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The Avengers

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The Avengers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Priti Agrawal //The Matrix Kunal Chatterjee //The Illusionist Arathi Cherian //Yogini Lubna Gafoor // Michaelangelini Yuvaraj Kandhavelu //The Dig Fahad Nari //The Bulk Karthik Ponnapa // Chillaxe Puneet Thariani //Worrier . The Avengers. Victory is ours when our powers combine.

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The Avengers

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  1. PritiAgrawal//The Matrix KunalChatterjee//The Illusionist ArathiCherian//YoginiLubnaGafoor//MichaelangeliniYuvarajKandhavelu //The Dig FahadNari //The Bulk KarthikPonnapa //ChillaxePuneetThariani //Worrier The Avengers Victory is ours when our powers combine.

  2. Design Challenge How might we leverage citizens’ participation in collecting data about road obstructions in order to optimize the infrastructure and make our roads safer ?

  3. Persona Demographic: Male, 24-40 Urban Bangalore Has a Smartphone Needs: To avoid traffic caused by road obstructions To lower maintenance costs of his vehicle To be safe on the roads To reduce commute time Activities: Travels about 200 km a week Spends about 30 hours on the road per week Active, healthy lifestyle Likes to spend weekends with family/friends eating out, shopping etc Unique Qualities: Tech Savvy Uses his/her smartphone constantly to keep connected with his/her work and social worlds, Is frustrated with the condition of the roads and wants to do something to change it.

  4. Insights • Emergency services (ambulance) • Speed breakers – harmful to patients • Block due to material on roads • Routes clogged due to traffic • Cyclists: • Potholes, construction debris – puts one into the path of vehicles • Long deviations because of blocks • Muck/ water which splash – sewage • Delivery Services • Potholes – hindrance • Routes are blocked – time based delivery is difficult • Private vehicle owners • Car damage – increases wear & tear – service charges go up • 2 wheelers – dangerous, more likely to have accidents • Transport providers - Taxi & Autos • Car damage – pot holes, speed breakers • Autos – vehicle damage, suspension damage Parents Safety concerns – no sidewalk, where available quality is bad

  5. Service Concept

  6. Service Concept RaastaSaaf provides a platform that allows Bangalore citizens to voice their concerns about the conditions of their roads RaastaSaaf enables citizens to report road obstructions/inconveniences experienced during commute RaastaSaaf automatically track road bumps & tags them using geo locations during a person ride/drive RaastaSaaf motivates a community to improve quality of roads in their locality RaastaSaaf provides a fun and interactive platform for citizens to participate in this initiative.

  7. Prototype

  8. How do you plan to sell the service - What resources you need for your service? Who is the Target Audience? What