re connecting to source l.
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Re-Connecting to Source

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Re-Connecting to Source - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Re-Connecting to Source. Our interpretation of the divine and what it means for Humanity. 075-7716973 06-54704663.

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Re-Connecting to Source

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re connecting to source

Re-Connecting to Source

Our interpretation of the divine and what it means for Humanity

http://www.twinflames-twinsouls.net075-7716973 06-54704663

Ritual for Merging with the Twin Flame heart of Your Divine other self, Mother Earth, The Masters and Mother Father GOD

A journey within to the Garden of Eden. (Guided meditation)

the souls contracts

The Souls Contracts


Before we re-incarnate we make arrangements with a great deal of other souls as to what we will experience during this life cycle.

As you can see it is generally family etc or people who are involved throughout your life that will be the closest to you.

Subsequent rows might be school friends, colleagues, etc

The further away the row, the less those souls will be in your life.

There are even rows behind these which are shadowy and not yet visible, that is because they are yet to enter into your life (contract) with you.








The next and last step, before re-incarnation.

The souls journey to Earth.

Over soul

Divine Feminine

Divine Masculine

Having split into two halves in order to experience duality behind the veils the soul is now ready to incarnate. During the last half century or more, for the most part both halves have incarnated within this life cycle.

We will reveal the reason during this seminar.

in the beginning there was one
In the Beginning there was “ONE”

In the end there will be “ONE” again.

yin yang
Yin Yang

The Symbol of Duality


I desire to draw my perfect mate to me!Sit down, take your time, make notes. How would your perfect mate be?PS: Careful now! You get what you ask for.

The Driving force of creation isThe Divine Masculine

The manifestingflow of Love is the Divine Feminine

twin flames symbol as recieved from master germain
TWIN FLAMES Symbol as recieved fromMaster Germain

The Symbol of Triality

infinity symbol
Infinity Symbol

Source Energy or GOD

Merged energy of the masculine and feminine

The resulting out-pouring of the three combined energies = creation manifested

flow scales balanced and in the flow
Flow ScalesBalanced and in the flow.

Divine Masculine

Divine Feminine


Flow ScalesUnbalanced and not in the flow.

HEAD Throat Masculine

Divine Masculine

Divine Feminine


Flow ScalesUnbalanced and not in the flow.

Heart Heart Feminine

Divine Feminine

Divine Masculine

gods pond the ripple effect

Gods Pond. The ripple effect.
gods tree soul groups soul family soul mates and the twin flame

Gods Tree…Soul Groups, Soul family, Soul Matesand the Twin Flame

On the end of each twig there are closely grouped leaves. At the pinacle thereis always ONE leaf. This leaf is always two halves of one PERFECT whole.

the twin flames rings
The Twin Flames Rings

Recently United Twins

Twins discovering

Communicating Twins

Highly developed Twins

Twins in Oneness


The ever changing Twin flame connection, no matter how far apart you may seem, you can never comletely disconnect.

This image accurately portray’s how the Twin Flame journey is experienced.


Twin Flame survival suggestions!

♥Sacred Truth♥ Divine Breath ♥ Patience

♥ Response ♥ Responsibility ♥ Mirror awareness

To be avoided at all costs!

♥ Lies ♥ Panic Breathing ♥ Impatience

♥ Reaction ♥ Finger pointing ♥ Ignorance


Universal Consciousness Symbol

Visualize first of all the horizontal infinity symbol as being your divine masculine and divine femininehearts. Allow the energy to flow within you.

Next: Visualize the vertical infinity symbol from the bottom as Mother Earth,taking it to the above half being the Universe.As you add all of these flowing energies to travel round each other,you will notice that each heart meets in the middle where there is an explosion of LIGHT.

When taking this symbol into your meditations they will help youmove into Universal Consciousness.

These power symbols are also now available in jewelry form as pendants and or broaches.


Omniversal Consciousness Symbol.

As you visualize this symbol, begin with the verticalinfinity symbol. This is your divine masculine and divine feminine. As you choose the next, this will represent the Heart of Mother Earth and the Heart of the Universe.

As you begin to work with the third of the infinity symbols allowyour inner vision to take you where it desires. For most people as you work this third part it will take you to places never experienced before.This is Omniveral Consciousness. Enjoy the journey!

These power symbols are also now available in jewelry form as pendants and or broaches.

the circle life
The Circle LIFE

All of creation follows a pattern of an eternal circle. Anything you put out to the universe as a thought or verbal communication enters the circle of life and is brought to you manifested.We refer to life in all forms here, which also means life after death. This circle could also move what you know as KARMA into a new level of understanding.