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RtI & Technology

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RtI & Technology - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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RtI & Technology. FOR THE TEAM. Solutions for gathering data Solutions for organizing data Solutions for sharing data. RtI Initial Request ( Google form ) RtI Initial Request ( Google Shee ts ) RtI Maste r List ( Google Sheets ) District RTI Binder. Directions RTI Master List.

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RtI & Technology

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    1. RtI & Technology

    2. FOR THE TEAM Solutions for gathering data Solutions for organizing data Solutions for sharing data RtI Initial Request (Google form) RtI Initial Request (Google Sheets) RtI Master List (Google Sheets) District RTI Binder

    3. DirectionsRTI Master List • Click on Google Sheets • Click File > Make a Copy • Name the Google Sheet • Click Form > Edit Form • Change the title of the form • Click send form (top right corner), then enter email recipients addresses or highlight URL & link on school website.

    4. DirectionsRTI Initial Request • Click on RtI Master List (Google Sheets) • Click File > Make a Copy • Name the Google Sheet • Click Share (Right Hand Corner) • Invite People > Add email addresses of anyone on Team who should have editing rights.

    5. FOR THE TEACHER Digital Portfolios • Three Ring: • Three Ring unlocks the power of your mobile phone or iPad. Now it's easy for teachers and students to document evidence from the classroom. Capture anything, regardless of format, in just seconds. • Take a picture of any paper, drawing, or board work. • Record presentations or discussions with audio or video. • Students can upload their own work from any mobile device or computer. The advantage to Three Ring is that you can add Tags & Private notes which each upload. • Three Ring Tutorial

    6. Google DriveThis is great if you are not looking to make comments that are attached to your uploaded pics & videos. • Create a “2014-2015 Student Portfolio’s” Folder • Create a Folder for Each Student • Create a Document in Each Student’s Folder for notes. • Upload pictures of Student Work & Videos of Students explaining their thinking while working on an assignment. • You could even create an RTI folder within a students’ folder & upload work that you want to share at RTI in that Folder.

    7. DirectionsGoogle Drive Portfolios • Open Drive • On Computer > Create > Folder > Student Portfolios 14-15 • Click on Student Portfolios 14-15 > Create Folder >Student Name • Repeat - Create Folder > Student Name • On iPad in top right hand corner (+) to add folders, documents, pics or videos. • Easiest to upload on ipad or iphone directly from camera roll

    8. Evernote • Using Evernote for Education

    9. RTI Interventions&Sample Tracking Sheets • Math Interventions • ELA Interventions • Organizational Classroom Interventions • Study & instructional Classroom Interventions • Sample Tracking Sheet #1 • Sample Tracking Sheet #2 ** Most people are more comfortable tracking on paper. Pictures could be taken of such tracking forms & saved in a digital portfolio.**

    10. Other Tracking OptionsThere are various ways each of these could be used to track interventions... Class Dojo Set up a class strictly for RTI tracking & create “behaviors’ that are the interventions you use in your class. At the end of the day you also have the option to go in & make additional comments if necessary. Reports on children can be printed for any time period throughout the entire year. Planbookedu.com A shareable, web-based planbook that you design to fit your needs. A column for interventions could be added right next to your lesson. You could note the interventions you intend to implement or leave it blank & hand write them in as you go.

    11. FOR THE STUDENTS Solutions for explaining their thinking Solutions for practicing skills

    12. **What sets Explain Everything apart from other interactive whiteboards apps is that you can save it to the camera roll for easy access.** Explain Everything • Example of Student Explaining his Thinking • How to Use Explain Everything

    13. SymbalooSymbaloo is a free visual bookmarking site that gives you access to anything you bookmark with a tile from any computer. It takes bookmarking to a whole new level. • Use it to organize educational games that could be documented as an intervention tool. • Symbaloo Tutorial

    14. Top 10 Sites for Educational Games: • Funbrain • Game Classroom • Gameaquarium • Braineos • Tucoola • Tutpup • BrainNook • Clever Island • What2Learn • Abcya Put together a Symbaloo of sites that can serves as an intervention for struggling learners. It could include student or teacher made screencasts of concepts.

    15. Secondary ToolsUtilize a Symbaloo to guide struggling students to resources that will help them to help themselves. It could include student or teacher made screencasts of concepts. • Test Taking Tips • Note Taking Tips • Reducing Test Anxiety Tips • Study Skills & Tips

    16. How to Choose Apps(...besides word of mouth) • Visit the iTunes store on the online app page and: • Read the reviews posted by other uses regarding the app. • Review the screen shots to see if the app appears to suit your needs. • Follow the link to the developer’s website and search the site for demos of the app. • Search the app’s name on YouTube and view tutorials and reviews posted by others who have used the app. • Categorize the app by type (such as organization, writing, or spelling), then search the Internet for the “Best [type] apps” and review the lists and reviews that have been created and generated by others. • Analyze what you want to use the app for and then see if it meets your criteria and is suitable for your user’s age group. • Download and “test drive” a “lite” or free version of the app (if available) before purchasing the full version.

    17. The iPad & RTI

    18. Time To Get Started: Either independently or in groups start to explore the areas of this pd that interested you most. This presentation is available under resources on our website tsiagency.weebly.com Feel free to follow the active links & directions. We have iPads available to explore apps. If necessary we can utilize the other lab. We will be circulating to assist.