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The Avengers

The Avengers. By B rissia. Table Of Contents. Loki Need help Super Heroes Preparing for final War. Opening.

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The Avengers

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  1. The Avengers By Brissia

  2. Table Of Contents • Loki • Need help • Super Heroes • Preparing for final • War

  3. Opening • Many people think super heroes are different in many ways because they have there own super powers. I think that is definitely true! We will see how different powers together as a team to fight villains. How good and bad cross to make the movie Avengers!

  4. Loki • Loki is Thor’s evil brother. Loki lost a hand now he has a fake hand .He also has a staff that can do a lot of damege . The staff can suck the life out of people, kids and make there eyes turn bright blue. Before Loki was nice , then Loki wanted to rule the world. Thor did not agree with Loki , they fought.

  5. Super Heroes • I love super heroes do you ? The super heroes do a lot of pracite to be super heroes , being one is a lot of work you have to verse robots, Loki with his staff ! That is a strong sheld, good thing we have super heroes to save us! Because they have different powers that they use in different ways. They all have different shelds!

  6. Preparing for final • Final pracite is the last time they get ready for war and war is what I am going to tell you next. Last pracite is when the super heroes have to get and make sure that there sheids are just right to fight. But this was nothing they were NEVER trained for.

  7. War • The war was ugly. Loki made a big hole in the sky with an ice blue looking cube that made robots come from the sky. The robots attacking people and buildings cars were being blowed up and windows were getting shattered. The super heroes showed up and started working as a TEAM! The fighting was scarry for people and kids. Kids were crying and putting there heads in there laps trying not to get hurt. After a while the super heroes were tired , they had Iron man fly up in space with a bomb to kill the robots. The super heroes had beaten Loki and the world was saved!

  8. Closing • Super heroes there great! I think it would be nice to stand out like a super hero. Have some sort of power like flying or turning green, some power that no one else would have. The true power is in all of us and if we work together, we would make the world safe for everyone!

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