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ACHIEVING A SUPER LIFESTYLE. Leslie Bonci, MPH,RD,LDN,CSSD Director of Sports Nutrition University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. WHAT DOES SUPER MEAN?. Above Over On Top Individual, thing that exceeds customary levels or norms To an especially high degree. S. Sweet Satiety Simple

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    1. ACHIEVING A SUPER LIFESTYLE Leslie Bonci, MPH,RD,LDN,CSSDDirector of Sports Nutrition University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

    2. WHAT DOES SUPER MEAN? • Above • Over • On Top • Individual, thing that exceeds customary levels or norms • To an especially high degree

    3. S • Sweet • Satiety • Simple • Sane

    4. U • Universal • Ultimate • User-friendly • Uncomplicated

    5. P • Practical • Proactive • Performance • Portions

    6. E • Easy • Environmentally correct • Enough • Excel

    7. R • Ready-to-Eat • Reasonable • Realizable • Readiness

    8. SUPERLIVING • Needs to be actionable • Needs to be consistent • Needs to be non-disruptive • Needs to be practiced • Needs to be inclusive

    9. ACTIONABLE • So many consumers are stuck in contemplation, and not implementation because: • Changes are too drastic • Goals are too lofty • Strategies are too costly • They simply don’t want to

    10. CONSISTENCY • Eating habits need to be practiced DAILY to become routine • Exercise needs to be planned for and worked into the day • Stress management cannot be an afterthought but a priority that must be part of the daily I MUST DO list

    11. NON-DISRUPTIVE • If it is too complicated, we WON’T • Need to consider what to keep, what we are willing to give up to make room for new behaviors to take hold

    12. PRACTICALITY • Foods should be affordable, versatile, and family friendly • Eating habit changes need to work with a pre-existing schedule • Exercise attempts can be a one-shot or activity bursts throughout the day depending upon the busy-ness of the day • Tacking on 5-10 minutes of chill out time between the end of the work-day and the next obligation can help us to relax, debrief, and feel better

    13. INCLUSIVITY • Food choices should not be labeled as good/bad • Foods must provide all essential macro and micronutrients, not select nutrients • Should reflect taste preferences • Price appropriate • Eating habits should encompass: • Reasons for eating • Time • Location • Quantity • Rate of eating

    14. SUPER SNACKING • California Dried Plums: • Stand alone or as an add-in with cereal, popcorn, nuts • Delicious • Affordable • Texture • Convenient • Portioned • Appropriate for all ages • Versatile

    15. KEYS TO GOOD DIGESTIVE HEALTH • Optimal hydration • Eating a variety of foods/nutrients • Adequate fiber • Quantity consumed • Physical movement • Stress management

    16. HYDRATION • Consumers do not always get the fluid they need: • Confusing guidelines • What counts as a fluid • How to implement • Bladder overload

    17. VARIETY • Including foods one likes • Bad foods vs bad attitudes • Nutrient Rich • The Appeal Factor • The Chew factor • The Fill factor • The Portion factor • Value added: Good for me foods!

    18. FIBER • Needs are not met • Consumers know they need it, but not sure how or HOW MUCH • Perception that high fiber foods are low in taste • Over zealous fiber users • Supplemental sources vs food • Too much fiber without adequate fluid

    19. QUANTITY • Consumers still need to work towards sitting down to the right amount of food • Eating must be purposeful • Right size utensils, plates, bowls, glasses • Encourage consumers to right size when eating out using the words: share, half, or appetizer-size

    20. MOVEMENT • All movement counts • Needs to be something we like to do • Needs to be fun • Can be in small increments or all at once • Should make us feel like we want to do it again, or do more • The gut needs to move as well as other muscles of the body

    21. DE-STRESS • Chill out time needs to be part of the day • Need to download, disconnect, have quiet time • Schedule as the final appointment of the day- ME TIME

    22. BECOMING SUPER • Knowledge is NOT enough • Need to motivate • Need to inspire • Understand that for consumers perception= reality

    23. PUTTING ON THE CAPE • Guilt does NOT motivate • Make haste slowly • Be accountable • Tangible outcome measures • Emphasize nutrition/exercise as the Rx • Ownership=success • Need to know HOW WE CAN not HOW WE SHOULDN’T

    24. CONTACT INFORMATION • Leslie Bonci, MPH,RD,LDN,CSSD • 412-432-3674 •

    25. The Role of “Superfoods” David Grotto, RD, LDN Author of 101 Foods That Could Save Your Life!

    26. Trend Surveys Aramark survey revealed people have become tired of being told what not to eat.

    27. Trend Surveys Consumers want positive but clear nutrition messages.

    28. Nutrient Density focus Icon still confusing to the consumer Why no feet? No descending colon? Source: USDA/DHHS

    29. Consumers Want More… Definition of “Superfood”? No legal definition – yet… “A superfood is a type of food believed to have health benefits beyond those of more common foods due to specific phytochemical content.” - Wikipedia “Real/Unprocessed” (Elizabeth Somer – WebMD)

    30. Consumers Want More Definition of “Superfood”? Possesses magical powers?

    31. 101 Food Philosophy No “Bad” Foods Powerhouse v. “Superfood” NNR - Drewnowski Phytochemical Dense Research suggests adding in positively effects markers of health

    32. 101 Food Philosophy “Building a healthy diet one delicious bite at a time…”

    33. New Priorities Taste Cost (just added) Do-ability Nutrition

    34. 101 Foods Approach “Taste + Do-ability = Sustainability” ‘add in’ v. ‘take away’ “Trickle-up theory” – target kids first, drag parents along for the ride

    35. “101 Foods” Examples

    36. Body of Research Supports Eating Breakfast Research shows that breakfast has benefits for all ages: Children and teens: More than 47 research studies that support that children and teens who eat breakfast do better in achieving healthier overall diets, school attendance, punctuality, improved memory and lower BMI. Adults: Adult breakfast eaters tend to have: diets that are higher in grains, fruit, fiber, calcium and overall variety lower BMI or more success with maintaining weight loss than breakfast skippers

    37. 1st FDA approved healthclaim for a food Numerous clinical studies Acts like a sponge to absorbcholesterol-rich bile  total blood cholesterol  LDL No  in HDL Oats

    38. 3 g oat soluble fiber/day = ? 1 1/2 cups cooked oatmeal 3/4 cup dry oatmeal 3 cups oatmeal squares 1 cup or less of cooked oat bran, depending on beta-glucan content

    39. Protect the Protectors Program Firefighters are more likely to die from heart disease than smoke inhalation or burns at increased risk of heart disease Heart disease causes 45% of the deaths that occur among firefighters while they are on duty: Fire suppression Alarm response Physical training

    40. Results Dave Grotto did REAL well: Reduced total cholesterol 70 points in 1 month! Lost 10 pounds in 1 month Gave up nothing Added in delicious foods: oats, dried plums, fish, nuts… Synergy? Reaffirmed 101 Foods Approach!

    41. Almonds Foodlore King Tut, Happy Marriage: HWHFL Healing Obesity Colon Cancer Cholesterol Tips? Almond Berry Pizza

    42. Nuts  cholesterol  triglycerides 1.5 oz/day (~50 g)

    43. Beans Food Lore “Dry" beans does not refer to the hydration state Healing Obesity Digestive Reduces Total and LDL Cholesterol Tips? Reduce up to 40% of sodium by rinsing canned beans. Also reduces gas! Frozen Bean Cubes

    44. Chocolate Foodlore Gods in South America Healing Skin Diarrhea Colon Cancer Heart health Tips?

    45. Cocoa and Dark Chocolate Cardioprotective, likely due to: Strong antioxidant capacity Decreased platelet reactivity Compounds responsible Flavonoids, particularly flavan-3-ols Proanthocyanidins Chocolate can vary in amount of flavonoids— 38-125 g if flavonoid-rich Chocolate covered dried plums – yum!

    46. Dried Plums Foodlore Monkey business Nutrition(4-5dried plums) 3 grams of fiber (mainly pectin) 293mg Potassium 23 mcg Vitamin K and many other nutrients Phenolics • Throw me a Lifesaver • Bone Health • Heart Health • Cholesterol • Colon Cancer • Tips?

    47. Dried Plums – Health Benefits • Insert video