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The Avengers

The Avengers

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The Avengers

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  2. Who are the avengers? • Iron Man: millionaire who has created a suit in which he protects humanity with. • Thor: God of Thunder. • Hulk: Scientist who cursed himself with a virus. • Captain America: Genetic engineered soldier. • Black Widow: An ex Russian spy who joins the Avengers. • Hawkeye: soldier with excellent archery skills.

  3. Ordinary world • The Incredible Hulk feels out of place in his world because he has to seclude himself from public because if he lets something enrage him, his “other personality” comes out and will cause massive destruction. He moves just to stay secluded away from society just to keep his temper in line.

  4. CALL TO ADVENTURE • Each of the heroes are invited to join the elite team known as The Avengers. Most reluctantly accept at first because they feel as if they are being held down by being on a team. The reason that the team is needed, is to stop Loki from taking over the Earth.

  5. Refusal of the call • Captain America is faced with a decision to join the Avengers to help save the world, or just continue his regular life. He contemplates on how he has already helped the world once and isn’t sure if he wants to do it again. He is offered to him by Nick Fury.

  6. Answering the Call • Captain America chooses to accept the call of duty to his nation yet again when Agent Coulson shows him his personally collection of Captain America play cards. After seeing how much he affected Agent Coulson’s life in a good way, he decides to join the team.

  7. SUPERNATURAL AID • Thor, the God of thunder, has a mystical hammer which can only be used by him which helps the efforts of the heroes. Throughout the movie, the hammer uses its powers of summoning lightning and causing great damage as a fantastic tool to add to the team.

  8. Guide/Mentor • The person who brought the Avengers together was Nick fury. He offered each hero to join the elite team to save the world from Loki’s wrath.

  9. TALISMANS • Two of the main emblems of the Avengers is Iron Man’s suit and Thor’s hammer. Without these two items, the team would lose a major force needed to defeat Loki’s army.

  10. Companions • The Avengers have two main companions; agent Phil Coulson and Nick Fury. Nick Fury who is also considered to be their mentor helps them with the force of Shield

  11. Road of Trials • The Avengers are faced with two problems which will destroy New York City and kill many helpless citizens; Loki’s massive alien army, known as the Chitauri (a race of aliens bent on conquering the galaxy) and the government who launch a missile to stop the destruction.

  12. Crossing the threshold • The solution to the problems between the alien army and missile that will level the city is found when Iron Man decides to risk his life, taking the missile into the source of the alien army.

  13. THRESHOLD GUARDIANS • Once Loki has released his alien army (the Chitauri), the Avengers must fend off the army to get helpless bystanders out of the crossfire in the battle.

  14. Abduction • Black Widow is captured in the beginning of the movie, but she really planned to be captured just to interrogate one of her captors. As she is being attacked, an agent from Shield calls and tells her that a base has been compromised. After hearing this, she is forced to take action and end her interrogation earlier than expected.

  15. ULTIMATE BOON/MAGIC ELIXIR • The government launches a missile to destroy the city that is being taken over by Loki’s army so Iron Man takes the missile and launches it to the source of the army, destroying the reinforcements. After the army is defeated, the team celebrates by going to eat chicken shawarma.

  16. FREEDOM TO LIVE/RESOLUTION • After Iron Man stops the reinforcements of Loki’s army, Loki is captured by the Avengers. Thor convinces the Shield that on Asgard (Home of the Gods) they will have the proper punishment and ability to keep him imprisoned for his actions.