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  1. Saying sorry is not easy!!!!Computer LiteracyDeVonte R. Thompson7th Grade4th Period Mrs. H. Carson Cartoon Characters: The Chipmunks And Chipettes.

  2. Awesome job with that cheerleader. Call me. How would you like to be on the football team. Ok.

  3. What just happen there Alvin? I’m a football player, you guys are losers.

  4. Lets go Simon. Remember we are not cool enough four you mister hotshot. One of you dorks have a dollar?

  5. What are we going to do? You are the captain, you tell me! Did you hear what Alvin did to his brothers. Poor Theodore! Yes, poor Simon!

  6. Later that day after the football game. I probably should because their my brothers and, they would not do it to me. We think you should apologize to your brothers, you were wrong and if you don’t we’re not your friends anymore.

  7. In the music room practicing their singing. Alvin said he is going two apologize to his brothers thanks to me. Nice job Brittney. Does anybody know were his brothers are.

  8. Simon and Theodore where are you guys. Brittney. I want to apologize for everything, I acted like a jerk. I’m ok with that but who told you to do it. I'm right here, not that you care.

  9. Come on guys we have a concert to get to. Alvin wants to say he’s sorry. Yes, I apologize for everything. Thanks.

  10. The end of the concert everyone was ok and everything was back to normal and, the brothers got company at home.