Moving from instructor led training to elearning
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Moving From Instructor Led Training to eLearning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Moving From Instructor Led Training to eLearning. World Aviation Training Conference. Stephen Koch, ATMS Program Manager. 29 April 2009. About Our Mission. Gov’t aircraft and Crews CL 601, CL 604, LR 60, BE 300 (Bulk of fleet) Total of 168 Pilots and Mission Specialists

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Moving from instructor led training to elearning

Moving From Instructor Led Training to eLearning

World Aviation Training Conference

Stephen Koch, ATMS Program Manager

29 April 2009

About our mission
About Our Mission

  • Gov’t aircraft and Crews

    • CL 601, CL 604, LR 60, BE 300 (Bulk of fleet)

    • Total of 168 Pilots and Mission Specialists

  • Inspect the National Airspace System (NAS)

  • Inspect both Domestic and Int’l systems

    • Military contingent

  • FAR 135 certificated program

    • Voluntary

    • Non-passenger Carrying

    • Exemptions

Where we were
Where We Were

  • Road Shows $$$

    • 6 bases of Operations (ACY, ANC, ATL, BTL, OKC, SAC)

    • Budget Constraints

    • Content Standardization Issues

  • Third party on-line training providers

    • Check in the block

    • Lost control of content and expensive

  • Record Keeping

    • Spread Sheets

    • Error Prone

  • Mountains of paper files/records

  • Mistakes/Self Disclosures

What we needed
What We Needed

  • Needed a way to deliver training more efficiently and timely to crews remotely

  • Needed a way to ensure content standardization and relevance (Regain control over our content)

  • Had to get away from error prone paper methods of tracking training

  • Research for a Cost Effective alternative


  • Aviation Training Management System (ATMS)

    • Manages Training Requirements

    • Provides performance data required by Regulatory Agencies

    • Schedules training resources

      • Devices, instructors, trainees, instructors-in-training and observers

    • Manages current and historical records

      • Positions, qualifications, user defined entries and training records

    • Forecasts future training requirements

    • Delivers On-line content through the use of ATMS Web application

Atms web

  • What is ATMS Web?

    • Instructor / student interface w/ ATMS Core

    • Allows access to personal information

      • Medical expirations, addresses, phone numbers

    • Allows instructors to see and grade training evolutions……On-line!

    • Allows students to see upcoming classroom, flight/simulator training they are assigned to

    • Allows students to take SCORM compliant online content through the ATMS Web LMS application

Web training process
Web Training Process

  • We develop our own content in Power Point

    • Most of our content was already in Power Point we just had to modify it for Web deployment

  • Publish the PP products into Flash content for Web Deployment

    • Articulate Pro ’09 Suite (Authoring Tool)

    • Publish for SCORM reporting and tracking

  • Place training content on our own servers for deployment to our crews using ATMS Web

    • When and how we want

    • Great Time Savings

Web training results
Web Training Results

  • Smooth and quick delivery of content to our crews when and how we wish using a common Web user interface

  • Regained control over our content quality for regulatory and non-regulatory mission training (Blended training possibility)

    • Scenario based

  • 100% Training Tracking (Zero Errors)

    • Electronic Database

    • Self Auditing

    • Validate Training (Not a check in the block type of training)

  • Very cost effective


Stephen F. Koch

ATMS Program Manager

AVN / Federal Aviation Administration

(404) 893-4668