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Nutritional Benefits Of Egg White

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Nutritional Benefits Of Egg White - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Egg whites contain riboflavin and vitamin B-2. Riboflavin helps you break down your food and

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Nutritional Benefits Of Egg White:

Although, one complete egg is a perfect source of vitamins and proteins, but it is also rich in

large amounts of cholesterol. Therefore, it is better to eat more than four eggs in one week as it

will help you in strengthening with so many benefits that you have no idea about. Egg whites are

completely free of cholesterol with all vitamins and nutrients that are needed by the body. We

are telling you the nutritional benefits of egg white that is why you should drink egg white. Get

these amazing benefits and enjoy.

1.Low Calories:

If you are cautious about your weight, then you should not eat one complete egg. This might be a

problem for you as you will gain weight. You must choose the egg white protein as compared to

the complete egg because it will help you in the calorie intake. One egg white provides 17

calories, which exactly meet your requirement.

2.Complete Protein:

Egg whites are full of large amount of proteins in it. These egg whites contain the essential

amino acids that are needed by your body each day to perform daily activities and it also helps in

the building up of the muscles that is why you should drink egg white if you want to grow your

muscles and body. A large egg white contains 3.6 grams of proteins so if you eat the egg white at

least four times a week, it will meet your daily protein requirement considerably.

3.Fat Free:

The major benefit of egg white that makes it superior to the egg yolk is that it is free of fat and

so, it is not problematic if you want to reduce your body weight. Egg white is free of the

saturated fats that is present in the egg yolk. this will help you in the reduction of the disease

states such as cardiovascular diseases.