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timeline of the history of video production n.
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Timeline of the history of video Production PowerPoint Presentation
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Timeline of the history of video Production

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Timeline of the history of video Production
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Timeline of the history of video Production

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  1. Timeline of the history of video Production By: Avery Farren

  2. Who made the first working camera? The first person to make a working camera is Alhazen he invented the pin hole camera. He was known as the “Father of all optics”.

  3. Most expensive camera of 1839! The most expensive camera of 1839 was the Daguerrotype camera, made and produced by the French Academy of Sciences.

  4. What was the first American patent issued in photography The first American patent Photography was invented by Alexander Wolcott

  5. First panoramic camera The first Panoramic Camera was invented by Thomas Sutton in 1859

  6. Stereoscope Viewer Oliver Wendell Holmes created the stereoscope viewer in 1861

  7. The Brownie In the 1900 George Eastman made another creation called the Brownie it was in sale until 1960 and it was the first mass market camera.

  8. Kodak roll film Camera The Kodak roll film camera in 1888 was created by George Eastman the Kodak roll film is very cheap and a very simple camera. George Eastman also in 1885 made paper films.

  9. The Raise camera (which is the travel camera) The Raise camera is very light weight and has small dimensions. It was made in the 1900, used for landscape photographes.

  10. Candid camera In 1913/1914 Oskar Barnack of German Lecia camera. It had 35mm it was the first 35mm still camera. Became the standard for all of the video cameras.

  11. Polaroid camera In 1948 Edwin land invented the Polaroid camera this camera took pictures and would print out in about a minute.

  12. Jasupin In 1978 Konica introduced the Jaspin, it was the first point and shoot Auto focus camera with which is a konica C35AF

  13. Sony Mavica The Sony Mavica was made in 1981 by the Sony Company, it was the first digital still camera.

  14. FACT 14 The term “MEGAPIXEL” was used for the first time in 1984

  15. FACT 15 The Oldest camera sold at an auction was a Daguerrotype, it holds the record for the most expensive camera in 2007.It was sold for 800,000 U.S. Dollars and the starting price was 100,00 euros.

  16. First Professional digital camera It was made in 1991 and it was modified by the Nikon F-3 with a megapixel of 1.3

  17. Apple quick take 100 camera Made in 1994-1996 it was the first digital camera for the consumer level market.

  18. Canon EOS 5D First camera to be consumed full price for a full frame digital SLR with a 24-36mmCMOS sensor. Made in 2005.

  19. Fact 19 The first photographs were made in Russia by Y.F. Fritzsche using the method of Talbot.

  20. Fact 20 In 1996 Kodak had released the first pocket size video camera