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Manitoba Hydro Place

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By Adam Beneroff. Manitoba Hydro Place. General Information. Location. Manitoba Hydro Place is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Building Type. The building is a commercial office and a community building. Building use. Its main use is as a corporate headquarters for Manitoba Hydro.

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  • Manitoba Hydro Place is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
building type
Building Type
  • The building is a commercial office and a community building.
building use
Building use
  • Its main use is as a corporate headquarters for Manitoba Hydro
type of project
Type of Project
  • The building is a new construction
  • It won the award for one the AIA top ten green projects in 2010
  • Construction finished in September of 2009
  • Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg Architects, and Smith Carter Architects and Engineers Incorporated

All interior materials meet low-VOC standards in order to provide a safe and healthy working environment


The building has radiant heating and cooling delivered through an exposed concrete thermal mass


High efficacy T-5 fluorescent lamps are dimmable, equipped with day lighting and occupancy sensors, and are individually adjustable


Day light is also used and comes from large exterior windows and high ceilings

  • Large-format automated louvers within the double façade open and close throughout the day to minimize solar gain and glare

The large geothermal field, high-efficiency condensing boilers, and efficient heating and cooling systems ensure that supply and exchange is utilized


A sophisticated building management system monitors internal and external environments to optimize lighting, solar shading, and heating and cooling loads while taking advantage of passive energy sources


All green roofs employ native plant species, irrigated by rainfall or, during drought conditions, by condensate collected from the building’s mechanical equipment


Structural and glazing systems emphasize lightness and transparency to reduce the impact of the mass on the surrounding neighborhood


Fifteen hundred free parking spots were written out of the design as employees embraced public transit incentives


The site was specifically selected to maximize energy efficiency, sustainable technologies, public transport availability, and urbanization


The roofs of the podium feature deep-soil intensive green roofs and create accessible, lushly landscaped terraces as an outdoor amenity for employees


Excess rainwater is held within the green roof tray system until the planting medium is ready to absorb it


Excess condensate generated by the building’s fan coil units during the hot summer months is directed to large cisterns


When conditions warrant, this reclaimed water is pumped back up to the green roof and redistributed via an efficient drip irrigation system


Since the first occupants moved into the building in December 2009, the building has exceeded the original 60% energy savings goal and is now targeting 64.9% energy savings


User control of lighting in the offices, managed through desktop computers, is projected to save an additional 10%–15% in electrical lighting loads


an outdoor park in the south portion of the site and a publicly accessible, three-story-high Public Galleria that runs the full length of the podium base to connect the north and south entrances and provide a new interior, barrier-free gathering space that can accommodate over 1,000 occupants for concerts, farmer’s and Christmas markets, and special events.


The building’s plan organizes vertical neighborhoods around north and south atria to create a sense of community in the high-rise format