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Onsite Personnel Management System Overview

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Onsite Personnel Management System Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Onsite Personnel Management System Overview. 2013. Contents. Company Overview OPMS Database Database Structure Personnel Information Roster Functions Payroll Functions Site Rosters Travel Functions Flight Logistics Management Module Accommodation Function Training Functions

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Onsite Personnel Management System Overview

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Presentation Transcript
  • Company Overview
  • OPMS Database
    • Database Structure
    • Personnel Information
    • Roster Functions
    • Payroll Functions
    • Site Rosters
    • Travel Functions
    • Flight Logistics Management Module
    • Accommodation Function
    • Training Functions
    • Search Functions
    • Website Interface
    • System Requirements
    • Our Services
company overview online personnel management systems
Company Overview – Online Personnel Management Systems
  • Founded in 2003 to support the growing demand for site rostering solutions in resources industry.
  • Head office in Bassendean, Western Australia.
  • OPMS (Onsite Personnel Management System) quickly became our most popular product.
  • Our current clients include:

Offshore Marine Services

SKILLED Offshore

Tidewater Marine Services

PTTEP Australasia

Australian Offshore Solutions

BHP Billiton Petroleum


PB Towage

P&O Maritime Services

Swire Pacific Ship Management

company overview cont key characteristics
Company Overview Cont.… Key Characteristics
  • Customer Service Excellence
    • We assist all our clients in customizing OPMS database to their requirements.
    • We provide on-going system support.
  • Innovation
    • OPMS presents unique functions which you will not see in any other personnel management database.
opms database structure cont sites
OPMS Database Structure Cont.…. “Sites”
  • A “Site” can be anything from a Supply Boat to a Rig, to a Vessel, or Mine Site, Office etc.
  • Sites can be added to or moved between “Areas”.
  • Sites are set up to contain all important information associated with the site e.g. contact numbers, crew change port, parameters, positions used at the site, training matrixes, personnel allocated to the site, travel details etc.
  • Users can ascertain minimum competency and manning level requirements for each site.
personnel information
Personnel Information
  • Name
  • DOB
  • Start Date
  • Sex
  • Position
  • Home Airport
  • Employer
  • Birthplace
  • Nationality
  • Passport No
  • Passport exp.
  • Payroll Number
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Weight
  • FF Number
  • Baggage Weight
  • Overall Weight
  • Boot size
  • EBAT Day count
  • NOK Details
  • Photo
  • Remarks
  • Availability

Personnel details screen captures a wide range of information.

personnel information cont reporting
Personnel Information Cont.…Reporting
  • Personnel Details are associated with reports for any occasion. Some examples include:
    • Individuals’ personal details (PDF);
    • CV report (PDF & Excel);
    • Personal and/or NOK details of those at a site, area or database (Excel);
    • Emergency Response reports (PDF);
    • Letters of Engagement (Word).
rostering functions
Rostering Functions

Navigation Pane

Names Positions Rosters

Date Bar

  • Each site has a set of color-coded work activities, which can be used for rostering at that site.
  • The main roster screen displays the person’s name, and a roster cell for each day of the date bar.
  • The date bar can be easily navigated to view a certain date range, whether in the past or future
rostering functions cont using roster data
Rostering Functions Cont…Using Roster Data
  • Roster information is stored and used for a number of purposes, such as:
    • Work history & sea service reports;
    • POB reports (past & present);
    • Crew change bulletins;
    • Work activity reports for management;
    • Payroll reports etc.
payroll functions
Payroll Functions
  • OPMS rosters can effectively be used to provide data for payroll via two main avenues:
    • Payroll reports in Excel format, detailing all the roster entries for the selected period;
    • Interface between OPMS and a payroll system – automated link between the two, which skips the timesheet entry phase in payroll system.
      • OPMS has existing interfaces with the below payroll databases:
        • Chris 21
        • ADP
        • Agresso
    • In addition, OPMS has functions, such as tracking EBAT days & leave balances, recording various allowances e.g. PAB, shorthand, shared accommodation, hard lying etc.
site rosters
Site rosters
  • Similarly to personnel, work rosters can also be created for sites using user customized work types.
  • Each site has a profile and a work history screen.
travel functions
Travel Functions
  • OPMS allows easy online access to all travel bookings.
  • Bookings can be entered into OPMS via:
    • Import (e.g. file from a travel company);
    • Manually;
    • Same booking (s) copied to all or selected staff.
    • Some travel reports available in the system, include:
    • Crew change reports (with or without personal details);
    • Individual travel itineraries;
    • Manifests.
    • Interface with flight logistics for helicopter transfers to and from sites.
travel functions cont travel itineraries
Travel Functions Cont.…Travel Itineraries

Individual’s Personal & Site Details

Detailed travel information

After Hours & Emergency Contacts

Additional info entered by the user

  • OPMS Travel Itineraries along with automated SMS function, has become the preferred method of distributing travel details of our clients
accommodation function
Accommodation Function
  • Accommodation function allows users allocate rooms at site.
  • Sort cabins by number, alpha or customize your own list.
  • Identify personnel needing accommodation
  • Relocate personnel between cabins
  • View or add comments
  • Females identified
  • Contractors in Red
  • Undo Button – easy to reverse unwanted changes
  • Identify number of persons assigned to beds.
  • Identifies crew change numbers on crew change days
  • Identify persons on night shift.
training functions
Training Functions

Compliance data

  • Each employee has their certificates and qualifications uploaded in their profile (PDF attachments).
  • Each site in the system has a unique training matrix.
  • OPMS compares individuals’ competencies vs. training matrix requirements to identify any gaps
training functions cont
Training Functions Cont.…
  • Training matrix requirement have three different levels, which are associated with rostering restrictions.
  • Equivalents structure allows people with higher certificates to work in lower positions.
  • Training bookings & training letters can be generated from OPMS.
  • Various reports at individual, site, area & system level are available to measure compliance and forward plan work.
search functions
Search Functions
  • Search variables:
  • Site (or Selected Sites)
  • Position (or Grouped Position)
  • Active/ Inactive Status
  • Nationality
  • Origin
  • Company
  • Availability
  • Leave Balance
  • Immigration Status
  • Certification
  • Experience (Time)
  • Experience (Vessels/ Projects)
  • OPMS search functions are extremely flexible and allow users to find candidates from the database based on a specified criteria:
website interface for recruitment
Website Interface for Recruitment
  • OPMS website interface gives an option to import applicants from a company’s website directly into OPMS.
  • The interface screen in OPMS allows users to search for candidates, vet and/or amend details (including certificates) and contact the candidates via e-mail or SMS.
system requirements
System requirements
  • OPMS resource requirements are very small.
  • The computer specifications stated in Terminal Services or Citrix documentation will suffice.
our services
Our Services
  • OPMS Database
    • An independent application, no background database requirement.
    • A Windows based application which operates on a web based published application environment.
    • Database training
      • Face to face training sessions
      • Training for new functions
      • One-on-one training for new starters
    • Customized functions
      • Website interface for recruitment
      • Payroll system interface
      • Interface with a travel provider
      • Other customized functions & reports as required
please contact us for a system presentation
Please contact us for a system presentation!

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