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  1. Seekers

  2. Three bears . . . one destiny This is the first seekers book. This is how it all started. This is an amazing book!!!!! You should read it!!!

  3. Destiny has brought them together . . . This is the 2nd Seekers book, a continuation of the 1st . If you liked it, you will love this one!!!

  4. Is this the journey's end . . . or just the beginning? The 3rd book In the series! Want to know what happens after book 2? Read this one!!

  5. The Last Great Wilderness . . . This is the 4th book. Is this the place the bears have been searching for?

  6. The spirits dance like fire in the sky. . . . This is the 5th book! It is WONDERFUL! I finished it pretty recenty.

  7. On the unforgiving Arctic Ice . . . I finished this book just days ago! It is the 6th book in the series. LOVED IT!

  8. If You Read ALL Those…… Do not be sad, there is more!!! Check out these books witch look very good (I have not read them yet, but I definitely will)! I think they come out in 2012. They are continuations of the 6th book ( the one in the last slide :D).

  9. Meet The Main Characters I got these from *There are other characters they meet along the way but I don’t want to spoil anything!!*

  10. Kallik Kallik is a polar bear. Like other polar bears, she depends on her mother to teach her how to hunt and survive until she is old enough to do it on her own. Her brother is her favorite playmate, but he is restless and has trouble paying attention. Kallik is a good learner, and is anxious to know the secrets her mother has to impart. But when she finds herself suddenly alone, Kallik must figure out how to survive on her own… Meet

  11. Lusa Lusa has lived her life in captivity. With her mother and father, she is fed and cared for in the zoo that has always been her home. While her mother was also born in a zoo, her father used to live in the wild. Lusa loves to hear about life in the wild, and longs to see the forests and the mountains for herself some day. If only she can learn the ways of the wild, she knows she can survive… Meet

  12. Toklo Toklo, his mother, and his brother, Tobi, have been roaming the forest for a long time. Toklo loves to play and have fun, but Tobi is very ill. Instead of learning to hunt and fish, Toklo spends much of his time watching his mother care for Tobi. Toklo longs for the day when he will be able to be on his own, but when that day comes, it’s not what he was expecting… Meet

  13. And some else important who they meet………….. After losing his mother at a young age, ?????? , a grizzly bear cub, started a journey alone to discover the truth about his life. But when he meets Toklo, he realizes it’s better to travel with others and joins him on a quest to find true paradise. He seems like a normal grizzly on the surface, until the bears learn there’s something unusual about ??????…

  14. Now you know a lot about seekers………. I hope you enjoyed!!!! AND THE UNKNOWN CHARACTER ???????