Getting started session 1
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Getting Started Session 1 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Getting Started Session 1. What you will learn in this presentation:. How to start and keep your business fun and simple. How to help others start and keep their businesses fun and simple. Right Place At The Right Time. Right Company Right Products Right Compensation Plan Right Industry.

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Getting started session 1

GettingStarted Session1

Getting started session 1

What you will learn in this presentation:

How to start and keep your business fun and simple.How to help others start and keep their businesses fun and simple.

Getting started session 1

Right Place At The Right Time

Right Company

Right Products

Right Compensation Plan


Congratulations on your smart decision to join Arbonne!

Getting started session 1

What Exactly Do We Do In Arbonne?

  • Follow the leader and be coachable.

  • Educate others about our products and how to shop and save.

  • Share the Opportunity with everyone, always.

  • Provide outstanding customer service.

  • Stay connected to the team.

  • Have fun and be excited! Enthusiasm is contagious!

Getting started session 1

Your Arbonne Career

Treat your new business professionally and you’ll earn a professional income

Hobbies cost money!!

Getting started session 1

Why Have A System?

  • It gives you tracks to run on.

  • Allows you to get into business right away

  • Allows you to duplicate easily

  • Don’t reinvent the wheel!

Getting started session 1

Your Arbonne Catalog

Become a student

  • You will learn:

  • About the company

  • About the products

  • Retail prices

  • Product set specials

  • Product knowledge

  • Know what your customers are reading

Getting started session 1

Your Arbonne Calendar

A Powerful Resource!

  • Obtain your upline information and enter into your calendar

  • Review training and DVD

  • Review and use your Activity Tracker

  • Book coaching session with your sponsor to learn the phone techniques

A full calendar = momentum = success

Getting started session 1

Open The Door To Your Business

  • Calendar Exercise: Identify when you are “open for business”

  • Immediately Schedule 4 Business Launches: local or virtual

When your calendar is full, you are in business!

Getting started session 1

Be A Product of Your Product

  • “Arbonnize” your household

    • Use all of Arbonne’s products to create convictions, personal testimonies and to strengthen your belief

    • You are a walking advertisement for your product

    • What’s in your bathroom? Kitchen? Shower? Cosmetic bag? Pocket?

Getting started session 1

Two Ways To Create An Income

  • Right Now Money

    • Moving product through one-on-ones and workshops

    • Benefits: fills immediate income need

  • Ongoing Money

  • You will make money down the road through the work that you do today by building a team

  • Benefits: create long term income

Getting started session 1

Product Experience Options

  • Groups

    • Meet more people by doing a group presentation

    • Opportunity to meet someone else’s warm market

  • One-on-Ones

    • Time Flexibility/fits into nooks & crannies of your Life

    • Personalized presentation

    • Targets individual needs

  • Samples

    • Ready to go/ anywhere and any time

    • Leads to a workshop or one-on-one

Getting started session 1

What You Need In Your Toolbox

  • Products for display and sampling

  • Sample Packs

  • Business Aids

  • Information Packs

“Just like a mechanic needs tools in their tool box…so do you!!”

Getting started session 1

Your Warm Market

  • Who you know today (100-200)

  • F.R.A.N.K:

    • Friends

    • Relatives

    • Acquaintances

    • Neighbors

    • Kids


  • Take a minute to write down as many names as you can!

Getting started session 1

It’s Time to Role Play!

  • Inviting friends & family to your Business Launches

  • Booking a one-on-one

  • Use verbiage from scripts

Getting started session 1

Ethics of Excellence

  • Lead with Integrity

  • Have strong business ethics

  • Follow the golden rule: Always respect another consultant’s work in progress

  • Study your Arbonne Polices and Procedures Manual

  • No eBay selling or unapproved websites

Wisdom is knowing the right path to take…

Integrity is taking it!” ~M. H. McKee

Getting started session 1

Avoid The Dreamstealers

  • Well meaning people will tell you that you can’t!

  • Look for people that share similar dreams and want to change their circumstances as well!

  • Hang on to what you want …no matter what!

  • Don’t let other people’s lack of understanding about what you do steal your dream!

  • Be ready with an answer…..

Getting started session 1

Managing Your Expectations

  • People will say “no” because they don’t “know”.

  • This is a business of numbers and exposures.

  • The more you share the Arbonne story with people, the more you increase your chances to succeed.

  • You will spend more time now to earn an amazing income later.

  • You will set goals and fall short.

  • Those who set and reset goals go to the top!

Getting started session 1

Going Forward

  • Your next steps are...

  • Know and follow your team’s system

  • Practice, practice, practice

  • Schedule, schedule, schedule

Getting started session 1

Welcome to Our Team!


You have made a smart decision to join our team and the best opportunity!

You are on your way!

Arbonne WILL change your life!