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AYSO Region 210 April 9, 2012

AYSO Region 210 April 9, 2012. Spring 2012 Coach & Referee Kick-Off Meeting. Please take a seat, the meeting will begin soon. Agenda. We will finish no later than 8:00pm A few words from our Regional Coach Instructor – HCHS Soccer Coach Mike Wiggins

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AYSO Region 210 April 9, 2012

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  1. AYSO Region 210April 9, 2012 Spring 2012 Coach & Referee Kick-Off Meeting Please take a seat, the meeting will begin soon www.aysoHinsdale.org

  2. Agenda We will finish no later than 8:00pm A few words from our Regional Coach Instructor – HCHS Soccer Coach Mike Wiggins Practice and Professional Trainer schedules for your review tonight at end of meeting Game schedules will be posted on our website by end of week This presentation will be available on our webpage to all coaches and referees www.aysoHinsdale.org

  3. AYSO Philosophies • Everyone Plays • Every player must play at least 50% of every game • Equalize play throughout the season • Balanced Teams • Open Registration • Positive Coaching • Good Sportsmanship • Player Development www.aysoHinsdale.org

  4. Division CommissionersAssistant Regional Commissioner-DC’s: Tom Salzman U5 Co-Ed: Bob Surrette U6 Boys: Julie Prieto U6 Girls: Emily Zeng U7 Boys: Natasha Isenhart U7 Girls: Darren Kaiser U8 Boys: Stephanie Adams U8 Girls: Payal Patel U9 Boys: Tony Cutinelli U9 Girls: Brett Secola U10 Boys: Christine Justema U10 Girls: John Roberts U12 Boys: Kim Harte/Mark Ostrowski U12 Girls: Rachelle Niew U14 Co-Ed: Michelle Fischer U19 Co-Ed: Greg Nyczak www.aysoHinsdale.org

  5. Fields & Scheduling Assistant Regional Commissioner: Eric Johnson • Fields Coordinator: Eric Johnson • Game Schedulers: Kathleen & Shamir Bhatt • Practice Schedulers: Jeanne Mondeschean & Kathy Paskalides • Professional Trainer Coordinator & Scheduler: George Vesely www.aysoHinsdale.org

  6. Coach and Referee Trainers/Admin Assistant Regional Commissioner-Volunteers: Roland Wilson Volunteer Registrar – Susan Davis Volunteer Database Coordinator: Jeanne Kemp Regional Coach Trainer: Mike Wiggins Regional Coach Admin: Alan Zhang Regional Referee Trainer: Bejan Fakouri Regional Referee Admin: Cliff Vachlon www.aysoHinsdale.org

  7. Other Board Members Child Volunteer Protection Advocate (CVPA) Stacey Thompson Database Manager Dave Egan Equipment Mgr & Special Projects Bill Otto Extra Program Coordinator Sue Gould Meeting Coordinator Holly Benjamin Picture Day Wendy Wight Registrars Michelle Fischer & Christie Capalety Safety Director Jennifer Pohlenz Secretary Kara Kuo Special Events Jeff Gross Treasurer Mei Zhang Uniforms Mary Kay Cox & Angie Lopez Volunteer Party Stephanie Battaglia Webmaster Peter Konstant www.aysoHinsdale.org

  8. Coaches & Referees • Count from Fall 2011: • 200 teams with approximately 2,300 players • Over 60 different fields • Approximately 400 coaches • Approximately 100 referees • 45 dual coaches (head coaches) • 3 triple coaches • 1 quadruple coach • Many others who are assistant coaches and referees for multiple teams www.aysoHinsdale.org

  9. THANK YOU! www.aysoHinsdale.org

  10. Late, Late Player Registration Direct parent inquiries to your Division Commissioner Only the DC can add a new player to your team Late registrants are placed where there is room and the most need Children must be registered players or they are not covered by our insurance Any problems/questions with teams, uniforms or equipment – contact your DC www.aysoHinsdale.org

  11. Medical Authorization & Waiver You should have signed form from Fall 2011 Ensure you have signed form for late registering players Hint: keep all important papers in your equipment bag, in a ziploc bag www.aysoHinsdale.org

  12. Emergency Authorization, Disclaimer, Assumption of Risk And Waiver, and Acknowledgement and Consent AYSO REGION 210 FALL-SPRING PLAYING SEASON 2011/2012 Team Number _______ Coach Name_______________________ EMERGENCY AUTHORIZATION: I, the undersigned parent or legal guardian of the below-named player, a minor (“Player”), hereby authorize each of the coaches, team parents, and/or other officials of AYSO to act as my agents in the capacity of activity supervisors and vehicle drivers, and I authorize each of them as well as the above-identified Emergency Contact to consent to medical, surgical or dental examination and/or treatment. DISCLAIMER, ASSUMPTION OF RISK AND WAIVER AND CONSENT AGREEMENTS: Player Name Parent Name (Print) Parent Signature Date 1. 2. 3. www.aysoHinsdale.org

  13. Play/No Play Notification Every day a new message is posted to our local website: www.aysohinsdale.org Please check our website daily for the field status Text alert system, sign up link is on our website (www.aysohinsdale.org) Cancellation can be due to current weather conditions, or poor field conditions If weather conditions change quickly, use your judgment When fields are closed, you cannot practice www.aysoHinsdale.org

  14. Make-Up Policies • Policy posted on our website: www.aysohinsdale.org • Practices: • Not required to make up missed practices • Go to practice schedule, find an available field • Unassigned field times are available on a first-come, first serve basis • Games • Not required to make up missed games • Go to practice schedule, find an available field • Unassigned field times are available on a first-come, first serve basis • Can also make up games before or after regular games on Saturdays • Scheduled Practices take precedent over make-up games • Make-up games take precedence over make-up practices www.aysoHinsdale.org

  15. Practices • Practices start tomorrow April 10th • Practice schedule is mostly unchanged from the Fall season • please check it to verify your practice day/time/location • Make changes – individual field sheets will be posted along the walls at end of meeting • If you have signed up for more than one practice day but do not intend to use it, please release it • You can only practice during your scheduled time at your scheduled location • We will post an updated practice schedule as necessary • Reminder: Do NOT practice in the goal mouth area www.aysoHinsdale.org

  16. Field Facts • 6 towns & villages • 30 locations • 67 different fields • 95 games played in 3 hours period • Play between hours 8:30am-noon www.aysoHinsdale.org

  17. Spring Field Changes • April 28 & May 5 – tournaments affecting Oak Brook fields • Compete for fields with other sports – baseball, lacrosse, track, other soccer leagues • Veeck under repair & restoration • Offline through Fall 2012 • U5 Program & Professional Trainer Program relocated to Robbins Park www.aysoHinsdale.org

  18. How are schedules put together? • Coaches of multiple teams get preferential treatment • We try to minimize travel between games for these volunteers • Only seems right that coach who serves on multiple teams gets “home field” advantage • Consider • For those volunteers who have a head coaching role with two or more teams, we do our best to minimize travel between sites • We can’t guarantee that you will have your games back to back in the same site, but we try • If we missed a spot on the schedule, or, if you have two games at the same time, please contact Eric Johnson www.aysoHinsdale.org

  19. Field Locations All field locations are on our website (www.aysohinsdale.org) No hard copies will be distributed Please check the maps – some locations have changed Problem at any field – contact us www.aysoHinsdale.org

  20. www.aysoHinsdale.org

  21. Safety • #1 rule: Please do not let the kids climb on the goals • Please secure all goals! • Stakes or anchors are provided for ALL goals • If tethered, leave them tethered • Please notify us of any unsafe field conditions • Inspect the fields before practices and games • Resources on our website • Field Inspection & Hazards Checklist • Quick Reference Guide www.aysoHinsdale.org

  22. Movable Soccer Goal Safety Act • Requires movable goals to be anchored • Injury & Death avoidable • Zack’s Law signed by Illinois Governor Quinn August 2011 • Zack Tran died in 2003 as result of unsecured goal at age 6 • anchoredforsafety.org lists 36 deaths and 56 injuries related to moveable soccer goals in the U.S. between 1979 and 2011 • Zack Tran’s death was one of four incidents in Illinois, including a 1998 accident that left a 9-year-old Deerfield boy with serious facial injuries www.aysoHinsdale.org

  23. Can I play if goal is unsecured? Your two choices • Cancel game & reschedule • Play with cones marking goal area • Safety of our players come first www.aysoHinsdale.org

  24. New Concussion Policy • CDC Heads Up Program • Raise awareness and increase safety • http://www.cdc.gov/concussion/HeadsUp/online_training.html • National Board Recommendations • Provide Info Sheet of signs & symptoms to all players • Encourage all volunteers to take free online training • 30 minutes • Print & keep copy of Certificate of Completion www.aysoHinsdale.org

  25. If Concussion Suspected • Player must be removed from play for the remainder of day • Parents urged to seek professional medical treatment • Parents must return signed Participant Release Form with concussion waiver with approval for clearance for player to return • Region must keep record of signed forms • Info & forms will be posted on our website www.aysoHinsdale.org

  26. www.aysoHinsdale.org

  27. Other Safety Reminders Players cannot wear any jewelry (watches, earrings, etc.) – must be removed and not taped over No casts or splints Glasses are OK No dogs allowed at any fields No slide tackling for U12 and younger Lightning detection system in Hinsdale Must have 2 adults present at all times, one of whom must be a registered/trained/certified coach You should never be alone with a child You should have an adult present of the same gender as your team www.aysoHinsdale.org

  28. Other Items Each player must have a uniform During cooler weather warm clothes may be worn underneath the uniform Snacks Please make sure the fields are clean before you leave – assign a parent to be responsible each week Games must start and end on time Coach bags now contain first aid supplies, referee cards and flags, a stopwatch, extra game cards, etc. www.aysoHinsdale.org

  29. Procedures for Injuries and Incidents • There is an AYSO Incident Report Form on our website on the Coaches page • Fill it out in the event of: • Personal injury • Damaged property • Contact Birdie Chow at commissioner@aysohinsdale.org www.aysoHinsdale.org

  30. Referees • Each team should have a trained referee • A parent cannot “jump in” to help • Coaches: we ask for your help in recruiting • Ask the parents on your team • Ask the older siblings of your team members (age 10+) • Tell the parents: if the coach is also the referee, then there can be no coach during the game • Referees responsible to control the games • Be respectful • Referees have the final say • If you disagree with a call, handle it in an appropriate manner after the game – do not interrupt the game unless there is an imminent safety concern www.aysoHinsdale.org

  31. Referee Training • Bejan Fakouri - Regional Referee Instructor • Saturday, April 14th, noon-4pm • Hinsdale Community House Field House • U8 & U10 • Offsides • RSVP to Cliff Vachlon, refadmin@aysohinsdale.org www.aysoHinsdale.org

  32. Professional Trainers • Trainers • Chelsey Dummett • Will Clarke • Questions or changes to schedule? • Contact George Vesely at protrainercoordinator@aysohinsdale.org www.aysoHinsdale.org

  33. Professional Trainers (cont.) • Opportunity for teams to have at least two practice sessions co-led by a trainer • Coaches MUST attend weekday practice sessions with their team • One session has already been scheduled for you during your normal practice day and time – check now!!! • All weekday practice sessions will take place at Robbins • Along 7th Street, south of fields B & C • Teams 2708, 2716, 1907,1603, 2804, 1607, 2614, 1618, 2605, 2613, 2812, 2819, 2718, 2904, 2709, 1210, 2206 confirm/cancel sessions this week Wed thru Fri ASAP www.aysoHinsdale.org

  34. Professional Trainers (cont.) Re-schedule, cancellation and make-up policies – refer to “Instructions” tab of trainer schedule After tonight’s meeting the entire schedule will be posted online – you can sign up for one more session via email The schedule will be updated and posted on our website www.aysoHinsdale.org

  35. Professional Trainers (cont.) • Any open time slots are available to any team • 7pm slot most under-utilized • First come, first served • Limit is two teams per practice slot, except U12 and U14 where the limit is one team • If you want to join a team already on the schedule, make sure the age is within one or two years of your division • You can mix girls and boys teams, also following the age guidelines www.aysoHinsdale.org

  36. EXTRA Program • Program Coordinator - Sue Gould • Pilot Program • U9 Girls – 1 team • U10 Boys – 3 teams • EXTRA teams play in travel leagues • girls in IWSL • boys in NISL • Fall 2012 – Spring 2013 Tryouts • Details will be posted on our website • See new menu tab for EXTRA program www.aysoHinsdale.org

  37. “Parent Management” Remember: the primary objective of AYSO is for the kids to have fun in a safe environment Recommend holding a Parent and player meeting Kids Zone pledge form – you don’t need to return them to us Be aware that the kids are always watching – set an example No yelling, no inappropriate language We take all complaints seriously and follow up on all of them www.aysoHinsdale.org

  38. Communication with Parents We have the ability to send email blasts directly to the parents However, we have MANY invalid email addresses in eAYSO Please log into www.eayso.org and verify that your email address is correct Encourage the parents on your team to do the same www.aysoHinsdale.org

  39. Open Positions Fall 2012-Spring 2013 • Division Commissioners – various divisions • Inquiries to Tom Salzman, arcdcs@aysohinsdale.org • Youth Referee Coordinator • Communications Coordinator • Many other positions www.aysoHinsdale.org

  40. Registration for Fall 2012/Spring 2013 Player & Volunteer Registration Hinsdale Community House • Thursday, May 3, 6 PM to 9 PM • Saturday, May 5, 11 AM to 3 PM • Annual requirement - all coaches and referees must register in person • Fill out volunteer application at www.eayso.org, sign form, bring photo ID • Need your Volunteer Preferences • practice day, time, name of assistant coach • As a reminder, only dual coaches get preferential scheduling (practices back-to-back, games don’t conflict) www.aysoHinsdale.org

  41. Summer Camp • Info will be emailed and posted on our website • Session 1 - JUNE 18 - 22 (1pm – 4pm) Robbins Park • Girls Soccer Camp - JULY 23 - 27 (9am - 12pm) Robbins Park • Session 2- JULY 30 - AUG 3 (9am – 12pm) Robbins Park • Questions? Coach Michael Wiggins, hinsdale.soccer@gmail.com  www.aysoHinsdale.org

  42. A Word from Mike Wiggins Regional Coach Instructor www.aysoHinsdale.org

  43. Questions? www.aysoHinsdale.org

  44. Have a Great Spring Season! www.aysoHinsdale.org

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