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Windows Storage Server

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Windows Storage Server - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Windows Storage Server. Microsoft Storage Vision. Make Windows the best platform for Storage  Universal Distributed Storage Provide a broad range of storage solutions to meet customer cost, complexity and data requirement needs

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microsoft storage vision
Microsoft Storage Vision
  • Make Windows the best platform for Storage  Universal Distributed Storage
  • Provide a broad range of storage solutions to meet customer cost, complexity and data requirement needs
  • Take a leadership role in new storage technologies including iSCSI
  • Make it easy to implement
  • Provide robust security
windows unified data storage server 2003
Windows Unified Data Storage Server 2003
  • Dedicated file, block and print server
  • Supports multi-terabyte disk subsystems:DAS (ATA, SATA, SCSI), SAS, iSCSI, FC
  • Highly Available Configurations
  • Headless, Easy to deploy
  • Pre-configured and only available from Microsoft’s OEM channel partners
  • Leverages Windows technologies and the Windows ISV ecosystem
key features
Key Features

Windows Unified Data Storage Server 2003 is built on Windows Storage Server 2003 R2

Windows File SharingHigh-performance SMB/CIFS for Windows

iSCSI Software TargetRobust block level storage serving and MPIO support

Network File System (NFS) Performance Gains, NFS/SMB interoperability and RFC 2307 support

Storage Manager for SANs Basic SAN management without proprietary tools

File Server Resource Manager Directory quota, file screening, and reporting

DFS-Replication Efficient file replication over WANs

Index-based Full Text Search Fast and effective search on network shares

key features1
Key Features

Single-Instance Storage Reduce disk space consumption by eliminating duplicate files

File Server Optimization Optimized for File Server role out of the box

Comprehensive Setup Out of the box experience to guide user through initial setup

Share and Storage ManagementUnified view of file server resources, streamlined storage provisioning

Windows SharePoint ServicesBuilt-in Web-based collaboration

Cluster ImprovementsGreater than 2 terabyte failover cluster support

Remote administrationTerminal Services using http://server/admin ActiveX or Java RDP in a browser

MMC Administration ModelSingle user experience across Windows-based products

what is iscsi
What is iSCSI?

internet Small Computer System Interface?

It is just…

  • A TCP/IP based protocol for establishing and managing connections between IP-based storage devices, hosts and clients using SCSI commands that are intercepted and directed to the iSCSI layer then sent as TCP packets.
  • A great use of standard Ethernet wiring.
  • A way to make remote disk space appear as locally-attached SCSI drives.
iscsi san

iSCSI Software Initiator runs on the clients

Dedicated Gigabit Ethernet Network

iSCSI Target

+ iSCSI Software Target

it best practice trend consolidation
IT Best Practice Trend: Consolidation

Application Servers

File Servers

Backup Servers













  • Consolidation = Improved operations
    • More efficient resource utilization
      • Device sharing
      • Physical space reduction
      • Reduction in hardware costs
    • Less points of management
    • Better service levels
iscsi is a familiar network for it pros
iSCSI is a Familiar Network for IT Pros
  • Familiar IP Networking Expertise and Tools
  • IP Interoperability
  • Storage over Distance – Replication
  • Multiple Layers of Security – Built-in to Protocol
  • Good Performance at 1Gig
iscsi momentum and market
iSCSI Momentum and Market
  • 40% of large U.S. enterprise respondents have already deployed or intend to deploy iSCSI SANs by the end of 2006 – Lehman Brothers Sept. CIO Survey
  • Vast Majority of iSCSI Initiator hosts run Windows
  • Blade Server is the fastest growing server segment
c ustomers are moving to iscsi san storage solutions
Customers are moving to iSCSI SAN storage solutions!
  • In the next 12 months…
  • 21% of small businesses
  • 27% of medium businesses
  • 39% of large businesses
  • ..plan to purchase iSCSI storage
iscsi windows architecture
iSCSI Windows Architecture
















Bus Driver+Miniports



Microsoft iSCSI



Microsoft Windows


scenario sql exchange files
Scenario – SQL, Exchange + Files


Ease Backup


Easy Expansion

High Availability

Reduce TCO!

unified storage smb iscsi and nfs
Unified Storage = SMB, iSCSI and NFS

Windows Vista

Windows XP



  • WUDSS supports remote file sharing (SMB/NFS) and remote block access (iSCSI) to storage resources
  • Consolidate file sharing and application serverdata storage
  • Create storage tier to serve clients and applications
  • Supports multiple server operating systems with a supported iSCSI initiator
  • Fibre Channel SANs are not required for block-level data

Public LAN




Linux +Apache

Windows +Exchange

UNIX +Oracle



Private LAN (iSCSI block access)

benefits of unified storage
Benefits of Unified Storage
  • Storage consolidation
  • Fabric consolidation and simplification
  • Simplified non-disruptive storage management and backup
  • No more:
    • Adding hard drives to application servers
    • Excess capacity that can’t be used
unified administration
Unified Administration
  • Unified share and storage administration
  • Unified share provisioning (SMB and NFS)
  • Unified overview of volumes and shares
  • MMC based administration model
  • Remote administration from both Windows and non-Windows clients
    • Point browser to: http://servername/admin
    • Server detects client OS and provides ActiveX RDP client if Windows OR Java RDP client if non-Windows
    • Full TS client is still an option

Remote Administration

  • Java RDP Applet Tested with:
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 or 4 WS
    • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 or 10
    • Java 2 Runtime Environment 1.4.2
    • Firefox v1.0.6 or later
    • Mozilla v1.7.11 or later
provision storage
Provision Storage
  • Integrated storage provisioning experience
    • Create new LUN and specify LUN type
    • Unmasking
    • Create and format volume
  • Requires VDS 1.1 hardware provider
  • Supports FC, iSCSI or SAS
provision storage wizard 1 of 3
Provision Storage Wizard (1 Of 3)
  • Simplified, end-to-end storage provisioning experience
  • Used by both Share and Storage Management and Storage Manager for SANs
provision share
Provision Share
  • Integrated share provisioning experience
    • Select storage
    • Set NTFS permissions
    • Select sharing protocols: SMB and NFS
    • Set SMB settings: user limit, access based enumeration, offline settings and share permissions
    • Set NFS settings: anonymous access, client groups and host permissions
    • Specify quota or screening template
    • Publish to DFS namespace
  • Support creating shares on a cluster
    • Only requires the underlying disk to be online on the node being managed
cluster support for 2 terabyte
Cluster Support for > 2 Terabyte
  • Added GPT disk support in QFE 919117
  • Enables > 2 terabyte volume support on failover clusters
  • Requires SP2
  • Supports:
    • Windows Server 2003 R2
    • Windows Storage Server 2003 R2
    • Windows Unified Data Storage Server 2003