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  1. Poetry IIICourse No: 3214Third Year- section B Amal Al –Shahri. Amal Wazna. Basma Sawadi. Kholod Afandi. Rogaiah AL-Yaba. Group Names:

  2. Sir Walter Scott

  3. Scott was born on August 15th, 1771, in Edinburgh,Scotland. At a time when the city had begun to rival London and Paris as a cultural center. He died on September 21st ,1832 at the age of 61. Scott’s life..

  4. *He studied in Edinburgh High School and at Edinburgh University arts and law. *At only twelve years old, Scott studied classics at Edinburgh University. *He learned Latin ,French ,Italian and what was unusual at the time ,some German. *An early illness left him lame in the right leg, but he grew up to be a man over six feet and great physical endurance. *He spent a year in the spa town, returning to Edinburgh the following summer with a marked English accent. Scott’s life…

  5. *In 1805, he had entered as a silent partner in a bookselling business. *His special interest was Scotland's history and culture; his first literary success was a collection of Scottish ballads and narrative poems. *He bought a farm on the Tweed (1812) and began to build a mansion, “Abbotsford,” where he hoped to live the life of a country gentleman. *He died before paying his debts. From the profits of his writings all his debts were ultimately paid. Scott’s life…

  6. * His works express his belief in the need for social progress that does not reject the traditions of the past because of the industrial revolution during his time. * Central themes of many of Scott’s novels are about conflicts between opposing cultures. * His novels about Scottish history deal with clashes between the new English culture and the old Scottish. Scott’s style

  7. People Who Influenced his life

  8. Poetry Novels • *The ministrely of the scottish Broder (1802–1803) • *The Lay of the Last mistrel(1805) • *The lady of the Lake(1810) • *The Lord of the Isles • (1815) • *Bonni Dundee (1830) • *Rob Roy (1817) • *The Bride of Lammermoor(1818) • *Ivanhoe(1819). • *The Abbot (1820) Scott’s works…

  9. Sound, sound the clarion, fill the fife!To all the sensual world proclaim,One crowded hour of glorious lifeIs worth an age without a name. Answer Sir Walter Scott

  10. :Clarion 1. an ancient trumpet with a curved shape. 2. the sound of this instrument. Fife: a high-pitched transverse flute used commonly in military and marching musical groups. Proclaim: to announce or declare in an open or ostentatious way: to proclaim one's opinions. Glorious:wonderful; completely enjoyable: to have a glorious time. The meaning of words …

  11. He described the sound of the clarion as the sense of justice which call to the whole human to live only one hour with love. He considered the life was something meaning- less without dignity , modesty and courage. The analysis of the poem..

  12. Some of readers said that the true name of this poem Was” The Call” Which written by Thomas OsbterMeordaunt The call meant the call of king and country to left anything considered dear to them . It is written after the great War by John Maxwell. Information

  13. Websites.. Books: Sir walter scott pomes by Norton Anthology of English literature 7th edition An outline of English literature by G C Thornley and Gwyneth Roerts Resources…