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Abraham Lincoln

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Abraham Lincoln. By: TANYA LEE STONE Power point by: Nicholas Geehan . Introduction. Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12 1809 Abraham Lincoln died on April 14 1867 Lincoln was born in Notin Creek, Kentucky. Abraham is most famous for being the 16 th president of the USA.

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Abraham Lincoln

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    1. Abraham Lincoln By: TANYA LEE STONE Power point by: Nicholas Geehan

    2. Introduction • Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12 1809 • Abraham Lincoln died on April 14 1867 • Lincoln was born in Notin Creek, Kentucky. • Abraham is most famous for being the 16th president of the USA. • I chose Abraham Lincoln because he's famous and I thought it would be interesting to read about an older more fascinating person back in the 1800 hundreds and while I’m learning about an older president I'm also learning about the 1800s

    3. Abraham’s Childhood In Notin Creek where Abraham learned to walk, Abraham was already about four years of age when he moved out of Notin Creek and into Knob Creek and only one month after being there Abe already liked to fish. Abe had just been notified that he had a baby brother on the way but only a few days of being alive the baby passed away. when Abe was 7 he moved to Indiana and built a house with his family. Abe when he was 10 his mother passed away from the disease called milk sickness and Abraham as lonely as he was would wander in the woods and pick up logs to chop later on. But it wasn’t all bad Abraham had a very nice step mother named Sarah Bush Jonson and Abraham and Sarah were very close. Abraham loved to read books but the only book he owned was the bible and he knew every word of it. Abraham Lincoln also loved outdoors he worked for a homesteader chopping wood in the cool morning air. Abraham also had an older sister named sally.

    4. Teen Years After Abraham was chopping wood for old homesteaders, Abraham went to church when he was only about fourteen years old with his sister sally and his father but not for the community praying but as a job sweeping out church and lighting/supplying it with candles. When Abraham was about fifteen Abraham went to school to learn how to write letters, words, sentences, and paragraphs. When Abraham was sixteen he only went to school for about a year then dropped out because he learned all he needed to. But after Abraham learned to read he loved to tell jokes to friends and family. Also when he was sixteen he was already six feet tall! Talk about your tall future president!

    5. Abrahams Adulthood After Abrahams teen tears he had some very fascinating jobs like when he twenty two he ran a store called “the Buckhorn Tavern” and he was a deputy for the sheriffs department. Also he worked in post office in the pony express witch is like the mail lady but other than a mail van it’s a horse drawn chariot filled with news letters from all around Illinois. Although a fine worker, Abraham was spacious that one time when he had a birthday party for his wife and he invited over 500 guests to there two story house! After that unbelievable move Abraham ran for president and won!!!! And in 1861 he went on to the white house to be president. In 1866 Lincoln signed a bill that banned slavery for ever! On April 14 1866 Abraham went to Fords Theater to watch a play called “Our American Cousin” and later that even Abraham Lincoln was shot by a man named John Wilkes Booth:( The government offered a 100,000 dollar reward for booth dead or alive, but Booth was never found

    6. Abraham Lincoln • 1809 to 1867 • President:1861-1865

    7. Contributions • Abraham was the 16th president of the united states that was loyal to his family and every one around him, Abraham was the one who made slavery illegal every were. Abe's name was honest Abe and know you know why.

    8. Abraham’s Party In the story I read a story when Abraham planned a party, know it doesn’t seam bad Abe decided he was going to invite a few extra guests to his wife's surprise party and by a few extra I mean About 500 extra!! Talk about your big party!

    9. Three Questions • If you didn’t run for president what other career choices would you take? • if you could go back in time what would change in your life? • What's your biggest secret?