welcome to ehs open house s eptember 2012
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Welcome to EHS Open House, S eptember 2012!

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Welcome to EHS Open House, S eptember 2012! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to EHS Open House, S eptember 2012!. Mrs. Mariana Timofte Room - C 212 [email protected] Eastlake HS Open House 2012. Periods 3,4&6 Algebra 2 (Advanced Algebra). Who is Mrs. Timofte?. Major in Mathematics- Univ. of Bucharest Taught High School Math since 1997

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eastlake hs open house 2012
Eastlake HS Open House 2012
  • Periods 3,4&6 Algebra 2 (Advanced Algebra)
who is mrs timofte
Who is Mrs. Timofte?
  • Major in Mathematics- Univ. of Bucharest
  • Taught High School Math since 1997
  • Fourth year at EASTLAKE as math teacher !
teaching style expectations
Teaching Style/Expectations
  • Teacher introduces the new concept or students are lead to discover patterns, draw conclusion, come up with mathematical conjectures;
  • Students are encouraged to express opinions, make assumptions, support and justify their thinking;
  • Teacher gives examples ( from real life if possible) to support and clarify the theoretical concepts;
  • Students are expected to actively participate to all class discussions, come up with ideas or questions and ask for help from colleagues or teacher when needed;
algebra 2 syllabus
Algebra 2 Syllabus
  • WELCOME to Algebra 2!!! This course develops math skills through problem solving with numbers, linear models, linear systems, functions (linear, square root, quadratic, exponential, logarithmic , and absolute value), transformations, polynomials (operations and factoring), arithmetic and geometric sequences and probabilities .
  • Please check teacher website at www.inetteacher.com for homework and assessments calendar
structure of the class
Structure of the class:

Assessments (Tests and Quizzes) – 90%

Test/Quizzes: Quizzes and Tests will be given regularly. Students are expected to be ready at any time to show their learning, but all Tests will be announced 1 week ahead.

Students will have to take and pass (score above 90%) several Mastery Quizzes on essential skills;

* if a student passes, gets 100% in Standards Scores

* if a student doesn’t make 3 attempts to pass before the announced deadline, the score will be 0!

* if a student doesn’t pass after 3 attempts, will get a 50%

In the case of an absence: the student must make arrangements with the teacher about the make-up day/time of the missed quiz/test the day the student returns to school.

  • All students can come to make corrections on any Test, on Wednesday after school or Thursday morning, within two weeks since the original assessment date, as long as the student has no missing assignments and has proof of learning progress.
  • Students are encouraged to come for help every day during the Tutorials or on Thursdays during STP in Room C212
class structure
Class Structure

Class work, participation, homework, projects – 10%

  • Assignments will be graded on completion and work shown.
  • Assignments: Homework will be assigned both in class and outside of class on a daily basis. Each graded assignment will be worth 5 points. Homework will be graded and passed back to students. Late homework is discouraged; late assignments will be accepted, but can’t receive the maximum score. No assignment can be turned in for points later than the Unit Test.
class norms
Class Norms:
  • Be seated at your desk, notes/homework out, ready to start when the bell rings.
  • Take notes, work, participate, and follow teacher directions.
  • This classroom is an electronic-free zone. No personal electronics, except a graphing calculator. No CELL PHONES (school rule)
materials needed
Materials Needed
  • Graphing Calculator: TI-83 or TI-84 is highly recommended.
  • Spiral notebook with Graph paper
  • A 3-ring binder for worksheets and any handouts
tardiness and attendance
Tardiness and Attendance:
  • Students are to be in their seat when the bell rings. Otherwise, the student will be marked tardy.
  • Four tardies will be turned into an unexcused absence.
  • Students arriving to class 15 minutes late will be marked absent.
  • Homework from excused absences is also excused; however the student is responsible for the content covered during an absence.


In order to graduate from the Lake Washington School District, students must meet or exceed the standard on the Math QSR. The goal of the QSR is to assess each student’s ability to problem solve, reason logically, and communicate effectively. Students will receive opportunities to meet this requirement through their math class. Students are considered proficient if they reach an “At Standard” level of proficiency by getting a 3 or better in each category. Students will have an opportunity to revise their work if they reach an “Approaching Standard” level of proficiency by getting a 2 or better in each category. Students who get a 1 in any category will receive a “Not at Standard” and will not be given an opportunity to revise their work, but will have a chance to reach an “At Standard” level of proficiency on the next prompt.

contact information
Contact Information
  • Thank you for your cooperation. Please seek out help from me if questions or concerns arise. I will be available before school from 7:00am, after school, and during STP
  • Also, please check often the Standards Score, as you’ll see weekly updates.
  • Please contact me at [email protected] .
  • Let’s make this a great year!!!!