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14th meeting

14th meeting. CV and Job Interview. CURRICULUM VITAE Name : Friesca Fressilia Address : Jl. Lettu Karim Kadir Perumahan Mitra Permai blok F no.1 Palembang Phone Number : 085366724940 Date of birth : September, 18 th 1992 Nationality : Indonesia

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14th meeting

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  1. 14th meeting CV and Job Interview

  2. CURRICULUM VITAE Name : FriescaFressilia Address : Jl. LettuKarimKadir PerumahanMitraPermaiblok F no.1 Palembang Phone Number : 085366724940 Date of birth : September, 18th 1992 Nationality : Indonesia Religion : Moslem Marital Status : Single FORMAL EDUCATION 1997 – 1998 TK Islam Az-Zahrah Palembang 1998 – 2004 SD Islam Az-Zahrah Palembang 2004 – 2007 SMP Negeri 17 Palembang 2007 – 2010 SMA Negeri 1 Palembang 2010 – 2013 STIE Multi Data Palembang ( Accounting Diploma) INFORMAL EDUCATION 2005 – 2010 English Course in LBPP LIA Palembang 2010 – 2011 Computer and Internet Course in MDP Palembang ABILITY Ability of using computer ( Ms Office, MYOB ) Ability of using internet Ability of active in speaking and writing in English Interests : Listening to the music and Travelling REFERENCES Rika Charista, Accounting Staff, PT. Noritake Indonesia, NIP. 111982983

  3. Job interview Personnel Manager : Good morning, my name is Mrs. Anna. You've applied for the accounting staff's position right? Friesca: Yes Mrs. Anna, I have. Personnel Manager : Can you tell me why you replied to our advertisement? Friesca: Well, I've always enjoyed accounting and felt that this position would offer me an opportunity to extend my skills in this area. Personnel Manager : What sort of student do you regard yourself as, did you enjoy your lessons while you were at campus? Friesca : I suppose that I am a reasonable student. I passed all my tests and enjoyed to study some subjects. Personnel Manager : Suppose our company wanted you to attend an institution to further your skills. How would you feel about this?

  4. Friesca: If the course would help me improve my prospects forpromotion and help me to be better at my job I would definitely do it. PM : Actually what makes you want to work in our company? Friesca : Your company is a large company. A large company is usually very well-organized and offers more challenging jobs. It will be a great opportunity to work for such a company. PM : Can you tell me why should hire you? Friesca : First of all, I’m honest, hardworking, and eager to learn. I am also able to work individually as well as on team. PM : Thank you very much, we will call you within the week. By the way, do you have any questions you'd like to ask me about the position? Friesca: No, thank you. I appreciate the time you’ve given me.

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