timeline of the history of video production n.
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Timeline of the History of Video Production PowerPoint Presentation
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Timeline of the History of Video Production

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Timeline of the History of Video Production - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Timeline of the History of Video Production. By: Jaxson Allen. The first video camera was made on April 15, 1956. http:// inventors.about.com/library/inventors/blmotionpictures.htm. The first video cameras were big, heavy, and awkward . Old video camera from the early 1950’s.

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Timeline of the History of Video Production

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    1. Timeline of the History ofVideo Production By: Jaxson Allen

    2. Thefirst video camera was made onApril 15, 1956. http://inventors.about.com/library/inventors/blmotionpictures.htm

    3. The first video cameras were big, heavy, and awkward. Old video camera from the early 1950’s. http://www.ehow.com/

    4. Comparison from 1950’s to now! 1956 2013 Present • Past http://www.ehow.com/

    5. Video Cameras are so powerful they are now in all types of other devices! http://www.ehow.com/

    6. The first video cameras were sold for $75,000. http://www.ehow.com/

    7. The first video tape recorder was the Ampex-VRX 1,000. http://www.cedmagic.com/history/ampex-commercial-vtr-1956.html

    8. Game Devices Now a days they have cameras in game devices. Such as X-Box 360, play station 3, and even in portable devices.

    9. Video Cams in Class Rooms. Kids use video cameras in classrooms every day for different activities like projects, for fun, or even to show the world what they done. http://www.kids-with-cameras.org/home/

    10. First Motion Picture Device (1891) In 1891- Thomas Edison invented the first motion picture device. • http://www.leavealegacytoday.com/the-history-of-photography-and-videography.html

    11. Cinema The film industry started to produce from about 1885 to about the early 1920’s. • http://www.leavealegacytoday.com/the-history-of-photography-and-videography.html

    12. First Color Photograph 1861-James Clerk Maxwell makes the first color photograph in Scotland. http://www.leavealegacytoday.com/the-history-of-photography-and-videography.html

    13. The First Kodak. Kodak introduces the first easy to use camera- the n1 box camera in 1888. http://www.leavealegacytoday.com/the-history-of-photography-and-videography.html

    14. A Kodak Film. The very first 120 millimeter film is introduced by kodak in 1901. http://www.leavealegacytoday.com/the-history-of-photography-and-videography.html

    15. The First Color Dramatic Film. (1914) The World, The Flesh, and the devil is released in 1914. http://www.leavealegacytoday.com/the-history-of-photography-and-videography.html

    16. The First Nikon. Nikon introduces its first single lens reflex camera, the Nikon F, to become the most advanced cameras of its day in 1959. http://www.leavealegacytoday.com/the-history-of-photography-and-videography.html

    17. The Underwater Camera. In 1960 EG&G develop a underwater camera that functions at extreme depths to help out the U.S. Navy. http://www.leavealegacytoday.com/the-history-of-photography-and-videography.html

    18. Another Kodak. • In 1961, kodak introduces ASA 25 kodachrome II film, with improved color, greater light sensitivity, and finer grain than original kodachrome. http://www.bu.edu/prc/GODOWSKY/timeline.htm

    19. Polaroid. In 1963, polaroid introduces polacolor type 48, the first instant color film. http://www.bu.edu/prc/GODOWSKY/timeline.htm

    20. The BIG 100!!!!! http://www.bu.edu/prc/GODOWSKY/timeline.htm In 1980, Eastman Kodak company turns 100.

    21. Over The HILL. The Polaroid Corporation turns 50.