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CV & Interview Preparation. CV & Interview Preparation. The purpose of this presentation is to; Gain an understanding into job hunting in this competitive environment.

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Cv interview preparation1

CV & Interview Preparation

The purpose of this presentation is to;

Gain an understanding into job hunting in this competitive environment.

Gain useful and practical advice on how job seekers can market themselves successfully as the ideal candidate to potential employers.

Upon completion of the presentation;

Know how to make an immediate impact with your CV

Know key format and content for your CV and Cover Letter

Know how to prepare for interview

Uncover essential interview tips and techniques

Cv interview preparation2

CV & Interview Preparation

Todays Job Market


Added Value

Unique Selling Point

Job Searching Methods

Transferable Skills


Strong References

Cv interview preparation3

CV & Interview Preparation

Jobsearch & Job Seekers

Know Job Seeking Process;

Job Application to Job Offer Stage

Advert CV & Letter, Application Form, Online, Telephone Interview, Aptitude or Dexterity Test, 1st Interview, 2nd Interview, Medical, Garda Clearance, Job Offer.

(Can take minimum 2 – 10 weeks)

Job Function & Tasks; Transferable Skills.

Be able to speak about your duties in a past job. Be specific.

Demonstrate Skills/Abilities

S.T.A.R. Situation




Use Networking Opportunities

Cv interview preparation4

CV & Interview Preparation

How People Find Jobs…

(From HSE WNO 2010)

Cv interview preparation5

Job Hunters

(In order of preference in job seeking)







Drop Ins

Inside the Company


(In order of preference in recruitment)

Look inside Company



Drop Ins





CV & InterviewPreparation

Cv interview preparation6

CV & Interview Preparation

Job Seeking Process

Curriculum Vitae

Generate interest in you and your skills, which will lead to interview, allowing opportunity to sell yourself.

Passport to a Job.

Record of all Education, Work History, Skills.

Most Important Document a Job Seeker can produce.

Cv interview preparation7

CV & Interview Preparation

CV Should be;

Personal; Marketing Tool, Sells your skills/abilities to future employers.

Comprehensive; Present Full Potential, have solid examples to back up each item listed.

Concise; Have a good balance of information, may need a few drafts. Opportunity to expand further at interview.

Attractive; Must appeal to the reader, identify unique selling points and include them in profile

Cv interview preparation8

CV & Interview Preparation

CV Content

Personal Details;

Essential; Name, Contact Phone Numbers, Email Contact.

Optional: Address, DOB.


Highlight History e.g. Over 3 year experience in Retail Sales.

Transferable Skills e.g. Good Organisational, Numeracy and I.T. Skills.

Personal Qualities e.g. Reliable, Hardworking, Friendly Individual.


Dates, College Name, Course Title/Qualification (Level)

List Subjects from Course.

Work History/Employment History

Dates, Employer Name, Job Title; Function/Tasks of Job.

(Work Placement)

Cv interview preparation9

CV & Interview Preparation

CV Content contd./

Additional Information

e.g. Holder of Driving License/Safe Pass Card.

Voluntary Work

e.g. Volunteer Youth Assistant

Assisted with Summer Camp Activities for kids aged 10-14yrs.


Show a balance of group and individual activities.


Name, Title, Company Name, Phone, Email Contact.

Signed & Date

Shows ownership of CV & CV is up to date.

Cv interview preparation10

CV & Interview Preparation

Types of CV

Functional CV; Focuses on Skills

Combination CV; Skills and Jobs

Chronological CV; Job History in

reverse order

Cv interview preparation11

CV & Interview Preparation

CV Layout Presentation

KISS (Keep it Short & Simple) 2 Pages.

Use Action Words

Use Phrases not sentences

Make it easy for interviewer to Find you.

Minimise Personal data

Keep it Clear and Clean

Design C.V so that it is easy on the eye.

Check Spelling and Typing.

Writing from Present to Past.

Avoid Gaps.

Tell the Truth.

Keep your C.V Up to Date.

Put your name on Every Page.

Cv interview preparation14

CV & Interview Preparation

Cover Letters


Provides opportunity to highlight how your specific skills match job requirements.

The Letter….

Good Appearance

Make it Perfect

Use a Business Correspondence Format

Write to a specific person

Cv interview preparation15

CV & Interview Preparation

Writing Cover Letters

Use a grabber first sentence.

Why you are attracted to position.

Highlight experience, skills relevant to job.

Include information about training, personal traits.

State your next step.

Thank person for time/consideration.

Cv interview preparation16

CV & Interview Preparation

A great lover of languages, I speak intermediate German, high-level Russian, and fluent Spinach.

My duties included greeting laundrette customers, removing their clothes, and washing them. 

I have never been backwards when it comes to coming forwards.

This document outlines my experience, skills, and qualifications, which I trust you will carefully overlook.

CV Mistakes.…..

“Career break in 1999 to renovate my horse”

"Education: Curses in liberal arts, curses in computer science, curses in accounting."

"Instrumental in ruining entire operation for a Midwest chain store."

“I am anxious to use my exiting skills.”

Cv interview preparation17

CV & Interview Preparation

Interview Purpose

Business meeting with both parties having an agenda.

Two-way conversation when both parties are evaluating each other.

Cv interview preparation18

CV & Interview Preparation

Interview Purpose…..

Suitability for JobPersonality


Information from CV

Character Opinion Responsible


Cv interview preparation19

CV & Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation

Believe in yourself & shine

Do your homework

Make a good first impression

Body Language

Sounding Positive

The Interview is a 2 way process

Cv interview preparation20

CV & Interview Preparation

Types of Interview

One to One Interview

Panel Interview

Telephone Interview

Group Interview

Video Interview

Cv interview preparation21

CV & Interview Preparation

Interview Stages

Welcome Stage

The Acquiring Information Stage

Supplying of Information Stage

Parting/Closure Stage

Cv interview preparation22

CV & Interview Preparation

Types of Interview Format

Competency Based Interview

(Probing for information to understand candidate)

Chronological Interview

(Takes lead from CV/Application Form)

Case Study Interview

(Present case study, what action to take,/work out solution)

Technical Interview

(Questions about technical work; final year projects/research etc)

Cv interview preparation23

CV & Interview Preparation

What types of questions are asked at interviews?

Introductory Questions

Tell me about yourself ? Why do you want this job?

Why you left your last job? What is your understanding…?

Qualifications Situation – Scenario

Previous Experience Why should we hire you?

Skills / Strengths Weaknesses

Hobbies / Interests Future plans

References Do you have any questions?

Cv interview preparation24

CV & Interview Preparation

Interview Questions





The Job

All emphasis your Skills (Personal, Practical)

Knowledge, Experience & Personal Traits

Cv interview preparation25
CV & Interview Preparation

Group Exercise

Think Like an Employer

What Skills are Required?

What interview Questions to Ask?

Cv interview preparation26

CV & Interview Preparation

Useful Websites

Networking websites;