (one must be an officer). ). SABC must have the name of the person(s) traveling. No “to be determined (TBD)” notification will be accepted.
    • Total amount allocated is not to exceed 50% of total expenses per student or $600 per student, whichever is less. For example:
      • 1 student expenses=$900; max. funding = $450
      • 1 student expenses=$1,400; max. funding = $600
organizational conference budget request ocbr23
Organizational Conference Budget Request(OCBR)
  • After completing the “Contact Info” sheet, click on the “OCBR Budget Breakdown” tab to bring up the correct sheet to complete.

Do not type any numbers in cells highlighted in red. They will calculate automatically when you fill in the other costs.

organizational conference budget request ocbr24
Organizational Conference Budget Request(OCBR)
  • Conference Website – Must be given so can determine the purpose, schedule, costs, etc. of the conference.
  • Transportation
    • If flying to conference (“Air transportation”) then type in estimated costs under “Student 1” and/or “Student 2”
    • If driving to conference (“Car”), then enter in one-way mileage to conference city and calculation will be automatically made.
  • Hotel
    • Representatives of the same sex (M/M or F/F) are required to share a room.
    • Will pay for room and tax only (no incidentals).
    • Call and find out tax rate percentage for hotel and make sure to add it into your cost estimates.
organizational conference budget request ocbr25
Organizational Conference Budget Request(OCBR)
  • Food
    • Type in how many meals you will need (including when you are traveling).
    • Cannot request money for meal if conference is providing meal(s) or if meals are additional cost beyond conference fee (e.g. closing banquet, etc.).
    • Maximum per diem amount per meal listed in OCBR.
  • Conference Fees
    • Can pay through account via SPA, but must be submitted a minimum of four (4) weeks prior to conference.
  • Miscellaneous Expenses
    • For shuttle, taxi, tolls, or parking, or airline baggage fees for travel to conference city.
    • Cannot be used for transportation during conference or for other miscellaneous expenses (e.g. special conference meals, conference competitions, tours of the city, souvenirs, etc.)
organizational conference budget request ocbr26
Organizational Conference Budget Request (OCBR)
  • Additional Information Needed
    • 150-word essay stating the benefits of the conference for the organization and the larger WSU community.
    • Documentation of Past or Future On Campus Program
      • Event should be an open to the publicon-campus program sponsored by the organization within the current or previous semester. For example, if your conference is in Oct. 2009, then you need to list a program sponsored in Winter 2009 or Fall 2009.
      • If not provided then funding for organizational travel will not be considered.
  • Other Important Information
    • If you receive travel funding, students going must meet with a DOSO Professional a minimum of 21 days prior to travel date and within 15 days after travel date to complete necessary paperwork. Failure to do so may result in the person(s) not receiving travel funding or reimbursement.
    • All travel expenses are by reimbursement only after attending the conference. (Pre-paid exceptions are for Conference Fees paid via SPA, or airfare reservations made through the University travel agent by a DOSO Professional.)
    • If students don’t submit receipts by the end of the semester in which they traveled, then they cannot receive reimbursement for any conference expenses.
    • If actual expenses (based on receipts) are less than estimated expenses, then reimbursement amounts will be reduced to match 50% of total expenses (up to $600 per student).
completing budget requests important things to remember
Completing Budget RequestsImportant Things to Remember
  • Whenever you see a red triangle in the corner of a cell of the budget request Excel Spreadsheet, scroll your arrow over it so it can give you more information.


  • University Policies Concerning Program Funding
    • Funds (event and travel) you receive from the SABC are considered public funds. Therefore they cannot be used for:
      • Political advocacy (e.g., events supporting a candidate, conference travel to learn about how to lobby politicians about issues, etc.)
      • To advance religion (e.g., events in which prostelitizing occurs, requesting office supplies for rally signs, etc.
      • For event funds for activities in which members are selected (e.g. fraternity/sorority recruitment events, regional/national conference travel for just your organization [Alpha Beta Gamma fraternity national conference], etc.)
    • Doesn’t mean that if group is political, religious or a fraternity/ sorority that they cannot apply for funding. But the funding must be used for educational purposes and open for all to attend.
your budget is approved now what
Your Budget is Approved - Now What?
  • Make sure you have reserved the space for your event by completing an Event Planning Form (EPF), if not already done.
  • Determine which forms you need to complete to get services/payment for your event. This can be done by either:
    • Making an appointment with a DOSO Professional, or
    • Reviewing the Financial Manual for Student Organizations
  • Complete the proper forms for your event.
    • We have tutorials online for how to complete an IRB and Purchase Requisition and a form to submit to DOSO if you need to complete an SPA.
    • Never spend any money expecting to get reimbursed! This money cannot be used for reimbursement purposes, rather the proper forms have to be completed first.
  • The EPF, Financial Manual, and tutorials are located here:

your budget is approved now what29
Your Budget is Approved - Now What?
  • Deadlines for submitting financial forms
    • For on-campus services (e.g., Kinko’s on campus, AVI Foodservices, Media Services, room rental fees, The South End, Student Center Graphics, etc.) - a minimum of two weeks prior to your event date (must be four weeks for Student Center Graphics orders).
    • For off-campus services (E.g., paying an entertainer/speaker, using off-campus vendor to order supplies/publicity/rental of A/V equipment, speaker honorarium, film rental copyright, anything requiring a contract, etc.) - a minimum of four to six weeks prior to your event date (must be six weeks for services requiring a contract).
  • Questions?
    • Refer to the Student Activities Budget Committee (SABC) Budget Handbook found here:;
    • Contact the Student Activities Budget Committee at or (313) 577-8055; or
    • Contact a DOSO Professional at (313) 577-1010.
  • All forms can also be found for download on the Student Activities Budget Committee website:

Go to the next slide to take your quiz!

online quiz
Online Quiz
  • Information to submit at the beginning of the quiz:
    • Name;
    • Full organization name (no acronyms) - If you are involved in more than one organization (e.g., Alpha Beta Gamma sorority and History Club) and you want to be able to submit budget requests for multiple organizations, list all organizations separated by a comma;
    • Email address.
  • Must correctly answer all ten questions and hit the “submit” button at the end to be considered as having completed this Online Budget Workshop.
  • Link to Online Quiz: