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Cartoon Art. Marlon palmer. About Me.

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Cartoon art

Cartoon Art

Marlon palmer

About me
About Me

My name is Marlon Palmer. I am a freshman at CUNY City Tech, studying Graphic Design, which is no surprise because I live in New York City which is hub for the some of the best new art in the world, and I have always been into art. I have been drawing for as long as I can remember and my favorite thing to draw is cartoons. I love art, and drawing and I admire the art style of cartoonists. From a young age I have really been interested in cartoons as most kids are. Unlike most people though, I did not grow out of it. I still regularly watch cartoons, sometimes even more than movies or TV shows. About a year ago I started getting into Japanese Anime, and I have noticed that the animation in Japanese cartoons is most times way better that the animation we have in the west. It seems like the quality of our cartoons is seriously lacking compared to the east, and that’s why my generation and the ones after it mostly watch Anime. The characters are more detailed and the worlds are more vast and immersive, and the story line a vastly more interesting than ours. I wanted to know why that is.

So I created this blog to take a closer look at the cartoons from the west, and the Anime from the east to see what makes them so different and I hope you enjoy it.

My mission
My Mission

The purpose for Cartoon Art is to give my audience a look at the difference in art style between anime and cartoons. Right now, in the west there is only relatively small fan base for anime and as a result of that not many people know what anime really is I will be attempting to define what both anime and cartoons are for my audience, which will be people of all ages and gender who know nothing about anime. I am taking a layman’s approach so that the audience can understand what I have posted. I want the audience to just enjoy my posts, and not have to think about whether or not they should like it. All I want my audience to is to understand the differences between cartoons and anime.

What i write about
What I Write About

A typical post on my blog is me giving a comparison between anime and cartoons. Sometimes I compare a specific aspect and sometimes a give a broad view.

My series
My Series

As you can probably tell this is going to be a series. In the next three post I will be covering the topic of “the big four”, these are the four most popular anime on the planet. Bleach, Naruto, One Piece and the Dragon Ball franchise. Every anime watcher is a fan of at least one of these anime, also for most people these anime are the only reference they have to anime art style, which makes them very important when trying to explain the art styles of anime and cartoons. In this series I will be comparing the various art styles of the four biggest anime ever to American cartoons to establish a standard for the anime and cartoon art style.


I posted a short piece about artist Damien Hirst and his sculpture series Natural History on my colleague's Philip Zeng’s blog.

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Cartoon art

Thank you for your time.

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