hydro electric power n.
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Hydro electric Power PowerPoint Presentation
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Hydro electric Power

Hydro electric Power

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Hydro electric Power

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  1. Hydro electric Power BY: Aadithya Nair, Colin Bentley, Parker Wallace, Jerald Blue, Yena Kang

  2. Hydroelectric Power Hydroelectric Power obtains electricity by using the power of water to turn a turbine connected to a generator, thus creating electricity. The water is given back to the river, keeping the ecosystem stable. This picture shows us how the hydroelectric power is created and utilised.

  3. Advantages • Electricity produced constantly • Process does not produce greenhouse gasses • Water can be used for irrigation • Hydroelectric power is renewable • Hydroelectric industry provides jobs and clean energy

  4. Disadvantages • Dams are costly, so to make a profit they must operate for decades • With construction of dams, the natural environment is destroyed • Floods occur in areas with dams • Building a dam will alter natural water table levels • Building a dam makes geological damage i.e.) the Hoover Dam makes earthquakes

  5. Pictures This picture illustrates the inside of a generator in detail. Inside the generator there is water flowing inside, that turns a turbine. Once this turbine rotates, the rotor and the stator rotates and make electricity.

  6. Pictures take 2 At daytime the water flows downhill and causes the rotor to rotate, therefore causing the turbine to rotate and produce electricity. At nighttime the water is pumped back uphill so hat the water can be used the very next day.

  7. Current Research • States with the largest production- Washington, California, New York, Oregon, and Alabama • About 76% of renewable energy is hydroelectric energy • About 3.25% of total hydroelectric energy is made in USA • There are 2,000 facilities in United states and Puerto Rico • 80,000 megawatts made from hydro electrical powers are sent to the capitol. • According to the United States department of energy, Alaska can produce 45,000 megawatts of power • Alden Research Laboratory are trying to provide a safe-passage for fish, so the fishes are not damaged by hydroelectric dams. These scientists are trying to decrease fish injury and mortality. This process degrades water quality by decreasing dissolved oxygen, scientists are trying to fix this.

  8. Examples of Hydroelectric power • The Hoover dam and Glenn canyon dam are both giant Hydroelectric power generators. They harness the energy of the water in the lake and release it into the river below. These dams have created large walls and tourist spots that generate money and electricity. The Hoover dam has also created earthquakes near Las Vegas.