Manitoba hydro s earth power program
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Manitoba Hydro’s Earth Power Program. Geothermal Heat Pumps. How They Work Benefits Manitoba Hydro’s Goals Market Trends Manitoba Hydro’s Earth Power Programs Commercial Residential. How Does a Geothermal Heat Pump Work?. About 51% of the sun’s energy absorbed by earth.

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Manitoba hydro s earth power program l.jpg

Manitoba Hydro’sEarth Power Program

Geothermal heat pumps l.jpg
Geothermal Heat Pumps

  • How They Work

  • Benefits

  • Manitoba Hydro’s Goals

  • Market Trends

  • Manitoba Hydro’s Earth Power Programs

    • Commercial

    • Residential

How does a geothermal heat pump work l.jpg
How Does a Geothermal Heat Pump Work?

  • About 51% of the sun’s energy absorbed by earth

Moving rather than creating heat l.jpg
Moving rather than Creating Heat

There are four types of loops l.jpg
There are four types of “loops”…

1. Vertical Ground Loop

2. Horizontal Ground Loop

4. Open Loop - Two Wells or Body of Water

3. Closed Pond Loop

Heat distribution systems l.jpg
Heat Distribution Systems

  • Forced air

  • Radiant heating systems

  • Remember: Geothermal heat pumps warm or cool air in smaller temperature rises than conventional systems

Customer benefits l.jpg
Customer Benefits

  • Energy savings

    • Reduce heating costs by 50% to 80%

  • Environmentally friendly

    • No harmful greenhouse gas emissions

  • Comfortable

    • More even/uniform heating and cooling than conventional systems

Customer benefits9 l.jpg
Customer Benefits

  • Air conditioning and heating in same unit

  • Safety - no flue, flames, or fumes (no carbon monoxide risk)

  • Quiet

  • Lower risk of vandalism & weather damage (since the unit is indoors)

  • Reduced structural requirements

  • Frees up space in commercial buildings

Manitoba hydro benefits l.jpg
Manitoba Hydro Benefits

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Power Smart (demand-side management) initiative in all-electric areas

    = increased export revenues

Manitoba hydro benefits11 l.jpg
Manitoba Hydro Benefits

  • Manitoba environmental benefits

    • 2003 residential CO2 emissions reduced by about 1,917 tonnes (7.1 tonnes per installed heat pump)

    • 2003 commercial CO2 emissions reduced by about 7,292 tonnes (55.4 tonnes per commercial heat pump project).

    • Total 2003 CO2 emission reduction of 9,209 tonnes.

  • Support business development in Manitoba

State of the heat pump market in manitoba l.jpg
“State of the Heat Pump Market in Manitoba”

How can Manitoba Hydro help create a more widespread market for geothermal heat pumps?

Manitoba hydro s earth power goals l.jpg
Manitoba Hydro’s Earth Power Goals

Make geothermal heat pumps more accessible:

  • Increase awareness

  • Improve industry infrastructure

  • Mitigate high first cost barrier

    • Consider life cycle cost implications

Where is the buried treasure l.jpg
Where is the Buried Treasure?

  • 50% in southwestern Manitoba

  • 30% in Winnipeg & surrounding area

  • Geographic distribution reflects development of industry infrastructure

Manitoba market watch l.jpg
Manitoba Market Watch

  • Manitoba sales in 2002 = 400 units

  • Manitoba sales in 2003 = 512 units

    • Approx. 30% - 40% of the Canadian market

  • Estimated Manitoba sales by 2006 = 800 units

    • 500 residential

    • 300 commercial

Manitoba industry players l.jpg
Manitoba Industry Players

  • About 100 IGSHPA-accredited contractors throughout Manitoba

  • 15-20 vertical drilling rigs (and counting)

  • 2 Manitoba manufacturers (many distributors)

Hydro s commercial earth power programs l.jpg
Hydro’s Commercial Earth Power Programs

The Commercial side of the heat pump program

is “Sold” under the Custom option of the

Commercial Construction & Renovation Program

Hydro s commercial earth power programs19 l.jpg
Hydro’s Commercial Earth Power Programs

1. Is a geothermal heat pump right for you?

Feasibility study assistance:

  • Customer hires engineer or architect to analyze economics of heat pumps

  • We pay 50% of the first $5,000 of the study cost (and 25% thereafter to max of $10,000)

  • Average cost of study is $1,500 with a historical range of $400 to $7,800

Hydro s commercial earth power programs20 l.jpg
Hydro’s Commercial Earth Power Programs

2. Hydro helps you install a geothermal heat pump system

Financial incentive:

  • Based on electricity savings calculated in study

  • Historically, the rebate is 35% of the capital cost with a range of 1% - 55%.

Provincial tax credits for earth power l.jpg
Provincial Tax Credits for Earth Power

  • “Manufacturing Investment Tax Credit”

  • Extended in 2003 budget to include (a) renewable energy and (b) energy efficient equipment

  • Benefit: deduct 10% of geothermal heat pump purchases from Corporation Income Tax

Best times to buy economics commercial or residential l.jpg
Best Times to Buy (Economics),Commercial or Residential

  • New construction

    • No technical or aesthetic barriers to installation

  • Replacement of existing heating system

  • Thinking of adding air conditioning

Residential earth power loan l.jpg
Residential Earth Power Loan


Maximum loan $15,000

Maximum term 15 years

Interest rate 6.5% (fixed)

  • Make additional payments without penalty after first 6 months

  • Conveniently re-pay on your Manitoba Hydro energy bill

Residential earth power loan24 l.jpg
Residential Earth Power Loan

What is eligible?

  • Installation of geothermal heat pump systems (no air-source) for:

    • New homes

    • Existing homes

      Eligible costs under the loan includes labour, materials, taxes, etc.

Residential earth power loan25 l.jpg
Residential Earth Power Loan

Where do customers “get” loan?

  • Heat pump contractors




  • Contractors fill out paperwork for customer

See these sites for the latest list of IGSHPA-accredited installers!

Typical residential economics l.jpg
Typical Residential Economics

New home: 2,000 sq. ft. two-storey:

  • Geothermal heat pump system = $16,745

  • Electric system (A/C, DHW, heating) = $6,700

  • Electricity savings = $1,066/year or $88/month

  • Payback = 9.4 years

  • Additional monthly mortgage payment (20-year mortgage @ 6.15%) = $72/month

  • Cash ahead from the day you move in

Questions l.jpg

Contact Information:

Kristan Pearson

Heat Pump Marketing Specialist

Manitoba Hydro

Phone: 474-3242


Slide29 l.jpg


Manitoba Hydro

Home Comfort & Energy Savings Program

Program features l.jpg

1. Power Smart Energy Expert

2. Information

Renovation booklets

3. Home Energy Calculator

4. DIY Energy Assessments

Mail-in and Online

Program features31 l.jpg

5. In Home Energy Evaluation

  • On-site inspection

  • Customized report, outlining where energy is lost and what upgrades can help

  • Home receives an EnerGuide rating

  • $75.00 plus GST

  • Can be charged to your energy bill

Program features32 l.jpg

6. Power Smart Residential Loan

  • Contractor or DIY

  • Power Smart levels

  • $5,000.00

  • 6.5% annual interest rate (fixed for entire contract)

  • Quick approval

  • Added to energy bill

Program features33 l.jpg

7. Federal Energy Efficiency Grant

  • Amount of grant depends on the difference between the home’s initial and follow-up Energuide rating

  • Must own and live in the home

  • Available until March 31, 2007

Faith evangelical bible church l.jpg
Faith Evangelical Bible Church

  • Cost of study = $1,500

  • February 1 , 2002

  • 4,225 square foot new building

  • Cost of heat pump system = $45,085

  • Cost of all-electric system = $18,500

  • Hydro rebate = $7,439

  • Annual energy savings = $4,962

  • Payback = 5.4 years before rebate

    = 3.9 years after rebate

Glamour shots of heat pumps l.jpg
Glamour Shots of Heat Pumps

Also helps heat DHW