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  1. BRAND is a classic brand well-known all over the world. Its LOGO has changed shape and colour in the long run, however keeping the founder’s name. THE STORY SO FAR… …Lavazza was founded in the 24th march of 1894 by Luigi Lavazza who scraped together the sum of 26000 lire to buy an old grocery shop in the heart of Torino and went into business by himself. The shop sold a bit of everything and also produced soap, spirit, oil, spices and of course coffee. But the demand of this product was limited due to high costs so it was an elite product.

  2. Follow …nowadays San Tommaso 10 where Luigi Lavazza started his business is the first and unique Lavazza café. 1894 2007 While the current headquarter is in Corso Novara in Torino, and main production plants are also located in the Piedmont area.

  3. ORGANIZATION Lavazza is a family run company. Today is lead by the fourth generation of Lavazza’s family: • GIUSEPPE chief marketing • MARCO chief executive • FRANCESCA chief corporate image • ANTONELLA chief executive

  4. MISSION LAVAZZA’s mission is to spread the aroma and quality of Italian espresso around the world. Reaching this aim is possible thanks to: • Experience established over more than a century of activity • Product’s QUALITY recognised throughout the world as the symbol of Italian espresso • The use of the finest raw materials • The use of the advanced technological resources

  5. QUALITY For Lavazza QUALITY isn't “controlled” but “developed”, through a strict system of procedures overseeing the selection of the beans, proper roasting, assembling the right blend and putting their products in packages that are meant to last. This path, which they have long adopted as the company philosophy, improves every day through direct contact with the market. Today, it has also made a major step with the certification that Lavazza’s Quality Management System complies with ISO 9000 standards. Lavazza continues its path of excellence by promoting the COFFEE CULTURE of Italian espresso

  6. COFFEE CULTURE Lavazza attempts to spread and improve the knowledge about coffee following two ways: • Training Centre: is a service which allows, attending a specific course given by Lavazza’s specialist staff, to become a Lavazza coffee expert. • Coffee Magazine: is an online magazine which, with the general information, such as beauty, health, arts, cinema exc. speaks about the world trendiest cafés too.

  7. PRODUCTS LAVAZZA offers a complete range of products that can satisfy all palates, consumer habits and coffee preparation method. THE PRODUCTION can be divided into three different categories: BRAND STRETCHING HOME AWAY FROM HOME

  8. HOME Lavazza offers his consumers a great variety of coffee types. Everyone is different from each other for: • Percentage of arabica • Roasting process: development of the characteristic taste and aroma of the beans • Coffee beans origin

  9. AWAY FROM HOME Supporting the idea that coffee is a pleasure that should be enjoyed at all hours and place, Lavazza allows his consumers selling coffee tabs and placing coffee machine in school, offices and other public places.

  10. BRAND STRETCHING Lavazza is not only coffee…is also: • ESPRESSO CUPS • ICE CREAM • COFFEE MACHINE

  11. COFFEE MARKET Coffee’s consumption is widespread all over the world so that in the coffee market there are a lot of competitors like: • SEGAFREDO • HAG • KIMBO • ESSE • NESPRESSO • ECC…

  12. DISTRIBUTION • At the beginning Lavazza had a local distribution. The sale system was based on home delivery: with a van the agents visit potential customers. • Today Lavazza flooded its distribution in the international markets - in both "home" and "away-from-home" sectors - dislocating subsidiaries, authorized distributors and branches located around the world.

  13. ADVERTISING Lavazza started a real advertising campaign in 1957 with CAROSELLO. Lavazza’s advertise strategy is based on entertainment campaign. The most important are: • Caballero and Carmencita: is a series of animated spot which has as topic the love story between the two puppets • Paradiso campaign: is the adventure among the clouds of Paolo Bonolis and Luca Laurenti ,that with their hilarious gags sponsor Lavazza’s coffee

  14. COMMUNICATION ABROAD The communication abroad started in 1978 with: • TELEVISION SPOT • RADIO SPOT • ADVERTISING POSTER • CALENDAR

  15. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Economic development, environmental protection and respect for individual and different cultures have always been constant values for the Lavazza family. It supports many charity international organizations: • Save the children • Tierra project • International coffee partners • Lavazza Foundation But also in a local level Lavazza works to assist the Piemonte region supporting cultural activities.

  16. INTERNATIONAL COFFEE PARTNERS International Coffee Partners (ICP) is a private sector initiative which supports small coffee farms holder and their families in enhancing their competitiveness in the international coffee market and that at the same time improves their living conditions and protects natural resources. The partners are:

  17. We hope that is not the effect of our presentation…. …but in that case what about a coffee brake?