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Pre-K orientation 2012-2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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Pre-K orientation 2012-2013

Pre-K orientation 2012-2013

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Pre-K orientation 2012-2013

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  1. Pre-K orientation2012-2013 Teacher: Mrs. Wyngarden Paraprofessional: Mrs. Sanchez

  2. Meet the Prekindergarten Team Mrs. Serrina Wyngarden (left) Mrs. Sandra Sanchez (right)

  3. Arrival; Dismissal; and Absences • If you arrive prior to 8:10 your child will wait with Mrs. Sanchez by the library until it is time to go to the classroom. We understand you wanting to walk your child to the classroom, but after the first 2-3 days we ask that you let your child walk him or herself to class. • Drop for the A.M. class may begin at 7:55 a.m. and 12:30pm. • After 8:20 and 12:40 your child will be considered tardy and you will need to stop by the office to sign them in for the day. • Please be prompt when picking up your child after school. Class is over at 11:20 a.m. and 3:40 p.m. • If your child’s method of transportation is changing please send a note in their daily folder. Phone calls and emails are not acceptable when changing a child’s mode of transportation. • If your child is absent – please send a note upon his/her return.

  4. Early Release Days • There are 6 early dismissal days this year and Pre-K will meet on those days. • Early dismissal days are as follows: * October 5th * November 9th * December 21st * February 22nd * April 19th * June 5th • The morning class will attend 8:20am - 10:20am. Dismissal will begin at 10:10am. The afternoon class will attend 10:40am – 12:40pm. Drop off will start at 10:30 at Kinder drive. Please be on time to pick up your child. • Please do not send snack on these days.

  5. Blue Tote Bags • Tote Bags – Are the only back packs used in prekindergarten. • They are just large enough to hold the daily folder, snack, and extra clothes in case of an accident. This is very important. Each child needs to have one because as they say accidents happen. • Please help your child to remember to leave their toys at home not in their tote. • They can be purchased at the front office, registration, orientation, or meet the teacher and are $4.00 for the 2012-2013 school year.

  6. Blue Tote Bags Continued • Each tote can be personalized but must have your child’s name visibly on the front of the bag.

  7. Shoes • Please remember that closed toed shoes and shoes that have straps to secure them to your child’s feet are the best for their safety.

  8. Birthday Celebrations • Please notify the teacher prior to bringing a snack up for your child’s birthday. • Birthday treats must be store bought individual servings such as cookies, brownies, or cupcakes. • Any private party invitations must be mailed because they can not be given out at school.

  9. Book Orders • Book orders will be sent home monthly. • You can go online to order or send your payment and order form to school with your child. • Ordering is always optional, but it is a great way to build your child’s personal library.

  10. Communication • Each child will have a daily folder. This will contain your child’s behavior chart, reading log, and correspondence between the teacher and parent, plus important notes from the school. • Please initial your child’s folder daily.

  11. Communication continued • Conferences will be scheduled beginning in October and on an as needed basis. • I am available each day during my conferences time to answer emails and phone calls about your child. • My email address is • My phone number is 281-237-8457.

  12. Pre-kindergarten days include things like… * Calendar & Math * Language Arts (reading; writing; oral language) * Science & Social Studies * Recess * Centers * Library & Computer Lab * Fine & Gross motor activities

  13. Calendar includes… • Date • Days of the Week • Months of the Year • Counting • Charting the days of School up to 100 • Number recognition • Patterns

  14. Shapes Sorting One-to-one correspondence Patterning Counting to 30 Positional words (over, under, above, below, etc.) More/ Less Sets Graphs Recognize numbers Same/Different Adding Subtracting Measurement Math includes…

  15. Language Arts includes… • Color recognition • Name writing and recognition • Letters and sounds of the alphabet • Listening to a wide variety of literature • Rhyming words • Clapping out syllables • Journal writing • Themed units

  16. Science includes… • Safe practices and appropriate use of materials • Healthy Habits • Five Senses • Body Parts • Living vs. Non-Living • Life cycles

  17. Social Studies includes… • Pledge of Allegiance • US Flag • Families • Communities and Community Helpers • TX Symbols & Flag • Celebrations

  18. Centers include… • Painting • Puzzles • Sand • Blocks • Housekeeping • Reading • Math • Science • Fine Motor • Writing

  19. Homework • You child’s homework will be to read each night for 15 minutes. I will send a reading log home that will need to be completed daily throughout the grading period. I will collect it at the end of each grading period. • Other academic homework will be assigned on an as needed basis.

  20. Thanks for sharing your Exley Pre-Kindergartener with us!

  21. Date: __________Child’s name: _____________________I have read/viewed the Exley Prekindergarten orientation PowerPoint.Parent Signature: ________________________________Please answer the following questions…***We may make an “End of Year CD” with pictures from your child’s prekindergarten year. If you would like your child to appear in these pictures, please indicate by circling below.Yes No***Does your child have permission to use internet sites in the classroom and computer lab under a teacher’s supervision? (Ex:;; etc.)Yes No*Please return this no later than Wednesday, August 29th.Thank you! Mrs. Wyngarden